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For the establishment of Zion : the gospel and government of God working in harmony for the improvement and sanctification of all things.  The kingdom of heaven on earth.


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The ASCII sum of "" = 2767 = "Shall a nation be born at once?" (Isaiah 66:8)

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Greater Things
Modern Parables for the Lord's People


Jesus with Child and Butterfly by Greg Olsen -- Click for enlarged version (Used by Permission)


The core essence of "Greater Things" is that there is always a better way to do things -- whether it be religion, politics, science, academia -- anything.  To the extent that we get institutionalized and codified in a set belief system, is the extent that we inhibit the ability to grow and learn new and better ways.  "New wine cannot be put into old bottles," is how Jesus put it.  It still holds very true today.  The "establishment" whether it be religious or political or academic, or whatever, hinders progress, rather than supporting it.  So embracing "greater things" almost of necessity means going "outside the box", to push the envelope into new areas, and being viewed as a maverick.  I have found that when it comes to religion, the higher understandings are encoded for those who have eyes to see, while allowing those who refuse to see plenty of excuses to linger behind.  Those who are ready to grow, do so, and those who are not, don't.  -- Sterling D. Allan (Jan. 30, 2007)


Spirituality > Alphabetics > Quest > Evoking Repentance Clause > Marianne >
An Invitation to Marianne Williamson (or someone) to Intercede to Prevent the Collapse of Earth's Civilization - If none answer the invitation to step forward as a partner for the Isa. 66:5 appearance of the Lord, that wakes up the planet in a day, to turn away destruction and captivity, then verse 4 happens: "I will bring their fears upon them." (GreaterThings; January 8, 2016)
Spirituality > Alphabetics > Quest > Evoking Repentance Clause >
Hail Mary date invitation by Sterling -- to save the planet - I've got tickets for Wednesday night's Beau Jest. Now I just need an amazing lady -- someone who is awake, pretty, loving, spunky, smart, fun, gentle, wise, ambitious, kind, nurturing, and funny; and, she needs to appreciate my Alphabetics code that points to fulfilling the Isa. 66:5-8 prophecy about the earth being born in a day. (PESN; January 4, 2016)
Featured / Top 5: Zeitgeist >
2015 Exotic Free Energy technology advancements in review; 2016 predictions - In 2015, we created a page featuring EIGHT of the best exotic free energy technologies now available for sale, mostly pre-orders, being in process of manufacturing. My vision for 2016 is that we have a global consciousness shift that makes way for these hitherto overlooked and marginalized modalities to flood the earth. (PESN; January 2, 2016)
Featured / Top5: Spirituality > Quest > Evoking Repentance Clause >
Support growing for Isaiah 66:5-8 appearance quest to awaken the planet - Six of the nine people now in public support of this quest are key leaders in the exotic free energy world, three of them in our Top 5 Energy listing, another three are runners up. They all agree that something of this magnitude (Isa. 66:5-8 scenario) could be like a light switch to awaken the world's consciousness. (PESN; December 15, 2015)
Featured: Spirituality > Quest > Evoking Repentance Clause >
Pain-free child-birthing, a metaphor for how Zion could emerge - The baby of Zion (kingdom of God on earth) is going to be born. The question is if it will be the "traditional" birth wrought with the pain of tribulation, or if we as a civilization will evoke this repentance clause of prophecy, and enough of us turn to God FIRST, and thereby avert tribulation. (GreaterThings; October 27, 2015)
Featured: Spirituality > Quest > Evoking Repentance Clause >
Seeking Qualified Female as Partner in Quest to Turn Away Planetary Destruction Through Repentance Inspired by Overt Divine Visitation - Do you know someone who might resonate with this mission? Time is getting very short to pull off the Isa. 66:7,8 prophecy about the earth being born in a day and the kingdom of God birthing without tribulation or pain. (GreaterThings; October 19, 2015)
Featured: Spirituality > Quest > Evoking Repentance Clause >
A Primary Purpose of Alphabetics: Evoke the Repentance Clause of Prophecy - The ASCII sum of "Alphabetics" is 1120. Definition 1121 in the NT lexicon means "a letter of the alphabet". Page 1120 of that lexicon includes the phrase: "to appear; to shine upon," which ties to the visitation of the Lord prophesied in Isa. 66:5, which causes the earth to be born in a day. (GreaterThings; October 28, 2015)
 Spirituality / Conspiracy >
Waiting for the Lord to Set Things in Order -- And Other Cowardly Cop Outs - One of the fundamental principles of mortality is that each one of us, from the least to the greatest, is called to be a watchman on the tower in our own way. It is spiritual cowardice to wait for someone else to fix what we see being out of order, not speaking up and taking measures ourselves, the best we can. (GreaterThings; August 1, 2015)

