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For the establishment of Zion : the gospel and government of God working in harmony for the improvement and sanctification of all things.  The kingdom of heaven on earth.


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Religion and Government


Prophetic commentary on the symbiotic church-state relationship between the gospel of Jesus Christ and Zion's free government (resembling U.S. Constitution), the kingdom of God.

bullet  Male-Female Stuff

Edward the Overly-Great - Is Romantic Fantasy the female vice equivalent of Porn for men? (Jan. 27, 2009)
Marriage of the Liberals and the Conservatives:   God Forbid! ... or God Ordained?   Male-Female model compared to East-West and Liberal-Conservative:  bringing a balance through synergism of individual strength, supersession of weaknesses.
The Eternal Round of Evolution to Godhood
The Human Life Cycle as a Metaphor for the Mystery of All Life and Eternal Progression.
Polygamy -- A Necessary Prerequisite or a Stumbling Block? A look at why polygamy is not necessarily the highest order of marriage.
Would that all were prophets -- The Hallmark Mormon test of Questioning Polygamy
Lying Polygamy Says the Prophet Will Never Lead You Astray
Mary Magdalene as a Type of the Bride of the Bridegroom
Birthing & Zion -- Preparing for that Glorious Day

bullet  Religio-Political Essays

The Law and the Word of the Lord, Our Duty and Our Quest  (9/24/89)  The Word, or the gospel, relates to personal, spiritual salvation.  The law of the Lord relates to government or national, temporal salvation.  We are to be a light to the world on both issues.  How are we doing?

See Also:   Chiasm | Chiasm in script | Triple Parallel {PDF} (download WP doc) | Substructure | 2 More Chiasms | Diagram of this essay.

Will the Gentiles Also Look Beyond the Mark?  
(2/28/92) Expounds the thesis that the Mormons/Christians are today where the Jews were at the time of Christ. The Jews were looking for what amounts to the "second" coming, but were supposed to be the husbandmen to prepare for the first advent. Likewise, the Gentiles have been foreordained to be the husbandmen in preparing for the second coming, but have diverted their attention to the first coming and are therefore likewise looking beyond the mark.
     The above thesis is the core theme of the studies contained in this web page, as it points to the two-fold mission of Messiah:  first and second advents -- not one, to the exclusion of the other.
Why Socialism is Satan's Kingdom on Earth (12/10/00) - discusses pre-mortal war and its repeat here. [discussion]
When is enough enough?
( 7/1/00) Have usurpers of freedom wrestled sufficient illegitimate control of America to warrant lethal insurrection against them by the militia enumerated in the Second Amendment?
Finding the ONE Mighty and Strong
(7/14/01) Tendency of those called after the order of the Davidic Servant to think their ministry is the ultimate; need to work as a team.
An Honest Heart
(2/2/97) Role of humility in keeping zeal from taking one in a scary path in the name of God.
Perilous Times of Peace and Safety
At a time of near disaster, LDS leaders coddle the flock and say all is well. (5/14/04)
Agency -- of whom or what are you an agent?
(6/12/01) Agency does not just imply free will, but also representation and allegiance to a person (e.g. God) or entity (e.g. kingdom of God).
Where are the Revelations?
(6/7/00) How the famine for 'thus saith the Lord' moves us from 'just follow THE prophet' to 'would that ALL the Lord's people were prophets.'
Communing with God Face to Face -- Part II
Keith Thomas on seeing Jesus; Sterling Allan on 'Head Honcho' (3/16/01)

Beholding God Face to Face -- Part I
Jon Hess describes roadblocks to the epiphany; Sterling Allan on seeing the face of God in all things. (3/15/01)

( > Unified Field Theory > The Function of Diallel Lines in Personal Communication and Learning -- The Spiritual Internet
A Working Model by Sterling D. Allan proposing the function of physical diallel lines in conveying thoughts instantaneously from one being to another. Ramifications for prayer, meditation, inspiration, revelation, dreams, visions, telepathy, intuition.  (4/9/01)

