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You are here: Greater Things > A Little Religion and Romance Music by Sterling D. Allan

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A Little Religion and Romance Music by Sterling D. Allan


"The song of the righteous is a prayer unto me"
                        -- D&C 25:12

Angel art by Rachel Lane Owen (my 15-year old niece)
See more Owen Art

Files are midi (*.mid the mercy of your sound card!) unless specified MP3.


Click on selection & open
for background music

All rights reserved 1998-2005
Sterling D. Allan

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PLAYA Little Religion and Romance (1:00:10)
175 kb *.mid Album
PLAYA Little More Religion and Romance (57:19)
145 kb *.mid Album
Romantic (original compositions by Sterling D. Allan)
PLAY You're Here (4:05) written for my bride, Cheri, for our wedding. 1999
click here for lyrics


Hey Val [MP3] (2:58) lyrics and music by Sterling D. Allan, 1993


My Queen [MP3] (4:12) lyrics by a former brother-in-law, music by SDA 1995
PLAY   Michelle (2:40)  MP3
PLAY   Aonika (12:22)  MP3 | Tom's * PLAY   Diane (8:15)  MP3
PLAY   Natalie (6:44)  MP3 | Tom's | Tom-drums * PLAY   Zabel (8:07)
PLAY   Miche-2 (1:52) PLAY   Zabel-3 (19:38)
PLAY   Walk in the Park (2:54) Toms * PLAY   Shaleen (2:11) [loop]
Romantic (by other composers, recorded by Sterling D. Allan)
PLAY   Love Song (2:52)  MP3
PLAY Moonlight Sonata (7:16) Movements I and II MP3
PLAY   Lullaby (2:45) PLAY   We've Only Just Begun (3:18)
Sacred/Religious (Original Compositions by Sterling D. Allan)
speaker_simple.gif (1185 bytes) Message of Gladness (7:32) lyrics  MP3
PLAY Baptize Us With the Holy Ghost (1:34)
PLAY Praise be unto Him (0:55) [loop] by Renelle Krueger; Arr. SDA
Sacred/Religious (S.D.A. arrangements)
PLAY   God is Love (1:47) PLAY   Omni Patre (4:34)
PLAY    God of our Fathers Known of Old (1:46)
PLAY   Rock of Ages (1:47)
PLAY   High on a Mountain Top (1:00)
PLAY    There is a Green Hill Far Away (2:52)
PLAY    Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (2:26)  MP3
PLAY    Though in the Outward Church below Though in the Outward Church below (1:56)
PLAY   Let the Holy Spirit Guide (1:26) PLAY   We Ever Pray for Thee (4:40)
PLAY   Like Unto Us (1:58)
PLAY    Ye Simple Souls Who Stray (4:45)  MP3
Patriotic (S.D.A. arrangements)
PLAY    Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory (6:23)
PLAY   Yankee Doodle Dandy (1:43)
PLAY    Know That Every Man is Free (1:12)
Other (Original Compositions)
PLAY    Greater Things intro music (13:32)
PLAY   Kyme (0:57)
PLAY   Fanfare (I) (1:22) [loop] PLAY   Fanfare (II) (1:17) [loop]
Thanks to Tommy Hellsten, presently of Thailand,
who is making new arrangements of these songs.

Special Thanks to Benjamin Devey.
See his "Ageless Love" Music Site,
and visit his "" website.

Pertinent Compositions/Arrangements
(composed/arranged by S.D.A.)
bulletBaptize Us With the Holy Ghost: A Hymn (1994) lyrics by Parley P. Pratt (from #180, LDS 1985)
bulletI Need Thee Every Hour: With a Four-hymn Medley Counterpart (1994) SSAATTBB with counterpart (parallel) medley songs: Oh, My Father (#97, LDS); Lead, Kindly Light (#97); Jesus, Once of Humble Birth (#196); Come, Follow Me (#116).
bulletThe Hebrew Aleph-Bet Song: (1995) A simple tune for aiding memorization of the Hebrew alphabet.
bulletA Message of Gladness: A Millennial Anthem (1997) S 4 A 4 T 4 B 4, two-choir, cantata from Moses 6:72; D&C 84:66-70, 99-100; 128:19; Psalms 85:11; Jeremiah 31:33-34
bulletSee lyrics and hear accompaniment recording of this song.
bulletPiano accompaniment recording available
bulletDownload midi file also in  zipped format.
bulletDownload cakewalk file 
bulletSee also: Story of Experience putting songs on web site.

See also

bulletLDS Music CDs
bulletLDS Superstore
bulletSally DeFord Music - downloadable choral, duet, solo and  instrumental sheet music.
bulletGoogle Directory > LDS Music
bulletChristian Music
bulletGoogle Directory > Contemporary Christian Music
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