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Social Security Number (SSN)
and the Mark of the Beast (666)


Index of resources that show how the U.S. Social Security System prepares society for the tyrannical mark of the beast, both because of its socialist nature as well as the conditioning it engenders for a Big Brother numbering system.

Social Security Cart - 'Not for Identification Purposes'
Older cards said, "...Not for Identification"


bullet Resources

Letter to Robert Callahan's Judge - affirming that request to not use SSN can be supported on religious grounds.
Index > Chip Implants for Humans Already Here and In Use
Jesus E. Moses' Ministry on SSN = 666 - gave up old name and SSN seven years ago, taking on new name.  He points out: [111]-[11]-[1111] (3x2=6; 2+4=6; 3X42=6 ---> 666)
Section 666 of Title 42 (the Social Security Act) (42 USC Sec. 666) - now requires every state, as a condition of Federal Revenue Sharing, to obtain "the number of your name" before you can receive any state services (e.g., a license to work, a license to drive, a license to marry).
My Social Security Number in the Alphabetics Bible Code - Word 2569 in New Testament Greek: 'as a result of one's labor;' in OT Hebrew: 'paid as a tax.' Page 2569 in English: 'wages.' BEAST.
Census 2000 runs test on 21,000 households, asking for Social Security Number (Christian Science Monitor)
***Index of Studies on 666***
Microchip Implants Here and in Use - Reporting technology currently in place and in preparation for taking the mark of the beast in the right hand or in the forehead in order to buy or sell.
Concentration Camps in U.S.

barbed wire

bullet Related Websites

Directories: "SSN Mark of the Beast"
Open Directory Project > Tax Freedom > Social Security
Open Bank Account Without Social Security Number - A citizen who opened a bank account without a Social Security number now advocates closing all bank accounts.
Revocation of Social Security Number - Many pages of trials and tribulations of a taxpayer who attempted to revoke his Social Security number, revoked his driver's license, quit his job, and refused to pay taxes.
Fight the Fingerprint! - Opposes government-sanctioned identification schemes.
International Society for Individual Liberty - ISIL says it's time to end Social Security.
Neil McIver: Dude - Self-styled "dude" describes what it's like to live without a Social Security number.
How Stuff Works: Social Security Numbers - What do the numbers on your Social Security card mean? Other frequently asked questions about Social Security numbers (SSN). History and purpose of U.S. Social Security system.


Covenant of the Gods - by Gregory Williams
History, law and the Bible melded together to address important questions about church and state.
SSN Legislation ( - Index by Electronic Privacy Information Center.

barbed wire

 Social Security Number 



three digits

two digits

four digits


3   x   2   =   6


 2   +   4   =   6


3   x   4      2   =   6

noticed by Jesus E. Moses


Related Sites

See also

Index > Conspiracy to Establish World Socialist Government - Documenting and commenting on the secret combinations behind the move to establish a global Marxist dictatorship, aka New World Order.

Index > News Trends -- Conservative, Prophetic - Current events pointing to America's decline into an eventual martial law police state under the United Nations' New World Order.

Index > Concentration Camps in U.S. - current, pending and historical

Index > Upon my house - A sampling of departures from freedom and uprightness both within the country and within the church.

Index > Constitution Studies at  Greater Things


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Last updated on August 13, 2015

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