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Greater Things > J.J. Dewey > Books > Gathering of Lights > 13. Finding the Tribes of Israel

The Gathering of Lights
13. Finding the Tribes of Israel
J.J. Dewey 1999, 2000

Primary and secondary identity of the nations of the earth in terms of the twelve tribes of Israel. The Western Hemisphere is of Joseph; America and Great Britain, of Ephraim; Germany, of Gad; Austria, Greece, India, Japan, Spain, New Zealand, and Australia are of Benjamin; China and Argentina are of Simeon; Brazil is secondarily of Asher; Russia and France, of  Judah; Italy, of Issachar; etc.

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Sterling's Preface: 

SUBJECT: Specific identity of the nations of the earth in relation to the twelve tribes of Israel (by J.J. Dewey), and a new forum page for elaborating upon this.

Do any of you out there have additional/alternative insight into the subject matter that follows? I would like to pursue this and develop it, strengthen it, clarify it, verify it, elaborate on it.

This is a classic. I've never seen anything like it.

But then again, my reading energy has not ventured far outside of the scriptures, as that is where my gift/talent/calling is directed. Hence I am hoping some of you who have a much more broad exposure to the literature of the world as well as maybe even gifts of revelation on this subject might have interesting insights to share along these lines.

To this end, I have created a new discussion page at 


Open Forum on the Identity of Nations in Terms of the Tribes of Israel -- Building the New Jerusalem --

This Greater Things discussion page is devoted to elaborating upon the specific identity of the modern nations/peoples/major cities and even religions of the earth in terms of primary and secondary Israelite tribal character. Also germane to discussion are the ramifications of these identities. It is intended to expand upon the what J.J. Dewey wrote in "The Gathering of Lights" chapter 13, "Finding the Tribes of Israel."



Bold = Country or City or People
Bold-Purple = Primary Tribe Identity
Italicize-Bold-Purple = Secondary Tribe Identity

Chapter Thirteen
Finding The Tribes of Israel

Thursday, February 10, 2000 3:49 AM

Concerning the twelve tribes as a whole there are at least seven interpretations or correspondences that can be applied to them. The most popular is the literal physical applied to possible descendants of the early Hebrew groups. The interpretation we shall deal with here is one of consciousness. It might be said, for instance, that the Aryans dwelling in America have an Ephraim consciousness and that the Indians, Mexicans and others have the Manasseh consciousness. The Western Hemisphere as a whole has the consciousness of Joseph. However, the individual nations within this hemisphere belong to varying tribes. For instance Brazil shares the consciousness of Asher

Then too within these countries each state county and city will ascribe to a certain consciousness. New York is a city of Levites for example. Each entity is a composition of a number of the tribes, but there are always two of primary influence. Ephraim is the secondary influencing tribe of New York.

Finally, each individual shares the consciousness of one of the tribes of Israel and also has a secondary tribe pulling at him. The United States is Ephraim and Manasseh in consciousness, but has many individual Levites scattered throughout. These are referred to as the "sons of Levi" in the Bible. The Mormon Church began as Levites, but are now hovering between Levi and Dan.

Great Britain is still strong in Ephraim with London being a city of Levites. However the soul of London is of Judah. This is an interesting correspondence to the prophecy: "The scepter shall no depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh (Christ) come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be." Gen 49:10 The royalists in Britain have the Judah consciousness and there are many of them in London and they will struggle to keep the scepter (crown) in Britain Until Christ appears.

Russia and France both have Judah as their primary tribe. Russia has been struggling in this century to obtain the scepter of power for themselves alone just as France has in the past. There are many Reubenites in Russia who are seeing the firstborn statues that was lost causing instability and a strong desire to be the pride of the world. There are also numerous Ephraimites who secretly desire change and greater freedoms and who seek a closer relationship with Britain and America. These will cause a religious revolution in Russia that will benefit the whole world.

