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bullet NewStuff Archive, May - August 2001
Main > Translation Services
Added links to Alta-Vista Babel Fish and Ectaco Dictionary (8/29/01)
Main > Download Entire Site in a 44 MB zip file updated (8/26/01)
* Patriot Saints > Education Alliance
To catalyze a local education alliance of like-minded individuals, that they might know what alternative education resources are available to them and cooperate where desirable. (8/26/01)

* Patriot Saints > Health Alliance
To catalyze local alliances of like-minded individuals, that they might know what natural and faith healing resources are available to them. (8/26/01)

Davidic Servant > Musings on Gentle God and Peers
Sterling responds to Jordan's woes about a hardened people.. (8/24/01)

* Greater Things Magazine > An Open Letter to the Religious and Political Leaders of the World
Explaining the relationship between the manchild kingdom and the birthing mother (church and state). (8/7/01)
* Alphabetics > How I Ended Up Getting the Address 666 S. 60 E.
Sterling Allan, known most for his index of studies on 666, ironically ends up getting the address 666 South -- hopefully as an opposite manifestation! (8/5/01)
(special mention) Allan's TIME > Socrates and Democracy
Socrates decries tendency for less-enlightened mob rule. Pays with his life. (7/30/01)
* > Laws in Zion (Index)
When the government of God is finally established, it will have fewer than 100 laws, understandable by even a child, and applicable to any situation.  (7/24/01)
Holidays > Days of '47 and Kissing Chinese Bloody Feet
24th of July editorial bemoaning 'all is well' psyche that has Utah courting China, who intends to destroy America as a free land. (7/24/01)
Jordan Smith > In case you heard about the church fire
". . . set fire to the old headquarters building of the Church of Christ Temple Lot on Monday 1 January 1990, a Berkeley, California-style protest against insensitive government and hypocrisy in organized religion" (7/21/01)
Alphabetics > Nigerian 419 Scam in Alphabetics Bible Code
Fraud depicted, reminder to love ones enemy. (7/21/01)
Dreams > Dreams about Gordon B. Hinckley (Mormon Prophet)
Illustrating (1) behind-the-scenes ungodly leagues, (2) need for each person to have direct relationship God. (7/21/01)
* Sterling D. Allan > The One and Only 'One Mighty and Strong' Affliction
Need for unity, not exclusivity, division and contention. (7/21/01)
Featured Author > Sterling D. Allan -- Promoting Church-State Utopic Synergy (Index)
Tools and tips for unlocking timely messages from the scriptures; polemic on mainstream drifting and invitation to greater things. [Separate index created in order to refocus website on the works of many others who are also instrumental in bringing forth greater things.] (7/20/01)
NOTE: Up to this point, most unattributed listings were authored by Sterling D. Allan.  The lack of attribution was due to the unwritten assumption that the site was founded by him and featured his writings.  But this new shift in focus to the many others involved in bringing forth Greater Things requires that this unbalanced emphasis be discontinued. (7/20/01)
Jordan Smith > Brief Autobiographical Sketch
 Seeking and finding (7/20/01)

Featured Author > Jordan Smith -- Dates, Alignment and Destiny
Corresponding dates of history as well as current events with calamities, past, present, future. (Prediction extrapolations seem strained, but the correlations are interesting to consider.) (7/19/01)

Main > Poetry (index)
Poetry featured at (7/18/01)

Jared Smith > Poetry > Saturday Morning
Stillness and union gathering in a soul lit with eyes
resting on upturned leaves and stems
leading to muscular twigs grown from branches (7/17/01)
* Main > Featured Authors (Index)
Links to indexes of people whose writings are featured at (7/17/01)
Humor > Kirby Classics > Kirby Mug Shot Morphs
Comical look at a comical columnist. (7/16/01)
Ridenhour > Why I Quit Church! And Started Attending Love Feasts
Most all of the forms now inextricably associated with Sunday worship services are not scriptural but are pagan add-ons. A call to return to spontaneous living room gatherings. (7/16/01)

Health > Grader Things Newsletter
Vegan recipes and cooking techniques by Cheri Allan, sent to your e-mail box from time to time. (7/15/01)

Health > Grader Things -- Vegan Recipes by Cheri Allan
Savory transformations of meat and dairy-based recipes into tasty vegan meals, as well as original dishes. (7/15/01)