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Present Focus

Alphabetics >
Sterling's Quest to Sup with Jesus - Since January 22, I've been earnestly engaged in pursuing the promise in Rev. 3:20: "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." This has expanded to the point of this pending event helping turn people to God FIRST, turning away the 3.5-year reign of the beast. (GreaterThings)

Sterling's Sunday School -- Graduate Studies for the Remnant

Launched August 10, 2014, to cover advanced studies and concepts for the remnant. - index of lessons

Spirituality > Alphabetics > Quest > Evoking Repentance Clause > Marianne >
Waiting for Female Partner for Isa. 66:5 Appearance -- Sterling Sunday School - If none answer the invitation to step forward as a partner for the Isa. 66:5 appearance of the Lord, that wakes up the planet in a day, to turn away destruction and captivity, then verse 4 happens: "I will bring their fears upon them." (GreaterThings; January 10, 2016)
Spirituality > Alphabetics > Quest > Evoking Repentance Clause >
Approached Putin's Office for Assistance in Averting Tribulation - With Russia being House of Israel, I thought maybe they could help me find a single, qualified, and willing female to join me for the Isa. 66:5 appearance to wake up the planet so the earth is born at once, and the kingdom of God comes forth sans pain. (GreaterThings; December 29, 2015)
Spirituality > Quest > Evoking Repentance Clause >
Rapture at World's Baptism by Fire -- Sterling Sunday School - "As in the days of Noah," when the earth was baptized by water, so shall the Second Coming be, (when the earth shall be baptized with fire). "Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left." (YouTube / GreaterThings; December 14, 2015) 
Featured: Spirituality > Alphabetics > Quest > Evoking Repentance Clause >
Joan of Arc and 'Saith the Father' -- Sterling Sunday School - Joan of Arc's intervention for France's victory over the invading English, paved the way for France's intervention in the American Revolution -- a worthy hero model. Every instance of "saith the Father" in scripture pertains to the repentance clause, saying we don't have to go down the tribulation path. (GreaterThings; November 30, 2015)
Featured: Spirituality > Alphabetics > Quest > Evoking Repentance Clause >
Another fizzle, this time with "Joan" - After an intense five days of weighing things together, while still maintaining our individual tasks, the Joan-of-Arc-like woman who has stepped forward to consider joining me in my quest to have the Isaiah 66:5 appearance has backed out, due to a lack of relationship compatibility. (GreaterThings; December 4, 2015)