To Which 'Church' are you Clinging?
(10/2/99) Satan to Prevail Against Hypocrite 'Saints.'  Importance of baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost.
We're All Fakes . . .; And Endorsement of the Film The Insider
Why don't people do what they say they're going to do? Courage of Jeffery Wigand in blowing whistle against Big Tobacco. (7/16/02)
Glory of the False Prophets; Parable of the Poopy Diaper
(2/22/02) Warning of worst case scenario helps us prepare emotionally, and be grateful when reality doesn't turns out as bad as the warning foretold.
Baptism of Fire and LDS Condemnation
(3/12/01) Baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost is not a process, it is an emersion event -- the gate by which one enters the strait and narrow path.
Celestial, Terrestrial, Telestial Commandment Keeping Compared
(8/9/00) Three levels of keeping the commandments: (1) rote obedience, (2) inspired obedience, (3) embodied observance. The setting in order of the spirit and the law.
Hitler but a Foreshadowing of the Coming Beast Tyranny
(2/13/00) Overview of the rise of the New World Order, the lack of resistance by the church, and the remnant who will arise through the destruction that is coming.
A Personal Testimony of Jesus Christ and the Reality and Power of His Atonement in My Life by an anonymous saint
Beholding God While Walking by Faith
Jesus Christ
Soul to Soul Communication -- In the Spirit of God
The Threshing Floor -- Restoring Jerusalem's Temple  Will the restoration of the temple in Jerusalem be to Solomon's structure, or will it be back to the simple threshing floor?

U.N.der God?WORLD GOVERNMENT: Not if but whose -- God's or Satan's There is no such thing as absence of international government in a world such as ours where nations interact as they do.  The question is What kind of government we will seek to establish?

Nation-Race Personalities Compared to Stages of Growth from Childhood to Adulthood
Tornado in SLC: Repent Ye Mormons The polemical symbolism behind the surgical path the tornado took.
666-Related Studies & Ramifications: Why aren't we talking about it?
America -- Fueling the Beast and the Remnant Regarding the Frankenstein New World Order being built and the remnant who will overcome through faith in Christ to bask in a government of freedom.
The Davidic Servant as a Typical Pattern -- Not an Unreachable Pedestal
Messias Excommunicated: Awake and Arise

bs00871a.gif (2557 bytes)A Resolution for Utah's Sleeping Giants:  Awake and Put on Strength   400+ fliers put on cars at the Republican State Convention held in Orem Utah, May 8&9, 1998.

Specialization of Cells and Zion - We need each other -- each and every one
Continued Communication and Physical Gathering - When society as we know it now comes to a halt
Establishing a School in Zion (1/17/92) Written for a BYU Essay contest; addresses the need to have the student body understand the proper role of government and the threats to it so that they might fulfill their role of being the salt of the earth and the savor of men.
My Testimony of Christ (10/29/98) Written for an Internet forum page.
The Mourning Events of the Glorious Resurrection: (8/27/98) Piecing together from the four gospels and reading between the lines.BL00364A.gif (2111 bytes)

bullet  Regarding New Age

Balancing the Christian and New Age Extremes
The Bread of Life if Jesus Christ
Multiple Mortal Probations -- Intelligences, Experiences and Godhood
Intelligence Evolution: What About Animals Progressing to Become Humans?

carrot.gif (476 bytes)Why I Chose the Principle of Veganism:  A Conviction of the Heart  Diet spirituality and the sanctity of life.

The Pure Love of God and the Pseudo Love of New Age Self-worship  Jesus Christ is the only sure foundation upon which man might build, with absolute necessity of broken heart and contrite spirit bringing a mighty change of heart, out of which flows the pure love of Christ; whereas New Age focuses on self-affirmation of as-is-person and can only imitate the motions and find satisfaction in pseudo improvement which is rooted in the arm of flesh and hence will fall.
New Agers Redefine Jesus into the Messiah of Self Salvation
As God is, Man may Become -- Taught In the Bible  Long list of Biblical scriptures that confirm the controversial Restoration teaching that "as man is, God once was, and as God is, man can become." {From 1983,84 (while serving mission in Japan) gospel topic study:   "Man, potential to become God"}


bullet  Other Essays

A Letter from God - Light-hearted yet hard-hitting polemic on the intolerance we perpetuate in the name of religion. A bit liberal extreme in places but an excellent message nonetheless.


bullet  See also

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Lexicon of Life - Encyclopedia for the Remnant
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