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The ASCII sum of "" = 2767 = "Shall a nation be born at once?" (Isaiah 66:8)

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New Bible Code Found in Word-Number Sequences


A,B alpha,bet, ab = Father
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Modern People, Places, Groups, and Events Specifically Foretold in the Alphabetical Arrangement of Bible Languages

The Lexicon as Prophetic Scripture!

Alphabetics on the 911 Terrorist Attack
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"Peace and Safety" Speech to UN by President Bush, Sept. 2002, Fulfills Prophecy
2726-word speech portends sudden destruction, rather than peace. (Sept. 16, 2002) new



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         The following listings are but a hundredth portion of what has been discovered thus far, which is but a tiny portion of what is sure to be an infinite well of knowledge and wisdom.  This is an entirely new field of study at its most elementary beginnings; one which in future generations will be a tool understood, valued, and used by all. When looking up words in a dictionary, people will also look at the words around that word and the numbers associate with the word.

Sterling D. Allan

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Internet Foretold

These two words come one after the other in the Old Testament Hebrew lexicon.

    4545 ;,./ macceketh: "web"

    4546 %-./ mecillah: "highway"

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 scroll Introduction

Alphabetics Definition
The study of (1) word meaning relationships in their alphabetical sequence context as well as (2) the numbering associated with that sequence and
Brief Introduction to Alphabetics Word-Number Scripture Code
One-page explanation for those not familiar with this approach. 
Alphabetics Principles, Methods, Resources
How to look things up word-number matches for yourself on topics of interest to you, such as your name, phone number, etc.
FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions
Alphabetics good or evil; why alphabetics; looking up names and numbers; phenomenon's extent.

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 scroll Years

Salt Lake City Olympics 2002 -- Next Ground Zero?
A wide array of prophetic sources point to the Winter Olympics in SLC, Utah as being a very likely target of some sort of massive social upheaval, such as a terrorist attack would produce.
Christmas Paganism and Beauty in Bible Codes
Looks at the number 359 (day of year) and its connection to Satan, Santa, death, tree, and Messiah. Discerning ungodly features and embracing the holy. new
365 and Happy New Year in Alphabetics Bible Code
Words and pages numbered 365 in Old and New Testament lexicons and English dictionary describe ringing in new year, century, millennium with prophetic commentary.
Year 2000 A.D. "Dangerous; Near to Falling"
Word 2000 in Hebrew & Greek lexicons have parallel meanings, both of which are relevant to what we as a civilization face in this coming year.  "Dangerous, near to falling" (NT); "wealth; utter destruction" (OT).
CLICK HERE: Year 2000 Foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code: "Dangerous, near to falling" (2000 NT lexicon)
Words 1770 - 1792 in Greek and the years surrounding the Birth of the United States of America
Words 1770-1792 listed alphabetically (standard numbering by James Strong) in the New Testament lexicon portray nearly a one-to-one correlation with the years by that number and the founding of the United States of America, depicting especially the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutional Convention, and the Founding of the first Congress; but also includes cogent commentary on current circumstances.
Words 2000 through 2020 in New Testament Greek, and their probable parallels to coming years -- a prophecy of the future?

More . . .

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 scroll People

Alphabetics on 888 (Jesus) -- and 888 on Alphabetics
New code provides witness and insight on Christ's first and second comings, which presentation likewise contains direct validations of the new code.
Christmatics - The Code the Counts
Waldo Larson shows number-alphabet correlations that witness of Jesus Christ.
Messiah versus Lucifer expounded in 767
With A=100, B=101, etc., 'MESSIAH' = 767 = 'LUCIFER.'  Scripture words and pages numbered 767 provide commentary on the contrast between these two.
Jesus=888 is Christ=1480
Validations by the very word numbering and even the page numbering of a New Testament Greek lexicon that Jesus is the Christ; that he is both necessary and sufficient.   On page 1480 (a number of "Christ") is featured word 888 (a number of "Jesus") and word 1157 ("Jesus Christ" in ASCII code). On the next page is the definition, "one who is named."
'You' and alpha & omega
Hebrew, Greek and English spelling of "you" (e.g. aleph, taw in Hebrew) confirms our godly potential as spiritual offspring of deity.

