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(updated on April 15, 2014 10:10 PM mountain standard time)
bulletAlphabetics > Sterling Allan on Alphabetics - Interview with Ethann Fox of Awake and Empowered Radio in February, 2014. Overview of end times prophecies and parables about them.
bullet Alphabetics > IRS 3520: Insider's Best-Kept Secret for Receiving Piles of Money Tax-Free, Non-Reported - IRS 3520 allows a person to receive unlimited amounts of money tax-free from outside the US. And as long as it is under $100,000 it doesn't even have to be reported. Commenced to allow foreign students to receive aid from parents, it is used routinely by the super wealthy and powerful. Don't you think it's time everyone knew about this? (PESN; December 23, 2013)
bullet Alphabetics > Why I'm Destined to Become the Richest Man in the World -- for Good - Yes, I'm involved in what is sure to be the next huge thing: exotic free energy roll-out worldwide, but that's only part of the reason why I believe I'll become the richest man in the world. And it's not about ego, but about lifting others to also be successful in filling their God-ordained missions in life. (PESN; November 14, 2013)
bullet Alphabetics > Days Hotel Address Prophesies of Global BEM Landmark Conference - The street address (and phone number) of the hotel where the landmark Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference was held actually describes the event and its significance, including phrases like: "imparting wisdom", "child-birth" (bringing forth new earth), "night wind" (had 75 mph storm). (PESN; October 14, 2013)
bullet Alphabetics > Is the Love of Money Always Evil? - The purpose for this article is to show that it is not only permissible but highly encouraged from a spiritual vantage point to pursue money for the sake of benefitting humankind on God's errand. The Greek word for "love", in 1 Tim. 6:10 actually means "covet": so it is the greed-lust for money that is evil. (GreaterThings; October 1, 2013)
bullet Alphabetics > Keppe Headquarters zip code a disinversion counter-point to Mormon Headquarters zip code - In a world where everything is up-side-down, let's take a look at what the Alphabetics code I discovered has to say about how the STOP the Destruction of the World organization is turning things right side up, and its relevance the emergence of exotic free energy technologies. (PESN; February 3, 2013)
bulletWaking Up is Hard to Do - "Waking up" isn't a one-day event, though it often starts that way. It is an ongoing process of re-learning everything you ever learned, correcting the brainwashing and seeing the world through new lenses. But the hardest thing is overcoming the social ostracism that accompanies observing things radically differently from those around you. (PESN; September 2, 2012)
bulletBeholding the Face of God -- in the Mirror (GreaterThings; January 13, 2012)
bullet TLC Cult Breaking up from the Inside - 18-year member, Morrie Cloward, describes the power trip being played by the founder of the  Mormon split-off group, the "True and Living Church (TLC) of Saints of the Last Days". (Greater Things; May 31, 2011)
bullet Alphabetics > Two Suns in the Bible - In the scripture that talks about "the day that cometh shall burn them up" in Malachi, the next verse talks about the "Sun of righteousness" arising "with healing in his wings." Alphabetics provides some insight on this passage. (Greater Things; January 23, 2011)
bullet Jesus Picture Preserved in Provo Tabernacle Fire - A burned painting of Jesus Christ at his second coming was removed from the remains of the Provo Tabernacle which was destroyed by fire last Friday and Saturday.  The scorched portion of the print forms an oval frame around Jesus, with his outstretched arms. (December 20, 2010)
