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Access Denied:
For Reasons of National Security

Read about Cathy O'Brien's journeys from being under the CIA's MK Ultra mind control to becoming a successful U.S. Government whistleblower through the courageous help of Mark Phillips.

    "I cannot state emphatically enough how important I think it is for every person who loves freedom and values individual responsibility to read this book.  It is a must-read.

    "I have known Cathy and Mark for several years and can personally vouch for their integrity and devotion to the truth.

"Access Denied is an amazing account, backed by reams of documentation. 

    "Cathy and Mark have done a fantastic job of telling their personal story in an understandable and enjoyable manner (albeit disturbing material).  The book reads amiably like a novel, but it is not fiction.  They name names, places, events, and provide links in their footnotes to document each particular they name, without becoming dry.  The book covers a lot of ground.

    "Their findings are consistent with my own findings over nearly two decades of seeking answers to why things are the way they are in the United States and the World.

    "The courage of these two heroic people going repeatedly up against overwhelming odds provides hope.

    "There is a solution and remedy to the vast corruption that presently is so rampant on every level of society.  They help inspire that solution and remedy."

    "Get this book and read it.  As soon as you can."

-- Sterling D. Allan, Sept. 25, 2005

Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security

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