Essay > Finding the ONE Mighty and Strong
Tendency of those called after the order of the Davidic Servant to think their ministry is the ultimate; need to work as a team. (7/14/01)
Featured > Jared Smith -- John the Baptist Mantle
Hitch-hiker and homeless, Jared Daniel J. Smith is snatched from hell. Sees God and ministers for him with love. (7/13/01)
Health > Veganism -- the Compassionate Diet and 'Harm Not' Lifestyle
"Nothing else is to die that I might live." (7/11/01)
* PatriotSaints > TripleCouples -- Three Couples Working As One
Three couples united in a non-sexual covenant relationship to help one another physically, emotionally, spiritually -- the next most fundamental unit of the ideal society. (7/10/01)
Parallels > Experiment upon the Word -- Finding Treasures in the Parallels
Challenge to take a parallel excerpt for which commentary has been written and ponder for insight prior to reading the commentary. (7/8/01)

Ridenhour > How to Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit (7/8/01)

Main > Holidays
Index of commentaries and studies on Christmas, Halloween, Memorial Day, Easter, Independence Day, etc. (7/3/01)

Holidays > Independence Day -- 4th of July -- Index
Resources for studying and understanding the Declaration of Independence both as a historic document as well as a prophetic parallel to where we find ourselves today. (7/3/01)

Featured > John Pardo -- Revelations for the Saints of the Last Days
Illustration of a sincere seeker receiving revelation, worded like King James English, and thinking it is necessarily binding upon everyone. (7/1/01)
Main Index > Conspiracy to Establish World Socialist Government
Resources at and elsewhere documenting and commenting on the secret combinations behind the move to establish a global Marxist dictatorship. (6/21/01)
Parallels > Hybrids > Book of 2 Nephi > Introduction
Parallel between first and second halves of the book of Second Nephi lends powerful commentary on grace, government, God in the flesh as especially relevant to the LDS world. (6/17/01)
Topical > Authority
Righteously based on deserved honor; unrighteously based on compulsion through fear, terror. (6/13/01)
Topical > Agency -- of whom or what are you an agent?
Agency does not just imply free will, but also representation and allegiance to a person (e.g. God) or entity (e.g. kingdom of God). (6/12/01)
Ridenhour > Ministry Moments > Praying for Our Animals
Love for animals; incident with catching dangerous pranksters. Feed bins filled miraculously. (6/12/01)
Ridenhour > Ministry Moments > Meet My Friend, Brother Jesse
Rodeo rascal, who pulled down revival tent and roped preacher, gives all and ministers in remote areas; raises a dead man. (6/7/01)

Susan Carter > Dearth or Silence of Miracles?
LDS leadership claims that miracles occur but that we don't talk of them openly.  Is that the scriptural pattern? (6/7/01)

Patriot Saints > Essays > An open letter to the Social Security Mark of the Beast Gospel Advocates
feed my sheep (by Anonymous) (6/6/01)

Ridenhour > The First Miracle Done in the LDS/Mormon Church
Newel Knight delivered from demonic possession, filled with Spirit. First LDS general conference: several laid prostrate in the Spirit. (6/4/01)

Topical > Multiple Mortalities > When is the Soul Born?
Before many experiences as human, had many lifetimes as animals, plants, insects, microorganisms, rocks, elements.  Before that? 'Worlds without end' and the tail of a dog.  (5/31/01)
Holidays > Memorial Day
Honoring soldiers, patriots, freedom-fighters past, ancient and future; in the United States and other countries. (5/28/01)
Dean Mansfield > Lunar vs. Solar Calendar -- Spiritual Ramifications
Proposes that a sun-based, daytime related calendar is spiritually superior to a moon-based, nighttime related calendar. (5/27/01)
* Editorial > Environmentalism from the Right
Conservatives have let the left monopolize this very important issue. They need to provide private, free-will solutions instead. (5/18/01)
Ridenhour > An Epiphany
A life radically changed by God. (5/13/01)
Dean Mansfield > Locating Book of Mormon Lands
Proposes Coleman Texas as the site of an ancient Lamanite New Jerusalem equivalent. (5/9/01)

Webmaster Tips > How to Cut and Paste

Ridenhour > Ministry Moments > Meet Joe & Jim, Ex-Con & Pusher
Joe's drug-fried memory restored; Jim delivered from Mafia. (5/8/01)
Ridenhour > Ministry Moments > Tina, the Abused Child & Debbie, the Legal Druggie
Two fourteen-year-olds in horrible environments converted by God. (5/7/01)
Ridenhour > Learning of the Jews > Bagels and the Gospel
Comparing these two, which came from the Jews and have become Gentilized. (5/2/01)


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