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Page Contents:
Activism • Raw Food Diet • Recipes • Conservative Veganism • Diagnosis • Health Warnings • Recommended Products • Vaccinations • Herbs • Water • General Health News • Cancer

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March 9, 2004 (SL Tribune)

bullet Activism

The Health Revolution Petition - Petition drive is the friend of those who take preventative health seriously, calling for an end of FDA tyranny and oppression of natural product companies, an end to the persecution of alternative medicine and healing arts practitioners, an end Big Pharma's bribery of doctors....


bullet Raw Food Diet - David Wolfe's premier website featuring recipes, products, education, seminars, forum. - recipes, products, info. - live food recipes & support, by Karie Clingo (Sterling's sister).


bullet Recipes

Vegetarian Recipes
Vegan Recipes (pure vegetarian: no animal products) 3000 + vegan recipes
Raw Food Diet Recipes (a great resource) [see endorsement]


bullet Veganism

Click here for full index on the Vegan lifestyle


bullet Diagnosis

QXCI Machine (Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface) - Gathers bio-energetic data from the body via 55 channels at nano-second speeds, then offers over 70 unique bio-resonant therapies to rectify health patterns, providing a full spectrum of wellness measurement and enhancement technologies.


bullet Health Warnings - provides scores of amazing articles daily, for health solutions, exposing fraud and conspiracy.
New Evidence that Antidepressants Are Causing an Epidemic of Violence (; Sept. 29, 2015)
The Politics of Lyme Disease - created by U.S. bioweapons lab (; Oct. 2, 2015)
Dangerous levels of lead used in ripening early Grapefruit - wait for December harvest on Florida's Grapefruit. - Site provides resources for Mesothelioma, a cancer that is almost 100% preventable.  The only known cause is via exposure to  Asbestos.


bullet Recommended Products N.D., Ph.D. couple share health expertise.  Sterling recommends the Soy-sauce-like Bragg's Liquid Amino (available at your local health food store)


bullet Herbs

Google Top Listing > Reference Guide For HERBS
Open Directory Project > Alternative Health > Herbs - Herbs Research Foundation


bullet Vaccinations - chronicles abuse, cover-up, and outright conspiracy
Open Directory Project Listings
Dispelling Vaccination Myths - Vaccinations may not be as safe or effective as you thought. However, do watch out for misleading statistics.
    "My findings have so alarmed me that I feel compelled to share them; hence, this report."
Don't Believe it > Vaccines Are Safe - From the World Health Organization.


bullet Water

Water, the Remarkable Panacea! - It seems too good to be true that such a simple procedure (drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water a day) could provide such astounding benefits.
Kangen Water™ Fosters Medical Independence in Hard Times - A Japanese water ionizer technology by Enagic may be just the thing to help you to take responsibility for your own health and not be so dependent on the medical establishment, in the same spirit as getting off foreign oil. (PESN; Oct. 27, 2008)
Water - directory at

bullet General Health News - the best I've found
Alternative Healing Going Mainstream (Yahoo) Unconventional therapies being integrated in hospitals


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