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You are here: Greater Things > Davidic Servant (INDEX)

Index of Studies Relating to the Davidic Servant

The Davidic Servant is to Mormonism what Jesus Christ was to Judaism. A Messianic mission of Father, Immanuel among the Gentiles who reject this branch prophet.


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Essay > Finding the ONE Mighty and Strong -- Tendency of those called after the order of the Davidic Servant to think their ministry is the ultimate; need to work as a team.

bulletPreparatory Works
bulletMore Advanced Studies
bullet* Greater Things Studies
bulletChurch of the Firstborn
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Greater Things > Lexicon of Life > Davidic Servant
Davidic Servant (also Branch Prophet, One Mighty and Strong; see also Messiah, Immanuel)
bullet(1) Those who function in the order of the Davidic Servant, making up the quorum of 144,000.
bullet(2) A servant of God who cries repentance to the Lord's latter-day people who have lapsed into apostasy from their destined mission to establish the kingdom of God on the earth. He will be marred by them and then healed by the Lord in conjunction with a marvelous deliverance of an awakened remnant who will build Zion.
bullet(3) The Davidic Servant will be to the Mormons what Joseph Smith was to Christianity and what Jesus Christ was to the Jews and what Moses was to Paganism -- a quantum leap forward; new wine, unfit for old bottles.
bullet(4) The Davidic Servant is a Messianic role of the Father, who is one with the Son, who came among the Jews.


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bullet  Preparatory Works

bulletMainstream LDS/Christian Paradigm
bulletDavidic King = Jesus Christ
bulletReview of Mainstream LDS Perspective
bulletIncludes definitions from Bruce R. McConkie, Encyclopedia of Mormonism, Religious Studies Monograph Series.
bulletSee why even the more enlightened Mormons are not looking for this new ministry among them and are thus gearing up to reject that ministry as it comes in their midst.
bulletThe Christians are especially ignorant about such a ministry and will not be as accountable for the rejection because they do not sin against as great of light.
bulletThe Jews still haven't accepted the first Messianic advent.  They certainly are not going to acknowledge this one until it is said and done.
bulletMainstream Says: One Mighty and Strong = Historical, not Prophetic
bulletThe One Mighty and Strong: His Identity, Timing, Duties and Location - "As one investigates the circumstances surrounding the letter from which section 85 was taken, it becomes quite obvious that the activities of one mighty and strong are for Independence, Jackson County, Missouri and the establishment of the Church, the Temple and the law of consecration there."


bulletForerunner Books Regarding Davidic Servant by Avraham Gileadi
bulletThe Literary Message of Isaiah
bulletOn-line version (frames) (brief excerpts w/ table of contents)
bulletOn-line version (no frames) (brief excerpts)
bulletGet Book
bulletThe End from the Beginning: The Apocalyptic Vision of Isaiah
bulletOn-line version (frames) (brief excerpt w/ table of contents)
bulletOn-line version (no frames) (brief excerpts)
bulletGet Book
bulletThe Last Days : Types and Shadows from the Bible and the Book of Mormon
bulletOn-line version (incomplete)
bulletGet Book

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bullet  More Advanced Studies

bulletBooks on the Subject (portions of truth)
bulletThe Coming of the Holy One of Israel, by Craig L. Tholson. < > documents various statements regarding a prophesied incarnation of God in our day.
web site
bulletThe Last Days Unsealed, by Robert Smith, Ph.D. ($12.95 to PO Box 22376, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84122-0376) See critical commentary by SDA |
Click here to purchase from


bulletAlternate Paradigms
bulletJ.J. Dewey on the One Mighty and Strong
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | index
bulletFrank Redmond's Overview - The Way, the plan, and the results
bulletMy view on Rev 12 - by 'Golf 40'
bulletOne Mighty and Strong Claimants/Candidates
bulletGordon B. Hinckley - according to a secretive movement called Laneshine.
bulletWhy have the Brethren stopped speculating on the second coming?
bulletShepherds that don't feed the flock
bulletLinks to related comments 9/29/00
bulletJared Smith - claims to be the mouthpiece for the Elijah mission of the angel John the Baptist. - sample of a person who stridently claims to be the one, and has apostle followers and a church; but is more a throwback to cult  domineering.
bulletSteven C. Davis; [reply]
bulletMany, many more.

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bullet  Greater Things Studies

