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Before the Throne


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Sent: Friday, December 01, 2000 12:27 AM
Subject: I remember

The first time I came before the Throne of God.
I did not know where I was.
I did not bow or tremble before the Throne.
I looked around and I saw all manner of life
Bowing before the Throne.
But I saw No one in the Throne.
But I knew something was there.
I just didn't know where I was.

I said; I am not inclined to Bow AM I?

So Whose is this throne that I should Bow to it?

A Voice from the Throne said; I AM

I was still without fear before the throne.

I said; " God. If you are God.
Then you teach me.

If You Be God.
You Are Our Teacher.
And there will be NO OTHER.
No Man knows the truth.

I don't even trust the angels,
For I have heard it is written;
If a Prophet be deceived it is I who deceived him.
& even Satan can appear as an Angel of light.

And I was beaten at age 5
by my Grandfather in Your Church.

So How God can I know the Truth?
Who Should I Trust?

A Voice from the Throne said; I AM

I said; " I come as a son to my Father.
Father, I have been taught a lie.
I have been taught that you were
going to kill us all in the end.
That you will Burn us with Fire.
and torment us for ever.
That we should beat our children.

This the messengers have said.
Even the messengers are deceived.
I perceive that God is Good.
That you are the God & Father.

Give me Your Eyes, That I might See.
Give me Your Ears, That I might Hear.
Give me Your Touch, That I might Heal.
Give me Your Heart, That I might Love.
Give me Your Mind, that I might Know.
Give me Your Hand, that I might Lend.
Give me Your Love, that I might Share.
Give me Your Friends, that I'll not be Alone.
Give me Your Life, That I'll not fear Death.
Give me Your TRUTH, That I might not Lie.
Give me Your Mouth, that Speak Your Words.
Give me Your Mercy, that I might Forgive.
Give me Your Blessing, That I might Learn.
Give me Your Courage, That I'll not Fear.
Give me Your Strength, That I'll not Fall.

Thank you Father."

Now isn't that just like a child.
Gi'me gi'me gi'me.
Well, I was only 16.
I was a thief.
I did need all that stuff.
I got that & some.
I learned to read that day.
Opened the Bible & began to Read & remember.

That is when I knew that there is a God.
This was before I knew the Son.
I was angry, & not humble.

I wanted it all right then too.
I wasn't ashamed.
I should have been, I was a thief.
I had always been a,
Prove it to me,
type of guy.

Now I'm a, Prove me wrong,
Type of guy.
I learn from correction.
At least the second or third time anyway.
I'm still stubborn.
But I think that is a double edge Blessing.
Now, I ask little of God for me.
After all, He might give it to me.
I'm more careful what I ask for, Now.
I once thought that if God gave it to me, it was OK.
Not so.
God gives us the desires of our heart.
However the desires of our heart
are not always good for us.

Gods Ways are not our ways.

This is something I remembered today.

Peace JEM


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   Second, it is violently opposed; and
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