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Correlation of Scriptural Prophecies Dealing With Our Future Attack, Captivity, and Deliverance

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Appendix I
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    • fury/indignation of the Lord

    • punishing/chastening hand of God

    • covenant will be fulfilled

    • Zion and Jerusalem


    • consumption decreed

    • gread and marvelous work

    • people not believe, though told

    • Davidic servant raised up

    • he shall be marred

    • yet he shall not be confoundd

    • whosoever not believe cut off

    • kings shall shut their mouth

    • division of the people

    • depart ye; touch no unclean thing

    • wars and rumors of wars

    • repentant Gentiles numbered w/ Jacob

    • House of Israel in captivity


    • Wickedness of Gentiles

      • been a mighty and free people

      • have trodden down Israel

      • sin against gospel

      • pride

      • secret combinations/abominable church

      • trust in arm of flesh

      • Lord will not help them

    • Attack on Gentiles

      • swiftly

      • set up standard towards Zion

      • tread/trodden down

      • heap dust/lifting up of smoke

      • fire

      • thorw down strongholds

      • cut off the cities

      • land desolate

      • land darkened

      • graven images thrown down

      • we are spoiled; end is come

      • famine

      • people shall mourn

    • Aggressor Description

      • like a lion

      • iron, brass, beat in pieces

      • swifter than eagles

      • from far

      • from North

      • Assyrian

      • remnant of Jacob

      • ten-horned beast

      • kingdoms of the world

      • instrument of God's wrath

      • stout heart/look

      • shall boast in own strength

      • blasphemy

    • Temporary Captivity

      • none can deliver

      • devour the whole earth

      • sat upon many waters

      • all kindreds, tongues, nations

      • three and a half years

    • War With Saints

    • Deliverance

      • repent

      • righteous need not fear

      • they shall not be confounded

      • blood of the saints will be avenged

      • arm of the Lord revealed

      • redemption of Lord's people

      • burning of a fire

      • wicked drunken with own blood

      • like in days of Egypt

      • yoke lifted from off neck

      • saints shall take the kingdom

      • build up New Jerusalem

      • Lord in midst

    • Conversion of Israel

      • how beautiful upon the mountains

      • break forth into joy

      • out of obscurity and darkness

      • brought to knowledge of God

    • Gathering of Israel

      • remnant of Jacob given this land

      • return to lands of inheritance

      • Lord will go before them

      • no more thrown down


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