bullet Astute Forensic Panel Responsible for Mitchell Conviction - How the man who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart nearly got off on the insanity defense plea, were it not for the keen observations of the NY-based Forensic Panel.  Sterling Allan's stipulated expert statement on LDS fundamentalism played a role.  (December 17, 2010)
bullet Review > Life on the Other Side, by Sylvia Browne - It might not be that accurate, but it does give food for thought, especially about the different life themes. What I like about this book is that it gives a rather thorough look at the whole process of dying, hanging out over there, and choosing what circumstances our next lifetime will involve.  (Mar. 28, 2010)
bullet Obituaries > Rich Kuchinsky (June 25, 1944 - Feb. 19. 2010) - Patriot, American Study Group, Congressman Merrill Cook's staff
bullet Alphabetics > Nikola Tesla in Alphabetics Bible Code - A look at the years of Tesla's death and birth, as well as the room number in the New Yorker where he passed away, reveals some fascinating commentary on this phenomenal inventor whose work is still being brought into fruition to transform our world -- again. (GreaterThings; Feb. 16, 2010) (Comment)
bullet Alphabetics > 2012 in Alphabetics Bible Code - "The words and numbers corresponding to 2012 and 1221 in the Old and New Testament Hebrew and Greek lexicons as well as the English dictionary tie into the idea of a great transformation to take place." Too much spare time on your hands, Sterling? Not hardly. (GreaterThings; Feb. 15, 2010)
bullet Conspiracy > 9/11 > Silencing Cheney Dissent How the Mormon Church Obstructed 911 Justice - In 2006, the 911 Truth Movement singled out Vice President Dick Cheney as the first choice for being brought to justice for his treasonous acts in complicity with the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.  That movement was silenced when LDS-owned BYU honored the traitor in their commencement exercises in 2007, along with removing the outspoken Steven E. Jones from BYU. (PatriotSaints; Feb. 7, 2010)
bullet Conspiracy > 9/11 > Movie Star Requests Twenty Minutes with the President about 9/11 - Actor and director, Charlie Sheen, has composed an interview with President Obama regarding the facts behind the Sept. 11 attack, inasmuch as six of the ten 9/11 Commissioners now doubt the veracity of the official government story. Cites 20 briefings of crucial evidence that needs to be addressed. (PESN; Sept. 8, 2009) (Comment)
bullet Health > The Health Revolution Petition - Petition drive is the friend of those who take preventative health seriously, calling for an end of FDA tyranny and oppression of natural product companies, an end to the persecution of alternative medicine and healing arts practitioners, an end Big Pharma's bribery of doctors....
bullet Essays > Edward the Overly-Great - Is Romantic Fantasy the female vice equivalent of porn for men? (Jan. 28, 2009)
bullet Visions > Visions of Ranae Lee Regarding World Economic Collapse, and Cataclysms - On Sept. 18, 2008, Ranae posted two updates regarding what she "has been shown" regarding what is shortly to come in the U.S. financial sector, as well as some cataclysms, including a ~9 earthquake with epicenter in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Earth Quake
bullet Ridenhour > In The Trenches: Conversations With Mormons & Evangelicals (pdf; 856 kb)
235-page book by Book of Mormon believing Baptist Minister is in pre-publication as of Feb. 2008.
bulletEditorial > LDS Church-Owned BYU Pressures Professor to Retire over 911 Stance
So much for being a light to the world. Instead of opposing world dictatorship, the LDS Church is helping to spawn it. (Oct. 21, 2006)

