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Beholding the Face of God


Walking with God face to face is something anyone can do, if only they seek it with faith. Jesus will introduce you to the Father, and they will make their abode with you.

Page Contents:
Scriptural Basis Seeking the Face of God Feedback Comments See also Related Sites

"When you've been outside working in the extreme cold and come inside and are drawn to a wood-burning stove's heat -- that is how you feel when in the presence of God: your soul is drawn to him."

-- Jon Hess



Scriptural Basis

Scriptures that speak of ~"Seeking the Face of God" - a brief listing
God, Privilege of Seeing Face to Face - Scriptural accounts of individuals (many) who have seen God.  Scriptural references to addressing this worthy quest from a doctrinal perspective.
Calling and Election Made Sure - 'visions of the heavens will be opened unto him, and the Lord will teach him face to face.'
Alphabetics: "Dove" in English, OT Hebrew, and NT Greek - Moroni said the Lord spoke with him "in plain humility" when talking with him face to face (Ether 12:39); even in all his glory (ref. Moses 1:2).



Facets of Seeking the Face of God

Part I : Beholding God Face to Face - Jon Hess describes roadblocks to the epiphany; Sterling Allan on seeing the face of God in all things.  (March 15, 2001)
Part II: Communing with God Face to Face - Keith Thomas on seeing Jesus; Sterling Allan on 'Head Honcho'  (March 15, 2001)
* Part III: Believing as a Child - Jon Hess describes the events leading up to when he finally saw the Lord, and some of the interactions he has had since.  (March 20, 2001)
It's Literal - Carol Jean Ehlers says the Lord grieves that people do not take his promise literally -- they can come into his very presence and converse face to face.
My Journey to Beholding the Face of God - Carol Jean Ehlers shares her quest to receive the Second Comforter and to have her calling and election made sure.
Beholding Jesus in the Flesh; Nature of God - Randall Shortridge's comments : 'God does not hide from us.  Rather it is we who hide from him.'
Seeing God - Randall Shortridge on the paradoxical simplicity of seeing God.
Beholding God While Walking by Faith - "more blessed are they who shall believe in your words because that ye shall testify that ye have seen me, and that ye know that I am...."  Condolence for those who have not yet seen him, but don't let this remain an excuse.


bullet See also

Feedback Comments regarding seeing God face to face
Visions and Dreams of the Coming Calamities and Triumph (Index)
Near Death Experiences (Index) - Accounts of those who have died, seen the Savior, visited the spirit world, and then were permitted to return.
Life Before Life (Pending Index) - Accounts of having interaction with spirit personages prior to the time of their birth to mortality.
Multiple Mortalities and Godhood (Index) - Will this lifetime be the only time we experience mortality?  What is the aim of our existence?


bullet Related Websites

Greater Things (Matt Evans) - writings on the Second Comforter and Calling and Election being Made Sure.



CLICK HERE -- Visions and Dreams of the Coming Calamities and Triumph



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