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You are here: Greater Things > Lexicon of Life > Harry Potter

Harry Potter:
Satanic Godsend Mainstreaming Witchcraft


Claiming J.K. Rowling's story line is innocent witchcraft is like Hollywood saying sex and violence on the screen has no effect on society.

Page Contents:
Why the Concern
| Hoax to Discredit Christians | See also | Related Sites

See also:
Off Site> The True Danger of Your Child Reading Harry Potter Books - extensive expose

"Halloween, you'd not be surprised to know, is my favorite holiday."

-- J.K. Rowling
(TIME magazine, Oct. 30, 2000; p. 108)

* * * *

"I really hate censorship.  .... One really great thing with my parents: nothing was off limits in my house.  ...I was allowed to read anything I wanted."

-- ibid

* * * *

"Death and bereavement and what death means, I would say, is one of the central themes in all seven books."  

-- J.K. Rowlings


bullet Why the Concern ?

Bewitched by Harry Potter ( by Berit Kjos - breaking down barriers to the secret and forbidden mysteries of the ages.
Harry Potter Lures Kids to Witchcraft - with praise from Christian leaders
Harry Potter and Dungeons & Dragons- Like Peas in a Pod?
The Trouble with Harry ( By John Andrew Murray - "a generation of children is becoming desensitized to the occult."
Potter Charms Modern-Day Witches (AP, 5/30/00) - "For once they're the protagonists rather than the villains."
Harry Potter's Hocus Pocus (New American, 8/28/00)
Millions of kids formerly interested only in video games are now reading, thanks to the unprecedented popularity of the Harry Potter books -- but there are some red flags.
Harry Potter: A New Twist to Witchcraft ( - "There are many books out about Witchcraft but none so cleverly packaged."


bullet Hoaxes to Discredit Concern

"They are using a favorite tactic to discredit the opponents by using disinformation.  They can throw the people off the true trail of exposure by throwing out hoaxes or decoys like this."

-- Loren Pearce

One of the tactics of Satan is to make fun of those who cry "evil" or "foul," by creating parody designed to make the concerned Christian look foolish.

Probably the most frequented spoofs on Harry Potter, which many Christians read and do not realize is a spoof is at, which is hardly sympathetic to the Christian cause.  The title of the piece is, Harry Potter Books Spark Rise in Satanism Among Children (caution: offensive language).  It includes statements such as this:

"Millions of children are willing their bodies and souls to Lucifer in unholy blood covenants."

Part way down the page is the following image, designed to make fun of those who worry about their children being influenced by reading Rowling's books.

Three young Harry Potter fans in Winter Park,
FL, recite an ancient Satanic incantation.
( intended as spoof)

At the end of the article, the author fabricates the following J.K. Rowlings quote, making it sound official by attributing it to an interview with the London Times:

"These books guide children to an understanding that the weak, idiotic Son Of God is a living hoax who will be humiliated when the rain of fire comes, ... while we, his faithful servants, laugh and cavort in victory."

This spoof is the source of many frenzied e-mail messages like this one:

From one Pastor to Another - "most evil thing in ten years."

To a satirist, that might seem like the funniest thing, giving them a prank-phone-call-like rush of adrenalin.  However, to the unsuspecting, sincere seeker of truth, who doesn't realize it is satire, because they intuitively sense (by the Spirit) that there is cause for concern about these books, they tend to believe the statement to be based in fact, and they then perpetuate it as such. 

That is not funny. 

When it is discovered that the story and quotes are purposely fictitious, the concerned Christian has egg on his/her face, and those who were warned feel relieved and 'off the hook' as to any worry about the Harry Potter appeal.  Caution is replaced by callousness regarding any possible harm of the Potter books.'s Urban Legends site, designed to debunk bogus virus alerts and other Internet rumors, editorializes on this spoof and basically makes fun of those who fall for it, concluding that there is no harm in the Potter series.

The supposed expose is titled, Harry Potter and the Chain of Fools.  I'm afraid he has the antecedent reversed in reference to the 'fools.'

For those of you who insist that the series is innocent fun, and even good for the children because it spurs them to read and expand their imagination, I would ask you to consider the following.  First, since when has an international fad been wholesome?  Usually anything truly of redeeming virtue is spurned by the world.  Shouldn't that alone urge caution?  Second, there are so many other books that also expand the imagination and promote reading, it is a pity to spend that energy on something that portrays witchcraft, scorcery, magic, and other occult practices as good.

The call to Christians is to "go ye out of the midst of her, be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord."  More is expected of you.  Yours is a divine destiny to arise and put on strength in the Lord.  "And in my name shall they do many wonderful works."  "And these signs shall follow them that believe in my name..."  Don't become as Saul, who became so frustrated in his lack of being able to receive from the Lord that he turned to sorcery.


Sterling D. Allan
Nov. 12, 2000


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