Resources for Healing from Sex-related Addictions
Pornography etc. scavenges productivity, wrecks marriages, shatters trust, violates the innocent.  A how-to page explains how sex addiction arises and how to completely heal from it. (PESWiki; May 27, 2006)


Book Review > Healing Hearts & Mending Minds
Book addresses emotional causes of pornography, and presents means for complete recovery from sexaholism, the drug of choice in this new millenium. (May 23, 2006)

bullet911 > Survival of Firemen in North Tower Collapse Corroborates Use of Demolition Charges
Mighty upward rush of wind in staircase supports demolition model for tower collapse. Ground-level staircase preservation argues against pancake model, according to laws of physics. (Mar. 30, 2006)
bulletPersonnel > Sterling Announces Birth of Baby
Sterling and Cheri Allan gave birth to their fourth child Dec. 8, 2005.  Mother and baby are doing well. Hailee Nicole was born at home, with a fantastic birthing team. A hospital birth had been considered  because of a "Long QT" heart rhythm that showed up in an EKG Sept. 15. (Dec. 11, 2005)

666 > UPC Technology Explanation
666 in the barcode, and how the computer reads the code.  (Nov. 26, 2005)


Alphabetics > The Center of Jerusalem - 666
The longitude and latitude numbers corresponding to the middle of Jerusalem, added together, come to a sum of 666. (Remember, there is an opposite for everything, so don't jump to conclusions.) 666 line goes up through Norway and down through Iran.  (Oct. 16, 2005)


Books > Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security -
Cathy O'Brien's journeys from being under the CIA's MK Ultra mind control to becoming successful U.S. Government whistleblower through the courageous help of Mark Phillips.  (Sept. 25, 2005)


Marketing Social Darwinism: Emergency Services
Media silence concerning the extent of damage and number of deaths allows expropriation and displacement of the poor. This is being sold to the public as the way that a free and responsible society would act. Meanwhile, executive orders have created a monster that allows everything to be confiscated, and citizens converted to slave gangs.  (Sept. 9, 2005)


President Bush was Behind Katrina; Salt Lake City Deluge Coming Soon
U.S. Black Ops and other colluding extra-government shadow-entities have obtained significant mastery of weather engineering after decades of practice. The same cabal that brought us 911 has now brought us Katrina, to push the U.S. and the rest of the world closer to Marshall law. Coming target: Salt Lake City? (Sept. 6, 2005)


Mountain Meadows Massacre > September Dawn
$11 million film being shot in Calgary.  Oscar-winner John Voight plays John D. Lee in this romance portraying the darkest hour in Mormon history.  (Aug. 27, 2005)


Polemic > Daniel Ekechukwu Resurrection Hoax
Nigerian minister allegedly documented as having been dead for 42 hours and then revived miraculously. Account of his visit to hell designed to instill fear and control. (May 21, 2005)


JJ Dewey > Exposition of John the Beloved's Book of Revelation
JJ Dewey provides a spiritual exposition of the Book of Revelation. (April 18, 2005)


Essays > Many Parallels in John's Revelation
Sterling Allan's preface comment to JJ Dewey's exposition on the Book of Revelation. (April 18, 2005)


Scamwatch > Romancing the Stone Scam
Fraud entails a brief courtship via Internet through a dating service, with prospects of of marriage, a request for a "small loan," then gone.  Also based out of Nigeria. (March 22, 2005)


Alphabetics > Page Number Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Bible, and Sealed Portion
531 (#pages in BofM) x 3 (3/3 = sealed + preparatory) = 1563.  LDS printing of Bible has 1560 pages.  Page 1563 is blank. (March 3, 2005)


Why alleged "Sealed Portion" works for Duane
Duane Erickson testifies that his interaction with the record found at has brought profound changes in his life. An explanation is given here as to why that is, and why it does not necessarily "endorse" TheSealedPortion as THE bona fide "Sealed Portion." (March 3, 2005)


Polemic > Defamation in Eagle Mountain
Warm welcome into new neighborhood turns suddenly chilly as my 1993 excommunication for "apostasy" is announced and discussed in an hour-long ward meeting, complete with serious misrepresentation and no avenue allowed present a defense. (being composed)


Records > Nemenhah Records
Alleged account of a people who sailed north with Hagoth, who was mentioned in the Book of Mormon.  Alphabetics commentary on the likelihood of this being an authentic record. (Feb. 18, 2005)


Index > Records
Index of records that have come forth in recent times that allege to be scriptural accounts. (Feb. 18, 2005)


Ezekiel Conference > Missouri Mob Descendant Apologizes to Mormons, Performs Miracles
Southern Baptist Minister, Lynn Ridenhour, presents prepared statement in Salt Lake City. He and fellow minister, John Bayley, perform miracles at conclusions of conference. (Jan. 24, 2005)


Index > Ezekiel Conference
LDS-Christian-Jewish-Muslim Remnant gatherings for edification on how to increase one's capacity to receive and properly exercise the many gifts of the spirit. (Jan. 23, 2005)


Book > (in composition) The Mormon Purge
Documenting the plague of Excommunications in the early 1990's of hundreds of conservative Mormons.  Reasons, ramifications, reflections. (Jan. 17, 2005)

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