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Healing Hearts Mending Minds:
Understanding and Overcoming an Addiction to the Drug of the New Millennium, Pornography
Review by Sterling D. Allan


Healing Hearts Mending Minds: Understanding and Overcoming an Addiction to the Drug of the New Millennium, Pornography - by Mark Kastleman (2005)



Kastleman, a recovered pornography addict, explains the emotional underpinnings of pornography, and its internal-drug-induced physiological effects on the body, that create and maintain the addiction, which is spreading widely because of ease of access, anonymity, and privacy that the Internet provides.

He then provides steps to full recovery -- not just management of the addiction. His primary premise is that the addiction arises in the first place from an emotional void in one's life. Indulgence in pornography exacerbates this lack. Repressing the problem without help from others is part of the problem.

Kastleman gives specific steps to take to fully overcome the addiction. The emphasis is on restoring balance to one's life, in conjunction with faith in Jesus Christ, to effect a full healing. He says this formula has worked for thousands that he has advised over the years.

While he emphasizes pornography, the principles apply to the wider problem of sexaholism, which effects males and females, old and young, pre-puberty, and those in declining years. This book is an important guide for addicts, those living with or working with addicts, and potential victims, which pretty much includes everyone in this day of epidemic sexual exploitation.

-- Sterling D. Allan, May 23, 2006


Resources for Energy Researchers to Heal from Sex-related Addictions - Pornography etc. scavenges productivity, wrecks marriages, shatters trust, violates the innocent.  A how-to page explains how sex addiction arises and how to completely heal from it. (PESWiki; May 27, 2006)

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Healing Hearts Mending Minds: Understanding and Overcoming an Addiction to the Drug of the New Millennium, Pornography
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