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Always Memorial Day

Honoring soldiers, patriots, freedom-fighters past, ancient and future; in the United States and other countries.

by THe SKuLL!!

On this day we honor the memory of those who American flag wavinghave died while in the military service of the United Sates of America.  It is also fitting that we remember all those who have died for the cause of freedom, whatever country they are from; for we are indeed all one family and we share each other's common destiny on this planet that God created for us all.  Likewise, we think of those who died believing they were fighting for freedom, though the political leaders in their command may have had other intentions in mind.  Our thoughts also turn to those who died defending the cause of truth and virtue, whether or not they donned the uniform of their respective countries; and we think not only of those who thus sacrificed in our generation, but in generations past, all the way back to our first parents in the garden of Eden. 
There have been many heroes down through the ages, both celebrated as well as unknown, who have given their all for the sake of a better world.  Their combined efforts have given us what we have today, laying the foundation for us so that we now are on the brink of achieving the most ideal society attainable by mankind.  May we go forward, building on the legacy they left behind, drawing from the courage they exhibited, to bring to fruition a society of freedom and peace for which they helped labor.
The enemies of freedom and civility have provided us with obstacles that have made us strong.  Today we honor the many lives that have been lost in the battles that have been fought that peace and freedom might prevail.  Today, we also recognize that there may yet be many lives lost, for not only are we closer to achieving the ideal society, but the enemies of freedom have also never been closer to achieving their goal of a counterfeit society of peace -- one of compulsion at the point of a sword.  As this war comes to a head, there will yet be many who will lay down their lives in defense of truth and virtue.
May we be faithful to the legacy we have been given, so that truth and freedom may prevail.
Sterling D. Allan
soldier in the non-uniformed army

May 28, 2001



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