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From: Dave Rietz ( <>
To: Sterling D. Allan <>
Date: Thursday, August 19, 1999 9:08 AM
Subject: Re: Friendly Criticism for DORway-WEBsite

    Thank you for your kind comments... and for your decision to link to

    Concerning your observations and opinions.

    First... why does anyone think that sterile black text on a glaring
white background denotes "professional"?  Of note... with over 700,000
visitors (not hits but actual visitors) to fewer than ten have
voiced this opinion (most seem to have problem with colors.  One fellow
wrote that the abundance of colors made him retch... to which I commented
it must be a personal hell to not be able to look at one of God's fine

    To me... black text on white is about as boring as it gets (and for me,
with prostate cancer drugs affecting my eyes, it makes me go
"snowblind").  That color combination is the difference between a
greasy-spoon diner (black, white and stainless steel) and a restaurant with
subdued lighting, expensive and very colorful tapestry and oriental
rugs.  I tend towards the latter concept.

>As it is, the first impression is to not take it very
>seriously.  It is not at all a professional look.  And yet
>the content of much of the material you provide is
>professional quality.  Why turn away your serious audience
>by your non-serious presentation.

    Of note is that is by a victim FOR victims.  DORway stands
for "David Oliver Rietz's -WAY-" of paying back the Internet for the FDA
list of 92 symptoms that I credit with saving my life, where 21 of 21
clueless doctors failed.  I host Mrs. Martini and her many files and
articles, along with a wide range of information from other sources... the
most damning from FDA, CDC and Congressional/sworn testimony, and the
National Soft Drink Association.

    Considering that I am a victim... why would I want to give an
impression that I am a professional anything? sells nothing,
and the only thing promoted is that IF the visitor (or someone they care
about) has problems that their doctors cannot cure AND they use aspartame
(in any of the over 9000 products) then try the FREE at-home 60-day
no-aspartame self-test and observe the results.  This suggestion is what
panicked the FDA into declaring us a hoax, along with Monsanto
(,, the ADA, TIME, CNN, etc.

>Black background suggests mysterious, secretive, occult,
>tabloid.  Is that the impression you want to give your

    "secretive" ... check out ... G. D.
Searle caught with their secrets showing.

    "mysterious"  Check out ... the
long sordid road to approval.

     "tabloid" Check out (FDA
resistance to further testing) (Feb 7,
l986 DoJ prosecutors jump ship),
(Searle's PR firm that 1981 FDA Commissioner Dr. Hayes [who approved
aspartame] went to work for at a grand a day!)

    Considering that 21 of 21 "professional" doctors failed me (and left me
to die) I have (perhaps) an aversion to the "professional" label.  Being
ignored by professional congressmen (Senator Hollings and Thurmond of South
Carolina),  and a professional politician (Clinton) has not polished the
professional image for me.  Add to that getting ripped off by professional
lawyers, mechanics and plumbers... helped to round out my
opinion.   Considering that Dr. Barrett (and a long list of fellow
self-serving money-grubbing quacks) with his
consists of "professionals" against everything that is NOT included in
surgery, drug therapy, chemotherapy or radiation (no herbs, no vitamins,
aspartame and cows milk are great stuff, etc.) they epitomize what I find
wrong with the term and concept of professional.

    I feel so strongly about this that I created a special Email signature:

                     \__/    \__/
                        @(o o)@
Minimal contemplation led me to refrain
from claiming any "official" credentials.
With no allegiance to institutions or to
those moneyed resources who fund "work"
I am free to tell the WHOLE truth. -DOR

    This nails down how I feel about it.  I don't ever want to be
considered a professional.  Those "professionals" at the FDA sold out the
public on a number of items... aspartame and rbGH (the growth hormone shot
into cows) are two of them.  The "professionals" at Monsanto sold out the
public through sloppy and perhaps fraudulent testing and reporting.  The
"professionals" in the justice department have looked the other way for
over 20 years.  The "professionals" in the media are not telling it "like
it is" but as the ad money dictates.

    No, Mr. Allan, a professional image is not to my liking and I hope you
understand and accept my reasons.

    Again... DORway is for the victims who, like I was, are so desperate
and hurting that they will read everything.  I almost didn't read the
"FDA's 92 symptoms of aspartame poisoning" three years ago... because I
thought FDA stood for "Federal Drug Agency" (and I didn't know I was taking
a dangerous drug... aspartame) and I had never heard the word "aspartame"
before.  BUT... I was 100% desperate.. and part way into that article it
mentioned "Equal" and "Nutrasweet".  The result is that I am now 95% pain
free and fully mobile instead of wondering if Dr. Jack Kevorkian has a full
dance card so I can make him my 22nd and last doctor.  The result is that
the professionals in the medical systems, insurance companies, media,
congress, etc. have chosen to IGNORE the truth... making it necessary for a
few like myself (who spend too much of their own limited retirement
incomes) to help others get the WHOLE truth.

    For those who don't like the look... there are many alternatives.   (Of
note, is that only the of the over 500 pages on only a few have
the black background).      Menu Menu Menu    info only     menu menu   menu sinister aspects of methanol and
formaldehyde    menu     menu     menu menu   highlight   menu highlight highlight menu   highlight/menu

    As you can see... with fewer than 4% of the DORway pages being black
background and all of those being menus or highlights (not meant to be
printed out) ... this amounts to little more than variety.

    For those who prefer the black text/white backgrounds there are many
different alternatives:

    Send an empty Email to

    This 50kb "help" info reply (22 printed pages) has a fairly
complete list of aspartame breakdown/conversion products, the complete diet
coke report (that shows what happens to aspartame in ANY solution),  most
of the FDA's 92 acknowledged symptoms of aspartame poisoning (the list I
credit with saving my life), and LOTS of commented links that serve as a
good "menu" of the DORway aspartame information WEB site.

    Visit the auto responder info page
for other available text-based information

    Visit the handouts page for a wide
range of text based info.

    Visit the archives page for parts
(or almost all) of the WEB site in text format.

    As you can see... there should be a "flavor" for most anyone.

    Many of the important pages have a plain (yes, black text on white
background :-) text equivalent.  At the top there is a "text version"
link.... for a version that is printer friendly and/or easy to Email.

    I realize this reply has been somewhat long... but I thought it
necessary to explain why is as it is.

    Again, I hope you understand my feelings, reasoning, and concept.


       Dave Rietz... Mission Possible, South Carolina
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    aspartame??? NO! NEIN! NON! NIX! NEJ! NJET! OXI! NEE!
Say "NO!" to methanol and formaldehyde poisoning, and DKP
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From: Dave Rietz ( <>
To: Sterling D. Allan <>
Date: Thursday, August 19, 1999 11:21 AM
Subject: Re: Friendly Criticism for DORway-WEBsite

. . .

(see my original and much neglected family page where  all
this started in Feb. 1996... ... my original page
was a short intro... with a plea for a "silver bullet" to help cure my
"terminal arthritis".  After getting the truth about aspartame, removing
the Equal from my coffee, and getting mostly well... that plea no longer
exists.  Instead, after obtaining no help or respect from the media,
medical system, FDA/DHHS and many others... was born of my
desperation to repay the Internet for that article that saved my life...
and allow me to help others in a similar ... or worse, aspartame/dairy
induced situation :-)

. . .

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