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Sterling's Editorials


Scripture based opinions on current events for the preservation of freedom, sustaining the Constitution and exposing the socialist, conspiratorial New World Order.

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Index of resources supporting the Constitution of the United States as the framework for establishing the kingdom of God on earth; exposing the conspiratorial threats to it.

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bullet  Most Recent First

bulletChurch-Owned BYU Pressures Professor to Retire over 911 Stance (10/21/06) - so much for being a light to the world.
bulletEat Meat Sparingly (SL Tribune; Mar. 15, 2004) - Utah leads nation in meat consumption.
bulletHinckley Wrong About Responsibility (4/7/02) - soldier's not justified to "just follow orders."
bulletMainstream Fosters Dangerous Fanaticism (3/22/02) - why do we glorify Abraham's near sacrifice of Isaac?
bulletSenate 911 Committee Refuses Lie Detector Test (8/8/02) - Orin Hatch evokes double standard
bulletBunker-Buster Makers Hiding in Bunkers (3/27/02) - U.S. ordering development of N-bomb to destroy bunkers -- while its shadow govt. hides out in a bunker.
bulletTime Magazine Should Have Picked Bin Laden as Person of the Year (12/23/01) - feared public firestorm; flimsy excuse to name Guiliani.
bulletDietary Crime in Utah Hospital (12/23/01) Serving bacon and eggs, and a milk shake and doughnut for breakfast.
bulletSome Freedoms Restored; More Freedoms Lost (12/14/01) - (1) victory for concealed weapons; (2) defeat for civil liberties in SLD airport raid.
bulletDays of '47 and Kissing Chinese Bloody Feet (7/24/01) - 'All is well' psyche that has Utah courting China, who intends to destroy America as a free land.
bulletEnvironmentalism from the Right (5/18/01) - not an issue of the left alone
bulletSigning War Crimes Tribunal Treaty Was Treason (1/17/01) - possibility of arraigning U.S. citizens to socialist/communist United Nations  (9/28/00) - What's Gorbachev doing in Salt Lake touting socialism at Covey's invitation?
bulletLiberals' Bodyguards Packing Heat (8/14/00)
bulletOust Ian Punnett of Utah's 570 KNRS (7/26/00) - Pro-homosexuality rights talk show host is hardly "family values" as station advertises.
bulletMilitary Man and Potential Gun Confiscation (7/22/00)
bulletAnti-homosexuality Sites Blocked by Filtering Services? (5/27/00)
bulletHomosexual Scoutmaster Like Having Male Girl Scout Director (4/29/00)
bulletCensus has become a tool of Socialist State Building (3/13/00) All but one question unconstitutional
bulletMcCarthy a Villain or Vindicated? (2/8/00) Liberals despise McCarthy for exposed the truth of their conspiratorial alliances with Soviet socialists. FBI files proving McCarthy correct.
bulletRoe Reversal (1/24/00) "Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade reversed her position, so should our nation.
bulletGeneva Family Congress Not Biggest UN Issue (11/16/99)
bulletLower Puberty Age a Function of Hormones in Meat & Dairy (10/27/99)
bulletBill Proposed to Halt Transfer of Panama Canal (10/19/99)
bulletGordon B. Hinckley on Y2K (10/3/99) Report and commentary on October 3, 1999 LDS General Conference talk. "What a Glorious Day" (i.e. what 'tribulations'? the millennium is here!).
bulletCurious Metaphor: Great Salt Lake Losing its Savor (9/30/99)
bulletTaiwan Earthquake -- A Blessing in Disguise? (9/22/99) Stave off Chinese attack.
bulletHatch Vexes Constitution Prophecy (7/16/99)
bulletCease the Culture of Violence (4/20/99) Comment on Littleton, Colorado school shooting
bulletValley Warned to Prepare for Millenium Bug's Bite (news article 1/8/99)
bulletChristmas in Honduras (11/13/98)
bulletChristians:   Boycott Halloween!  (10/24/98)
bulletAll is Well is What is Wrong:  (10/20/98)
bulletAn Urgent Warning of Pending Calamities: A Call to Repentance (10/9/98) A report of Gayle Smith's visions of what could happen to these now peaceful valleys in the mountains.
