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More DifficultWill the Gentiles Also Look Beyond the Mark?

Editor's Note:
This essay became the basis of the chiasms and parallels that were discovered subsequent to its writing.  They go to prove that the Gentile (Mormon/ Christian) husbandmen today are on a parallel with the Jews at the time of Christ.


The stone which the builders rejected,
the same is become the head of the corner:
this is the Lord's doing,
and it is marvelous
in our eyes.

-- Matthew 21:42


This paper was prepared for the first intermountain regional meeting of the national Society of Christian Philosophers, scheduled for March 12-14 at Brigham Young University.
[Ed. Note: This paper was rejected because it was "lacking in philosophical content."] 

The Gentiles/Christians are today where the Jews were just prior to Jesus' ministry. The latter-day Gentiles will reject the Messiah just as profoundly as did the Jews, only on different terms. Though a sorry occurrence, this will fulfill the Lord's purposes. Through rejection comes redemption -- spiritual and temporal. Christ's first coming wrought spiritual redemption and his second will bring temporal redemption. The Jews expected the temporal and rejected the spiritual. The Gentiles are preoccupied with the spiritual and will reject the temporal. God's chosen people in any dispensation are those who recognize and follow him as both Lord of lords and King of kings, not one to the exclusion of the other, looking beyond the mark.


* *The Essay* *
(showing brief excerpts with hyperlinks to complete text)

scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes)  The Jews' Blunder

Christians are often brutally harsh in their condemnation of the Jews who crucified Jesus Christ. ...

...the Gentiles or Christians seem to be headed in the same direction--only on different terms.   the rest of the story

scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes)  The Questions

What was Judaism supposed to be, and what had it actually become at the time of Jesus? How corrupted had it become?
Was there a subset of Jews at the time of Jesus that practiced a pure Judaism?
What extent of compatibility was there during Jesus' three-year ministry between "establishment" Judaism and Jesus' teachings, and between "pure" Judaism and Christianity?
   the rest of the story

scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes)  Supersession

As Christianity fulfilled and superseded Judaism, the church of the Firstborn, or Zion, will fulfill and supersede Christianity. The woman, or the Church, brings forth the manchild, or the kingdom of our God and of his Christ. The New Testament Christian polemic directed against the Jews who deviated from true Judaism will parallel Zion's polemic which will be directed at Christians who deviate from true Christianity.        the rest of the story

scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes)  The Kingdom of God:  Both Religious and Political

The kingdom of God is both religious and political: the religious having to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ and individual salvation, and the political having to do with governments and national or corporate salvation. Like husband and wife, these two classifications are distinct yet synergistic components of one complete unit.       the rest of the story

gospel governmet
spiritual temporal
individual collective
personal national
word of the Lord law of the Lord
law of Moses Abrahamic covenant
focus of the Gentiles preoccupation of the Jews
Jews' blunder Gentiles falter
Christ's first coming Christ's second coming
priests & preistesses kings & queens
Lord of lords King of kings

1 Ne. 22:3; Isa. 5:24; Rev. 1:6; Matt. 21:42-44; 3 Ne. 15:4; 3 Ne. 28:7; D&C 45:16; 3 Ne. 20:26,27; 16:10,11; 2 Ne. 28:32

   the rest of the story

scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes)  The political Realm and the Constitution of the United States

. . . For our time the Constitution as the Founders intended it epitomizes the proper role of government. Those who framed that document were great men inspired of God.  . . . They saw this document as fulfilling Isaiah's prophecy that "out of Zion shall go forth the law."

When destruction comes upon the hypocrites in the latter days, it will be due to their disregard of the religious and the political realms of God's kingdom. . . .        the rest of the story

scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes)  Upon My House Shall it Begin

Nevertheless, many professing Christians divorce the issues of government from religious belief and embrace or sympathize with Satan's counterfeits, becoming a great impediment to those who are seeking to promote God's kingdom politically as well as religiously. . . .       the rest of the story

scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes)  A Stone of Stumbling; A Rock of Offense

Ironically, the political salvation from which the Gentiles have shirked is the very salvation that the Jews were so zealous to receive when the true Messiah came among them. . . .        the rest of the story

scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes)  Looking Beyond the Mark

. . . So also, can we say that the Jews should not have focused on the temporal aspects of the kingdom to the exclusion of the religious, when the religious salvation was what they were to receive; and the Gentiles likewise should not focus on religious salvation to the exclusion of the political, when the political is what they are going to receive? . . .        the rest of the story

scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes)  Lamps Trimmed and Burning

The key for not being deceived in this time of irony that matches the irony of the time of Christ's first coming, is to take the Holy Spirit to be one's guide and receive the truth. . . . Just as there was a subset of Jews at the time of Christ who recognized the true Messiah at his first coming, so there will be a subset of Christians who overcome in the latter days.       the rest of the story


by Sterling D. Allan; Provo, Utah; February 28, 1992

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