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Death and Back
Near Death Experiences

Index - for your peace of mind when that time might come.

Accounts of those who have died, seen the Savior, visited the spirit world, and then were permitted to return with a special mission or message.

Page Index:
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Featured At

Denise Mendenhall (My Peace I Give Unto You).  A 10-year-old's NDE and return minus the veil.
Elane Durham's Death-and-Back Vision of Coming Calamities
Gayle Smith -- Visions of Calamities and Triumph - Since her Near Death Experience, Gayle has been close to her (departed) mother who has shown her a prophetic picture of what awaits the World, but especially in Wasatch Front, Utah.
Lance Richardson -- Visions of Zion - Stories of the city of Enoch, and accounts of cultures around the world who have prophecies of our day.
Tom Rodgers -- Warrior for the Vegan Way - Teaching a message of reverence for all life, especially in our diet, both from an emotional point of view as well as for the benefits to health.


bullet Other Favorites

Embraced By The Light - official site of author Betty J. Eadie.
My Descent into Death, and the Message of Love which Brought me Back -- Howard Storm, avowed atheist dies, goes to hell, redeemed by Christ.
Beyond the Darkness : My Near Death Journey to the Edge of Hell and Back by Angie Fenimore - suicide takes her to a hellish place from which she is redeemed when she calls upon God.
Joyce Brown -- Heavenly Answers for Earthly Questions -- Preparing people for the other side; grief relief.
Brinkley, Dannion - author of Saved by the Light and At Peace in the Light, accounts of his near-death experiences.
Ritchie, George - personal account excerpted from the books Return From Tomorrow and My Life After Dying.
Lessons from the Light : Insights from a Journey to the Other Side by Sandra Rogers - suicide recovery and insights.
Fast Lane to Heaven by Ned Dougherty - hedonist, alcoholic dies, returns, and his life is transformed (though it takes some time to take hold).


bullet Related Genre

Coming from the Light : Spiritual Accounts of Life Before Life - I was privileged to help edit this compilation by Sarah Hinze regarding people's experiences with their pre-born children. [see review]
The Soul's Remembrance: Earth Is Not Our Home by Roy Mills - Roy did not have the veil of forgetfulness place over him when he was born.


bullet Other Sites/Books - a comprehensive site on the subject
Early Mormon Visions and Near Death Experiences - by Robert Fillerup.
International Academy of Consciousness - New age non-profit research and educational organization that studies out-of-body experiences (astral projection), bioenergy (chi, prana, subtle energies), and the evolution of consciousness.
Directory Listings for NDEs
Open Directory Project (
The Birth Called Death - Kathie Jordan's experience.
Many, many others

bullet See also

Dreams and Visions of the Coming Calamities and Triumph




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