CLICK HERE -- Clinton's AIDS Backfire

Clinton's Tainted Prison Blood Scandal foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code
While he was Governor of Arkansas, one of the scandals in which Bill Clinton involved was the selling of Prison blood under loose and dangerous scrutiny. A batch of this ended up in Canadian and other countries' supplies for transfusions, making 80,000 sick and killing thousands. The Alphabetics Bible Code shows that the essential components of the plot in William (Sullivans) Galster's "fictional" novel about an angry father who seeks vengeance and infects the President with an injection of his son's AIDS-tainted blood during a handshake actually happened.
Bill, Clinton; Monica, Lewinsky vicinity words in the English Dictionary
Clinquant: "Something with a false and showy glitter," >Clinton
bilk, >bill
lewd, >Lewinsky.
Clinton defiant


Sterling + Cheri's Wedding Foretold in the Alphabetic Bible Coding
Everything from our new apartment address to the engagement ring amount is encoded in the Bible lexicons, both in the word numbers and in the page numbers. (8 pp.)
engaged_75.GIF (2182 bytes)
My Social Security Number In the Old and New Testament Lexicons
For example, word 2569 in Greek: "as a result of one's labor." Word 2569 in Hebrew: "paid as a tax." Page 2569 in Eng. dictionary: "wages." Word 523 in Greek: "legal exaction."  (4 pp.)

More . . .

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 scroll Places

Ivory:  Ministering in the Sun
Dad & Mom's Mission call to the Ivory Coast, described in the Old & New Testament alphabetics. (4pp.)
Wirthlin Worldwide
The Wirthlin Group telephone survey company prophesied in the New Testament alphabetics code. (1 p) 


 scroll Significant Numbers

CLICK HERE -- Index of Studies Regarding 666

Why "HOLY BIBLE" in ASCII Code = 666
Worshipping the Bible of God more than God of the Bible is idolatry. Only God is inerrant.
66 and the Word
Repeated occurrence of 66 in the Scriptures.  66 books in Bible; 66 chapters in Isaiah; D&C 1 (preface) given after D&C 66, followed by D&C 133: half-way point between 1 and 133 is 66. 
Area Code 809 Scam Foretold
New Testament lexicon word and page numbers 809 foretell scammers on commission with foreign telephone companies urging calls to British Virgin Islands.
1-800, 888, Jesus -- All TOLL-FREE
Number of Jesus in Greek is 888, word 800 in Hebrew means, "fire," metaphorically linking to being born again, toll-free.  (-page)

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 scroll Doctrine

CLICK HERE -- A Mighty Change for a New World

A New Testament: A Mighty Change for a New World
Highlights the Baptism of Fire and of the Holy Ghost as Being Fundamental in the Doctrine of Christ.  Includes studies of the words:  gate, heart, dove, fire, curse, cross. (67 pp Book)
40+ Consecutive Parallel Word Definitions Between Old and New Testament Lexicon -- 'Watch and Know'
Mainly comments on the paradoxical relationship between God and man, in which God dispenses so much Mercy, which man shuns at first with disdain but then embraces.
They Shall Say, "The Lord Delayeth His Coming"
Israel and Equal : A Grand Paradox
These words are right next to each other in Greek, offering a commentary on why God has a "chosen" people.

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 scroll Computer Related

Error 404 in New Testament Lexicon: REFRESH
A webmaster's command on a custom "Error 404" page includes the key word, "Refresh," with directions of where to redirect the browser.   Word 404 in Greek means "To refresh."
Internet Foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code
The word for WEB in Hebrew is immediately followed by a word that means HIGHWAY.
127 = Binary's Ultimate, Corroborated in Alphabetics Bible Code
The 1111111 maximum of binary language which equates to 127 finds interesting connections in words and pages 127 in the Bible lexicons.
WP5228.gif (956 bytes)  WordPerfect character set 5,228
Words #5228 in Greek and Hebrew lexicons have parallel definitions and specify the idea of the "WordPerfect character set 5,228" pointer image. 

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 scroll Misc.

Word in Greek NT lexicon means "in addition to." 
pi in the Bible
Pi / 3 = 1.0471698 .  Word 1047 in the Hebrew Old Testament Lexicon (play on words): "house of pi."
E. Coli 0157
Page 157 in Greek New Testament Lexicon: "Infirm, miserable, eating, cast out"

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 scroll MORE

Many other studies have been written up but need to be formatted for the Internet.

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