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Temporal Past

Temporal Present/Future




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scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes) PART I--Temporal Parallels: Present
          (chronological sequence of historical/prophetic events)


CHAPTER SEVEN Again the Second Time: (Present) <PDF>

Times of the Gentiles Fulfilled

Corruption of Government; Rise of Secret Combinations

Hanging by a Thread

The Modern Secret Combination

Scriptural Remedies for an Awful Situation

A Great and Marvelous Work


scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes) PART I--Temporal Parallels: Future
          (chronological sequence of historical/prophetic events)


CHAPTER SEVEN: Again the Second Time (Cont.)

Assyrian Assault (future)

The Picture the Prophecies Paint

Modern Identity of Ancient Metaphors

Contemporary Rerun of Ancient Scenario


Temporary Bondage

Sanctification of the Saints

The Breaking of the Yoke

New Jerusalem Construction Begins

Conversion of the House of Israel

Literal Gathering of the House of Israel

Reemergence of the Beast

Gathering into One Place

The Lamanites Blossom as a Rose

A Highway Cast Up

Laws According to Equity and Justice

Ripening in Iniquity

Redemption of the Jews

The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord

The Second Coming -- In Glory


Satan Loosed for a Short Season


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