Italy is mostly of Issachar and like him they easily submit to authority, especially to the Catholic Church and various totalitarian governments in the past. The name though means "he will bring a reward" indicating the great service potential of Italy. There are also many of the tribe of Judah there. Germany is principally of the tribe of Gad. The name means "to gather yourselves in troops, attach, overcome". Germany showed us the negative aspect of this tribe in the two World Wars. There are also many of Nepthalim and some of Judah and Dan. Through Nepthalim Germany will eventually become a joyful nation which will be the opposite of Hitler's Reich. Those of Judah sincerely sought to secure the scepter for Germany but the Danites (Hitler and his bunch) sought it in totalitarian fashion. The negative aspect of Dan is also creating many of the problems in Ireland.

China is influenced largely by the tribe of Simeon. The name means "to hear and obey" and this expresses the attitude of the people there toward the state. They are now exhibiting the negative expression Simeon, but they will eventually express the more divine meaning of Simeon which is obedience to true principles through free will. There are also many of the tribe of Issachar and like him they submit themselves to forced labor (The negative expression of submission). There are also some Ephraimites. Some of these showed themselves at Tianenman Square in Beijing when the students made a stand for freedom..

Argentina is a correspondence to China in the Western Hemisphere. The major tribe of them both is Simeon. The influencing tribe of China is Issachar and of Argentina is Zabulon and Moses offered them both the same blessing: "They shall call the people unto the mountain (mount Zion); there they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness: for they shall suck of the abundance of the seas, and the treasures hid in the sand." Deut 33:19.

This same blessing applies to Canada, but this nation presently has a much higher percentage of Ephraimites and Levites. Their consciousness is predominantly of Levi.

One of the most numerous tribes in the world is that of Benjamin, the brother of Joseph. Those under this influence are Austria, Greece, India, Japan, Spain, New Zealand, and Australia.

Rachel died after a long labor as she was giving birth to Benjamin and in her dying breath she named him Benoni which means: "Son of great exertion, tribulation, or sorrow." After she died Jacob renamed him Benjamin which means "Son of the right hand". The ancient King Saul was from Benjamin as well as the New Testament Saul who was renamed the apostle Paul.

The name "Saul" means to 'ask for" and "Paul" means "to come to and end". In other words Saul is the seeker and Paul is the one who was found or received that which is sought. The seekers of Benjamin are Austria, Greece, Japan, Spain, New Zealand and Australia. The Paul among them is India for within her and also Tibet are found many of the mysteries of the ancient wisdom.

The negative side of Benjamin is to be overaggressive or "ravin as the wolf" as Japan was during World War II. The positive side is "divine acquiescence" which causes him to "dwell in the safety of the Lord". The acquiescence of Japan since the war has caused her to dwell in safety with no military effort on their part.

the secondary tribe in India is Nepthalim. The name means "to struggle to give forth a message of gladness". This corresponds interestingly with the names Benoni and Benjamin mentioned above. After much struggle and exertion the hidden message of India will be given to the world for all to understand "and the knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth as the water does the seas".

The secondary tribe of Japan is Dan. Again it showed the negative aspect of this during World War II, but it may show the positive aspect by being a righteous balance of power between the nations.

The secondary tribe for Austria is Simeon, and for Spain is Issachar. In both Australia and Greece it is Asher. Asher means "to be happy". Those of the tribe of Asher help to create the lighthearted spirit in both of these countries.

Both Finland and Rumania are of the tribe of Nepthalim. Rachel named her handmaiden's son this because "with the wrestlings of God I have wrestled with my sister and I have prevailed." Nepthalim was the son of Bilhah which means "trouble". Even though Nepthalim is the son of trouble he wrestles with it and eventually prevails and brings forth blessings and gladness. The secondary tribe in Finland is Benjamin and in Rumania it is Judah.

The tribe of Zabulon lies chiefly in the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries. When Leah bore Zabulon (which means "to dwell") she said: "God hat endued me with a good dowry; now will my husband dwell with me, because I have born him six sons." Gen 30:20 The "husband" is a symbol of God. The goal of Zabulon is to recognize the God that is dwelling within the heart of each man and to express it.

Jacob prophesied of him: "Zabulon shall dwell at the haven of the sea; and he shall be an haven of ships; and his border shall be unto Zidon." Gen49:13 In the Hebrew Zidon implies a place where men fish.