ISLAM -- Fundamentally Radically Regressive (Dec. 3, 2015)
Featured: Conspiracy / Spirituality >
Clinton documentary illustrates how far gone society is - Thought easily in the top 5% of the criminal bell curve, Hillary is leading presidential candidate in the United States and is treated like a hero. As a reflection of where society is at right now; it's no wonder we don't have exotic free energy technologies yet. We deserve tyranny, and we're going to be getting a full dose if we don't repent, which is why I've been focused on bringing about that transformation. (PESN; November 25, 2015)
Pope Francis: Jesus Failed on the Cross (GreaterThings; September 14, 2015)
Featured: Alphabetics > Supping Quest >
Super-Blood-Moon-Shemitah-Jubilee - The night of Sept. 27-28 would be a good time for the supping event to happen to evoke the repentance clause of prophecy. The exact full moon occurs within 5 minutes of the greatest eclipse time, 1.5 hours after sunset in Utah. Many people will be outside observing this, and the darkness of the sky will accentuate the antonym brightness of Jesus appearing. (GreaterThings; September 24, 2015)
Featured: US Govt. > Constitution >
U.S. Constitution affirmed by Alphabetics - Vicinity definitions from the Old and New Testament lexicons include: to will; laid as a foundation, a fundamental principle; to be constituted; to establish a statute; to constitute; to rule over; the ark of the testimony; firm roots. (GreaterThings; September 14, 2015)
"911 was an inside job" confirmed in Alphabetics; Obama as mastermind - in ASCII comes to 1818. Word 1818 in NT lexicon: "To deceive completely"; 1819: "suddenly, unexpectedly"; 1820: "to be surprised; to give up hope in despair." 1818 in the OT: "innocent blood, slaughter." Points to Obama as AntiChrist architect of 911: "demolition, perdition;" "buildings whose foundations alone remain, ruins." (GreaterThings; September 10, 2015)
Featured: Spirituality > Nanotech >
World-class nanotechnology chemistry professor and Jew, James Tour, testifies of Jesus Christ at Texas A&M Veritas Forum - Projects the team he leads do include: Nano-cars: four wheels, fully-rotating axles, motors; Plastic film supercapacitors for electric vehicle acceleration; Graphene nanotube batteries for 3-second cell phone charging; Graphene oxide process for removing radioactive elements from water. (PESN; May 31, 2015)
Featured: Spirituality / Conspiracy > Solutions > Infowars >
EVERGREEN: Re: Tyranny -- We get the government we deserve -- Open letter/video to Alex Jones - We need to stop blaming everything on the conspirators. The #1 remedy for preventing the Prison Planet is for people to repent, so we stop deserving this tyranny that is coming upon us. Who will join us in stepping up to issue this clarion call? Free energy is about freedom. (PESN; May 28, 2015)
Conspiracy >
IRS 3520: Insider's Best-Kept Secret for Receiving Piles of Money Tax-Free, Non-Reported - IRS 3520 allows a person to receive unlimited amounts of money tax-free from outside the US. And as long as it is under $100,000 it doesn't even have to be reported. Commenced to allow foreign students to receive aid from parents, it is used routinely by the super wealthy and powerful. Don't you think it's time everyone knew about this? (PESN)
Gettysburg Address Modernized by Bible Alphabetics - I had no idea what a jewel I would find when I thought to just look up the ASCII sum for "Gettysburg Address" and look up that number in the Old and New Testament lexicons. Also looked up "Abraham Lincoln", "November 19, 1863", and even the url of this page. Also looked up the number 1863 in the lexicons. (GreaterThings; November 21, 2014)
LDS Church bans Sterling Allan from all LDS Properties for peacefully participating in Sunday School - The Church law firm alleges: "You have created disturbances on Church property, violated Church policies and caused members and leaders to fear for their safety." While local leaders vouch for Sterling's non-violent nature and good behavior on Church property. Parallel to Electricity power struggle. (GreaterThings; October 23, 2014)

Professional Focus

My professional career has to do with helping bring forward exotic, clean, renewable, affordable energy technologies. -- Sterling D. Allan

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You Can See God -- Compilation of Scriptures Along These Lines (Feb. 7, 2015)
72 = Age of Man - confirming 3 Nephi 28:1-3
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        The Gentiles today parallel the Jews anciently.  The Jews were looking for a government of God (second coming) but were given the gospel and rejected it.  The Gentile people of God in these latter days are preoccupied with the gospel (first coming) but were destined to build on that foundation and establish a free government.  Instead, they are building Satan's New World Order of forced benevolence and contrived peace.  A remnant will repent, call upon God mightily, and build Zion, which includes both the spiritual life and a temporal kingdom.

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        This site aims to be a primary resource for you as you do your part in establishing the kingdom of God on earth, both as it pertains to the gospel as well as it pertains to a free government.

"The Law and the Word of the Lord: Our Duty and Our Quest"

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Every one who seeks truth will find it.

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        "The mainstream flows downhill, while the spirit of greater things is to seek for the source and continued improvement."

-- Sterling D. Allan, site founder


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        Coded word studies from the scriptures reveal with keen specificity the Who, What, When, Why, Where, and Wherefore of these final days of Babylon's reign and the ushering in of the kingdom of God on earth.

AlphaBetics is a "Bible Code" - like approach that yields highly specific prophecy and commentary on current-day events.
Parallels present a comparative and illuminating study on our day, either in events of history or in the poetic language of scriptural text.


That you might take responsibility for yourself

    "We have heard men who hold the priesthood remark that they would do anything they were told to do by those who preside over them -- even if they knew it was wrong. But such obedience as this is worse than folly to us. It is slavery in the extreme. The man who would thus willingly degrade himself should not claim a rank among intelligent beings until he turns from his folly.
    "A man of God would despise this idea. Others, in the extreme exercise of their almighty authority have taught that such obedience was necessary, and that no matter what the Saints were told to do by their presidents, they should do it without any questions.
    "When Elders [leaders] of Israel will so far indulge in these extreme notions of obedience as to teach them to the people, it is generally because they [the leaders] have it in their hearts to do wrong themselves."

-- Joseph Smith, Jr.
Millenial Star, Archive Volume 14, Number 38, Pages 593-595

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