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A Message of Gladness:
A Millennial Anthem.

Message of Gladness  Message of Gladness (MP3, 7MB)

Righteousness will I send down from heaven;
Truth will I send forth out of the earth;
To bear testimony of mine only begotten;
To gather mine elect unto the Holy City;
Looking forth for the time of my coming. (Moses 6:72)


Endowed from on high; Truth from the earth
Hope in our hearts; Faith in the Father;
Redeemed by His Son.
Endowed from on high; Truth from the earth;
Hope in our hearts; Light of our lives;
Perfected in Him; Perfected in Jesus Christ.

In my name shall they do many wonderful works;
In my name shall they cast out devils;
In my name shall they heal the sick;
Open the eyes of the blind; Unstop the ears of the deaf;
And the tongue of the dumb shall speak, and sing Haleluyah!
(D&C 84:66-70)

My law I will write in their hearts;
I’ll be their God, and they my people.
They shall all know me –
From the least of them, unto the greatest of them.
I will forgive their iniquity, and remember their sin no more.
(Jer. 31:33-34.)

Praise the Lord, All-mighty! Declare His doings among the people.
Call upon His name; make mention his name is exalted.
Sing unto the Lord; for He has done excellent things.
Cry and shout thou inhabitants of Zion;
For great is the Holy One of Israel, in the midst of thee, Alelujah!
(Isa. 12:2-6)

The Lord hath brought Zion down from above;
The Lord hath brought Zion up from beneath;
A message of gladness; rejoice all ye earth!
I will trust and not be afraid;
I will trust in the Lord!
(D&C 84:99-100; 128:19; Ps. 85:11)



Lyrics compiled by David W. Allan; June, 1997
Music by Sterling D. Allan; June, 1997

Sterling D. Allan composed this song for his parents, David and Edna Allan, for their LDS mission farewell to the Ivory Coast. The lyrics were compiled by David W. Allan from various scriptures.

Message of Gladness  Message of Gladness (MP3 7.5 minutes; 7MB download; vocalist and pianist: Sterling D. Allan)
NOTE: The song has not yet been recorded professionally.  The MP3 recording here was done in an all-night recording session to get something out for a Christmas present in '97.
There is a CD recording of this song with vocals.
Midi File - accompaniment
Cakewalk file - accompaniment
Printed sheet music is available, but revisions are in order to make the accompaniment more readable, and to simplify the choral part.  Originally it was written for two choirs of 8 parts each -- total of 16 parts, a tad busy.


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