This prophecy is literally fulfilled in the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries. Interestingly, it was not fulfilled in the land given to Zabulon in ancient Israel for he had no borders by the sea at that time. Indications are that he never possessed ancient Zidon, but he does now posses a modern place where there is much fish.

Again we quote the words of Moses concerning Zabulon and Issachar: "they shall call the people unto the mountain; there they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness: for they shall such of the abundance of the seas, and the treasures hid in the sand." Deut 33:19.

Zabulon's good aspect is to be a fisher of men as the twelve apostles were and to call people to gather to the mountain (kingdom) of God. The "abundance of the seas" refers to the multitudes of the peoples of the earth and the "treasures hid in the sand" is symbolic of the treasures hidden in the hearts of the downtrodden people of the earth. Those of Zabulon in these and other countries who have found the true powers of Israel will inspire many to find the treasure of the god within. Secondary tribes within these countries are Reuben for Holland and Ephraim and Manasses in Scandinavia.

The main gathering place for Reuben is Switzerland. Reuben was Jacob's firstborn through Leah whom he did not love. The name means "see, a son" which were the words she uttered when he was born. She also said: "Surely the Lord hath looked upon my affliction; now therefore my husband will love me." Gen 29:32 This indicates the positive aspect of Reuben. The "Son" is symbolic of the Son of God and a Reubenite who is a true Israelite will help other "see". This will bring the love of the husband who is God and it will "stream forth into the hearts of men".

On the negative side Reuben had intercourse with his father's concubine and lost his firstborn status and was told he would not excel, but would have a lot of pride and dignity. Nevertheless, we are told that even a hated firstborn is to receive a double portion (Deut 21:17) and Switzerland has been a very prosperous country.

The secondary tribe is Nepthalim.

The city of Geneva in Switzerland is one of the most important and enlightened cities in the world and is almost a separate entity from the country itself. Its consciousness is the tribe of Judah and seeks to hold the financial scepter for the world. It is the world symbol for the "lion of the tribe of Judah", one of the names of Christ.

Lastly, we find the tribe of Dan in Turkey. The positive aspect of Dan is a righteous judge. The negative side is: Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward. I have waited for thy salvation, O Lord." Gen 49:17-18.

The serpent of the Bible is the symbol of Satan the adversary and the righteous judge of God the Father; thus Dan is symbolic of the best and the worst in man. The early Christians believed that the great anti-Christ would be through the lineage of Dan and thus left him out of the tribes of Israel mentioned in the Book of Revelations. Joseph was counted twice through his two sons. Nevertheless, the Danites can obtain the power of Israel by exercising righteous judgment.

Readers may be curious as to the consciousness of Israel itself. As may be expected it is predominately of Judah, but there are many who portray the negative side of Dan. These are they "which say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue (tribe) of Satan" (the negative side of Dan). Rev 2:9. Those who are of this negative aspect of Dan try and portray the consciousness of Judah, but inwardly they are adversaries to true Israel. Israel also has quite a number of Ephraimites and Levites causing natural affinity with the United States.

The Arabian countries are mostly Zabulon and Issachar. They physically fulfill the prophecy here that "they shall suck of the abundance of the seas, and the treasures hid in the sand." Deut 33:19 There cannot be a better description of the oil they have "sucked" from the sands and seas. Moses even said Issachar would live in "tents". Many of the Mid East people still live this way.

Thus ends the identification of the Israel including the lost tribes which have been largely lost to the consciousness of mankind.

From: "J J Dewey" <>
To: "The Keys of Knowledge List" <>
Sent: Saturday, February 12, 2000 3:44 AM
Subject: [keys-l] New Stuff

Rick mentioned that there were more than 12 tribes in my chapter. In the Book of Revelation Manasses who was a son of Joseph replaced Dan. Christian tradition says this was done because legend has it that the anti-Christ was supposed to come through Dan. Ephraim was also a son of Joseph and is sometimes listed in the place of Joseph. The original 12 tribes did not include Ephraim and Manasses.

Sterling asked me about Africa. The civilized parts of Africa are Levi and the secondary would be Benjamin. Many of the evolving third world nations are yet to find their identity in consciousness. The blacks in the developing nations in Africa, however, are going to make so great leaps forward in the next couple hundred years.

--more to come--



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