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How to Cut and Paste

A little computer tip for the novice. This is a basic and easy maneuver that is extremely helpful.

To cut and paste:

(1) select the text you want to cut or copy (e.g. block it out with your mouse)

(2) press CTRL-C to copy or CTRL-X to cut (this step saves the content to an unseen clipboard in the computer, saving the format as it appears in the program you copied or cut the text from). The difference between copying and cutting is that cutting has the effect of deleting the contents from the current program, but saves their content to be pasted elsewhere.

(3) insert your cursor where you wish to paste (insert) the text.

(4) press CTRL-V to paste the contents you just copied or cut. You are done.

Note: The contents will appear according to the formatting parameters of the new program into which they are copied. If they are more limited than the program from which you copied them, then some of the formatting will be lost, but the text will be the same. For example, if you copied the content from a web page, and the content included italics, bolding, and tables, when you paste this into Notepad, which only supports basic ASCII (typewriter characters only) text, then the bold, italics and table formatting will be lost.

Hope this helps.


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