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Denise Mendenhall
Recovers from Coma with No Veil


Ten-year-old girl dies from a diabetic coma.  She chooses to come back, but has no veil upon returning.  She converses freely with Jesus, sees auras, travels in the spirit, sees departed and pre-born spirits.

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See also: Ezekiel Conference
(Doug Mendenhall is founder and former director)

Mendenhalls' Website:

Fireside and Book Reviews

BOOK REVIEW: My Peace I Give Unto You - Review of book and fireside, by Susan Carter (site) Sept. 25, 2001

    "...Some of the most inspirational speakers of my life."
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BOOK REVIEW (I): My Peace I Give Unto You - Review of book and fireside, by Sterling D. Allan (site) Oct. 24, 2001
BOOK REVIEW (II): Mendenhall's "Hit Man" bogey man lesson - Learning the need for each person to have a direct line of communication with deity. Oct. 26, 2001
Gratitude: Fireside Report and Anthology - by David W. Allan (site) Oct. 25, 2001.


My Peace I Give Unto You by Robert Adlai Lake With Doug Mendenhall

My Peace I Give Unto You
by Robert Adlai Lake
With Doug Mendenhall


Not Selling Gifts for Money - Reflections by SDA, (10/24/01)
Comment about Medicaid being used in a Miracle - by SDA (10/24/01)
Mormons Struggle with Idea of Someone Other than "The Prophet" Having Regular Conversations with Jesus - if he doesn't do it, how could a 10-year-old girl possibly do it. (10/28/01)



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