bulletNWO Gimmicks:  Professionally Wrestling the Constitution (10/3/98)
bulletAmerican Public Not the Jury -- Congress Is:  (9/22/98)  Our nation is a Constitutional Republic with representation, not a strict Democracy.
bulletBook Report:   Lucky Bastard:  (9/21/98) A "fictional novel" about a man handpicked at age 21 by the communists to become current president.
bulletTalking Points:  Why President Clinton Should be Impeached (9/21/98)
bulletA Dangerous World:  The Clinton Years  (9/14/98) JFK scandals again & worse
bulletEl Nino & God (3/18/98) Rather than blaming whether on El Nino, we need to acknowledge God's hand in this, heed the message, and repent.
bulletCharismatics Need the Book of Mormon (1/27/98) Christians who believe strongly in the gift of the Holy Ghost will find a treasure beyond compare in the Book of Mormon.
bulletClinton's Impeachable Offenses Far More and Greater than Current Scandal (January 23, 1998)
bulletAwake and Put on Strength (10/27/97) Preparatory text for 10/29 KTKK radio show.
bulletEerie Omen:  Broadcast Station Shut Down (October 3, 1997) U.N. matter of course
bulletMilk Can Contribute to Osteoporosis (August 16, 1997) Unpublished American Dairy Association Study:  ridding excess protein requires calcium, causing a net leaching of Ca2+.
bulletPersecution of Patriots (6/23/97) Double standard:  McVeigh's record nothing compared to Rockefeller & gang.
bulletDeng Xiaoping and our Dang Shopping (3/1/97) Patronizing tyranny at the mall.
bulletHistory and the Broken Heart (March 1, 1997) Humbled by precept or by experience?
bulletReverence for All Life (June 12, 1996) Word of Wisdom & meat rebuttal reply.
bulletA Paradigm Shift Regarding Meat (2/20/97) A diet that honors the sanctity of life.
bullet$2.6 Billion to PLO? (2/2/96)  U.S. Supporting Arafat Terrorism
bulletComputer Games and Crime (1/24/96) Shoot to kill hardening accomplished in computer games.
bulletThe Prices of Statehood (1/16/96) ...Give up quest for kingdom; persecute polygamists.
bulletPagan Public Schools (March 18, 1994) Manifest in Student Art Display.
bulletChristians: Refuse the Alliance Card (9/24/93) Clinton's proposed health care plan.
bulletSoviet Precursor Images in F.G. (November 6, 1995) Image of military state to come
bulletClean This House; We are at War (November 1, 1995) Wolves Must Go
bulletWhen You Must Decide to Follow Leader or God (June 30, 1994) Doctrinal Socialism.
bulletConcerned Watchdogs are not Hatemongers (June 3, 1994) Especially watch those who say that they are.
bulletEulogy for Ezra Taft Benson (May 31, 1994) Prophet of the Constitution
bulletGuns, God & Freedom (May 25, 1994) Tyrants Hate Private Gun Ownership
bulletMandella's Preferred Salute (May 10, 1994) Communist clenched fist.
bulletTraffic Checkpoints are U.N.-American (April 12, 1994) Are House-checks next?
bulletBYU Enrollment Solution (March 11, 1994) Enforce Standards!
bulletMartin Luther King's Communist Connections (August 12, 1993)
bulletScowcroft's Address: New World Order for US (4/29/92) Appalling.
bulletSocialism Lives On (February 29, 1992) -- Gorbachev:  Man of the Decade
bulletFear God, Not Nukes (1/8/92) Communism is not dead; God's justice will come for our blindness.
bulletHandel on the New World Order (12/13/91) "Why do the nations rage?"
bulletDoomsday Clock Closer than Ever (11/27/91) Military strategy: When strong, feign weakness.
bulletJuries Get the Final Vote on Bad Laws (5/21/91)
bulletNew World Order Means World Government (2/28/91)
bulletPeace Prize for Mikhail Gorbachev? ('90) How deceived can we get?
bulletDrugs Not Nation's Greatest Threat (9/5/89) Conspiracy for World Socialist Government is.
bulletDemocracy Does Not Mean Freedom (8/12/89) The Communists have elections too.
bulletFreedom Before Peace (8/2/89) "By peace shall he destroy many." (Daniel)

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