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"Nothing else is to die that I might live"

-- Tom Rodgers, NDE

Not just a diet but an attitude of reverence for the sanctity of life.  Not just for health, but for spiritual appreciation and acknowledgement of God's creations.

Page Contents:
Recipes | Articles | Documentation | Related Sites | Vegan News Mailing List [click to join]

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan

Why Vegan? (by Vegan Outreach) - photo essay explaining why people choose to follow a vegan lifestyle.

bullet Movie - several type II diabetics are healed by going to a raw food regimen. Similar to "Super-Size Me" but in the opposite direction.

bullet Vegan Recipes - 3000 + vegan recipes
Edna's Recipes
Grader Things - Savory transformations of meat and dairy-based recipes into tasty vegan meals, as well as original dishes.
newsletter - e-mail discussion groups
Grader Things newsletter - by Cheri Allan
Vegan Recipes e-mail group
Christian Vegan Cooking e-mail group


bullet Articles

Change of Diet and Change of Heart/Mind - how my paradigm shift about animals and women changed my view of the purpose of life. (Nov. 8, 2000)
Environmentalism from the Right - not an issue of the left alone
A Paradigm Shift Regarding Meat (2/20/97) A diet that honors the sanctity of life.
Reverence for All Life (June 12, 1996) Word of Wisdom & meat rebuttal reply.
The Lord Can't Be Pleased with the General LDS Indulgence in so much Meat - testimonial by Terry Wilcoxson (4/22/02)
Medicine & Mormonism: Joseph Smith and Botanical Herbs, by Lynn Ridenhour > Health - compassionate eating habits
How What's on My Plate Affects Body, Mind and Spirit by David W. Allan (my dad)
Some Thoughts on A Healthy Diet: The Plant-Centered Alternative by David W. Allan


bullet Documentation

Newsletter: Vegan News
TIME > on early puberty & hormones in diet
US News & World Report > Could diet attack bones? (10/30/00)
Evidence is mounting that excessive consumption of meat and cheese may contribute to osteoporosis. With chart: Gnawing on bones.
Editorial: Milk Can Contribute to Osteoporosis (August 16, 1997) Unpublished American Dairy Association Study:  ridding excess protein requires calcium, causing a net leaching of Ca2+.
How Milk Causes Osteoporosis ( - Statistical and scientific correlations between milk consumption and osteoporosis.
TIME > Mad-Cow Scare Coming to U.S. (Jan. 29, 2001)


bullet Related Sites - Vegetarian History is American History!  Includes documentation of Christian contributions to vegetarian movement.
Vegan resource sites: how, why, overcoming obstacles - extensive listing by the Open Directory Project - resources for the Vegan Family > Why Vegan? - A brochure with photos explaining why people choose to follow a vegan lifestyle.
Tom Rodgers -- Warrior for the Vegan Way - Having returned from a 'Near Death Experience,' Tom teaches message of reverence for all life, especially in our diet, both from an emotional point of view as well as for the benefits to health.
Life on a Factory Farm - photo feature (flash)
Lantern Books > Animal Rights - Animals and religion - local vegetarian and vegan organization directory; articles, news, resources. - Veggies Unite
Grader Things - Savory transformations of meat and dairy-based recipes into tasty vegan meals, as well as original dishes.


bullet News Mailing Lists

I created a list called Vegan News items but then found a list that already exists for this purpose: Planet-Vegan.  I'm going to go ahead and do vegan news, and try to limit it to about one post every other day.  Planet-Vegan is more active and includes discussion of the news.

Vegan News
Description - Current events of interest to Vegans, who prefer that 'nothing is to die that I might live' -- nothing with eyes anyway.
Message Archive
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Description - All the latest vegan-related news. Serious discussion okay, chit-chat not encouraged.
Message Archive
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Last updated on August 13, 2015


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