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Environmentalism from the Right

Dear Editor,

Environmentalism is not a cause of the political left alone. It is a cause that should be shared by all of humanity. The question is how we go about implementing solutions, not whether or not there is an issue.

For too long, the conservative right has approached environmentalism as if it were an invention of the left, and as if there are no serious Environmental concerns. This is sheer folly.

True, the political left has grabbed environmentalism as a pet cause and has used this cause to promote their radical agendas, manipulating the truth to serve their liberal purposes. The reaction by the right, unfortunately, has been to swing the pendulum in the opposite direction, and to almost completely deny that there are any serious environmental concerns.

As human beings, given stewardship by God over the care of this planet, we all have a responsibility toward how we walk upon the earth and how we treat all living things. Each person senses this within their conscience. Because of this innate understanding, every time the conservatives poo poo environmentalism, the liberals win sympathy.

As with other issues, the solution to the environmental problems lies with individual responsibility. The more we renege on this responsibility, the more we deserve the totalitarian solutions being promoted by the left.

So in our stand for freedom, when it comes to environmentalism, let us offer and provide solutions through private and free-will means so the liberals don't continue to have a monopoly on this very important issue.


Sterling D. Allan
(dietary vegan, and staunch conservative)


Manti, Utah; May 18, 2001

The above editorial was published in Salt Lake City's Deseret News on May 28, 2001.

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