bulletPertinent selection from The Vision of All: Our Past, Present and Future as Foretold in Book of Mormon Studies: "The Great and Marvelous Work to Come Forth"
bulletAzazel -- One Mighty and Strong (by Patrick Luke and James Luke) - Booklet discussing prophetic implications of Mosaic Law scapegoat, Azazel.
bullet Greater Things Web Site Abstract
bullet* Will the Gentiles Also Look Beyond the Mark?
bullet** The Law (Constitution) of the Lord and the Word (Gospel) of the Lord: Our Duty and Our Quest
bulletDavidic Servant as a Pattern, Not an Unreachable Pedestal
bulletModern Army of Davids: Quorum of Ones Mighty and Strong
bullet** Stone of Israel: from Judah or from Joseph . . . or from EACH?
bulletMusings of a Davidic Servant about a Gentle God and Peers
bulletDelusions of Grandeur; Seeking a Following
bulletMitchell and Me: What Role Did I Play In Fostering Elizabeth Smart's Abductor?
bulletInside Mitchell's Head; General Anatomy of OMS Fanaticism
bulletDream: Apostates in Stake Conf., Transmogrifying Couple; Alphabetics in Eagle Mountain
bulletSpecial Posts
bullet** Overview of the One Might and Strong
bulletHow Will We Know the Davidic Servant?
bulletSDA & OMS: Follow Christ, not Man
bullet"Who are you to speak?" -- A Reply
bulletScripture Searches
bullet"Cast" "Out"
bullet** Scriptures regarding the Father come in the flesh
bulletChiasms and Parallels
bullet* Isaiah 28 = Isaiah 29 parallel (Drunkards of Ephraim refuse higher knowledge)
bullet** Isaiah 28 = II Nephi 28 parallel (Drunkards of Ephraim refuse greater things)
bulletIsaiah 54 = Isaiah 55 parallel<PDF> (Sure Mercies of David)
bullet* Alma 26 = D&C 11 Parallel (Branch that has been spurned)
bulletD&C 1 = 11 = 21 Parallel (That all may speak in the name of the Lord)
bulletPsalms 118 chiasm (The Stone which the builders refused)
bullet* Zephaniah 3 chiasm ([remnant] who have been scorned shall be gathered and honored; God in their midst)
bullet** I Nephi 20 (Isaiah 48) parallel (Life of my servant shall be in my hand)
bullet* II Nephi 3 structures (index of several) (Seer/ Spokesman/ Messiah/ Prophet)
bullet* II Nephi 26 structure (index of several) (Parallel between the Jews & Gentiles/Mormons -- and between Jesus & David implied)
bullet* III Nephi 11-26 chiasm (Christ and David)
bulletIII Nephi 20 chiasm (Isaiah 52) (Life of my servant shall be in my hand)
bulletIII Nephi 26 chiasm (Greater Things to those who receive what's been given)
bulletD&C 64 chiasm (They who are not prophets & apostles shall be known)
bulletD&C 85 chiasm<PDF> (One Mighty and Strong)
bulletD&C 112 chiasm (Set House of God in Order)
bullet*** Commentaries on Parallels
bullet** "The Drunkards of Ephraim" and "the Great and Abominable Church"
bulletA study of Isaiah 28:2-3  in parallel to II Nephi 28:16-19
bulletThis excerpt comes from the Isaiah 28 = II Nephi 28,29 Parallel
bulletIt is about the great & abominable church, accountability to be a light to the world, and the culpability when Lord's people do not oppose evil -- equates the Drunkards of Ephraim with the Great and Abominable Church.

bullet** "Strong Drink" & "the Prophet"
bulletA study of Isaiah 28:7  in parallel to II Nephi 28:21-23
bulletThis excerpt comes from the Isaiah 28 = II Nephi 28,29 Parallel
bulletAbout the intoxicating power of Satan's lie that "All is well in Zion."

bullet*** "They Will Deny Me"
bulletA study of Isaiah 28:16  in parallel to II Nephi 28:32
bulletThis excerpt comes from the Isaiah 28 = II Nephi 28,29 Parallel
bulletAbout the Gentiles denying the Lord, the sure foundation.

bullet*** "No Other Nation So Wicked"
bulletA study of II Nephi 10:4-6  in parallel to II Nephi 28:14-15
bulletThis excerpt comes from the parallel that spans probably the entire Book of Second Nephi.
bulletAbout:  "No other nation so wicked that they would crucify their God" paralleled to the Mormons today.

bullet*** "Messiah Shall Set His Hand Again the Second Time"
bulletA study of II Nephi 6:8-18  in parallel to II Nephi 25:10-20
bulletThis excerpt comes from the parallel that spans probably the entire Book of Second Nephi and was the connection by which this huge parallel was discovered in the first place.
bulletAbout the comparison between the Lord's injunction to the Jews versus his injunction to the Gentiles pertaining to the Messiah.  The Jews are to "look no longer for another Messiah to come," while the people of the Lord among the Gentiles today "are they who wait for him, for they still wait for the coming of the Messiah."


Note: The above excerpts with commentary were originally included in the following document:
bulletPDF PDF file "How Chiasms and Parallels Bring Forth Enhanced Understanding"

bullet*** The Oneness of Adam-God, Jesus Christ and the Latter-day Messiah-Father
bulletA study of II Nephi 2:19-29  in parallel to II Nephi 18:12-19:3
bulletThis excerpt comes from the parallel that spans probably the entire Book of Second Nephi.
bulletAbout the plan of salvation as pertaining to the fall of Adam, introduction of sin and weakness into the world, overcoming through Jesus Christ, and then being brought back into the garden by the Father in these end times.

bulletAlphabetics Word-Number Studies
bullet* Immanuel -- God With Us
bulletAzazel in Alphabetics - follow-up correspondence
bullet** First, Last, Middle & Messiah's Mission and Identity
bulletTender Branch - Scripture word analysis of Ezk. 17:22-24 that prophesies about replacing the metaphoric highest branch with a tender twig
bulletSalt Lake City Olympics 2002 -- Next Ground Zero? - analysis of Isa. 22: out with old, in with new.
bulletShebna/Treasurer  5532 and Christ - 'Shebna' means 'tender branch'
bulletDream: Apostates in Stake Conf., Transmogrifying Couple; Alphabetics in Eagle Mountain

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bullet  Survey Question

bulletVOTE: Do you believe there is scriptural merit to the notion of God the Father coming in the flesh among the Gentiles?

    o Absolutely
    o Definitely Not
    o Possibly
    o Doesn't seem so
    o Don't know
bulletDocuments regarding scriptures touching on Father in flesh

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bullet  Humor

bulletApplication for OMS Job - humorous spoof

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bullet  Church of the Firstborn

The Davidic Servant ministry will be to the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth with its Church of the Firstborn what Joseph Smith was to Mormonism and the governmental council of 50, what Jesus Christ was to Christianity, what Moses was to Judaism.

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bullet* "David's Outcasts" e-mail discussion group (9/7/99)
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bulletChat Room (recommended hours 8:00 - 9:00 PM MST) (9/21/99)

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