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bullet Past Header Features

(current): Waking Up is Hard to Do

The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America's Future
featured until 9/2/2012

Beholding the Face of God -- in the Mirror
featured until 7/1/2012

TLC Cult Breaking up from the Inside
featured until 1/14/2012

Two Suns in the Bible
featured until 5/31/2011

Astute Forensic Panel Responsible for Mitchell Conviction
featured until 1/23/2011

Silencing Cheney Dissent – How the Mormon Church Obstructed 911 Justice
featured until 12/17/2010

Press will be held culpable in H1N1 vaccine scam if they don't stop hyping
featured until 2/7/2010

Charlie Sheen Requests 20 Minutes with the President about 9/11 Cover-up
featured until 10/16/2009

Sign the Health Revolution Petition now! 
featured until 9/8/2009

Edward the Overly-Great - Is Romantic Fantasy the female vice equivalent of Porn for men?
featured until 2/24/2009

Visions of Ranae Lee Regarding World Economic Collapse, and Cataclysms
featured until 1/27/2008

Shelby SuperCar EV with Endless Charge?
featured until 9/21/2008

Constitutionalist Ron Paul for U.S. President 2008
featured until 8/23/2008

Video: Who killed JFK Jr? (Bush/Big Oil did)
featured until 11/6/2007

LDS Church-Owned BYU Pressures Professor to Retire over 911 Stance
featured until 10/31/2007

Steorn Free Energy
featured until 10/22/2006

Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies

Survival of Firemen in North Tower Collapse Corroborates Use of Demolition Charges
featured until 4/6/2006

Sign Petition by Scholars for 9/11 Truth (links)
featured until 3/30/2006

BYU Professor exposes 9/11 as an inside job (Provo, UT, Daily Herald; Feb. 2, 2006)

BYU professor's group accuses U.S. officials of lying about 9/11 (Deseret News; Jan. 28, 2005)

BYU professor says bombs, not planes, toppled WTC (Deseret News; Nov. 10, 2005)

The Center of Jerusalem: longitude + latitude = 666
featured until 11/10/2005

Presidential Speak 2006 Calendar (300 new Bush sayings)
featured until 10/16/2005

- President Bush was Behind Katrina; Salt Lake City Deluge Coming Soon
- Marketing Social Darwinism: Emergency Services

featured until 10/14/2005

Project Assimilate™ -- Helping displaced persons find permanent integration
featured until 9/6/2005

Mountain Meadows Massacre goes to the big screen
featured until 8/27/2005

Many Parallels from The Book of Revelations
featured until 8/27/2005

531-page Book of Mormon x 3 = 1593 = Blank Page after 1590-page Bible
featured until 4/18/2005

Missouri Mob Descendant Apologizes to Mormons, Performs Miracles
featured until 3/3/2005

The Mormon Purge -- Hundreds of Excommunications in Early 1990's
featured until 1/24/2005

In an Instant Suddenly: ET Influence in Pending Transformation of Society
featured until 1/17/2005

Exotheology > ET and God
featured until 12/15/2004

Where We're At: Post-Election Ruminating
featured until 11/21/2004

PESWiki > Radiant Energy Project - Plans Posted
featured until 10/21/2004

PESN > This Week in Free Energy™ -- Begins Sept. 12

Vegas Returns to Selling Sin -- Ominous for Planet Earth
featured until 9/3/2004

Human Chip Implants in Hospitals; GPS Tracking Next
featured until 8/15/2004

Perendev Tooling Up for Magnetic Motor Mass Production
featured until 8/3/2004

Victim Families Say Autism-Vaccination Link Painfully Obvious
featured until before 6/30/2004

Vegas Microbiologist Implicated in Gulf War Syndrome
featured until 5/21/2004

Counter Terrorism Chief, Richard Clark, Testifies Bush Was Warned

The History of the Betrayal of the U.S. Republic
featured until 3/25/2004

Humor/Art > Animal Antics - refreshing dose of lightness
featured until 2/15/2004

Presidential Candidate Urges Full Disclosure of E.T. and U.F.O. Treaties
featured until 2/9/04 (and 2/15/2004)

Super Plague Coming, Warns Intuitive - Genetic engineered Frankenstein
featured until 1/24/04

Problems and Solutions -- On Becoming a Free, Responsible Society
featured until 1/1/04

I Have A Dream -- Vision of the Future
featured until 10/31/03

Bush' Complicit Role in 911 Attack - HIGH TREASON
featured until 10/19/03 (ran simultaneous)

Message to the Groggy Remnant -- We do not have to have World War III
featured until 10/19/03 (ran simultaneous)

I'm Running for President of the United States 2004 - Alphabetics Code Predicts Probable Landmark Victory (Sign)

Places of Refuge for Remnant Saints
featured until 9/30/03

SIGN PETITION: Chemotherapy not Necessarily Best Choice and Must not be Mandated by State - (Parker Jensen case)
featured until 9/21/03

On the Brink -- Of Collapse or of Break-Through
featured until 9/14/03

My Child, My Choice -- Site Defending Parent's Rights v. Nanny State
featured until 9/10/03

Press Release > Pagination of the Book of Mormon Supports its Veracity - Alphabetics Code evidences and controversial commentary from the Bible, Koran, Jewish prayer book.
Became: New Evidences for the Book of Mormon . . . with Commentary
featured until 8/31/03

Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith
featured until 8/3/03

John D. Lee: Portrait of a Mormon Scapegoat
featured until 7/16/03

9/11 Attack 144 Years Prior -- Mormon Hero/Terrorist, John D. Lee
featured until 7/6/03

EEC Modeling Tower of Babel - blatant conspiracy hidden in plain sight.
featured until 6/23/03

Responding to 'DNA Evidence Does Not Support Book of Mormon as Historic Record' - post your comment
featured until 6/09/03

LDS' Hinckley Wrong -- "Just following orders" is NOT acceptable.
featured until 4/28/03

Rose Lear's hunger strike - to gain U.S. Congress' attention regarding income tax irregularities
featured until 4/9/03

Inside Mitchell's Head: Anatomy of 'One Mighty and Strong' Fanaticism
featured until 4/1/03

Squash Seed Symbols - letters and symbols found on virgin seeds

Photos of 11 Million War Protesters Worldwide Feb. 15
featured until 3/14/03

Clean Air Mask  $10.00 - activated carbon filter.
featured until 3/9/03

Reasonable Respiratory Protection -- from house fires to NBC attacks.  Recommending $10.00 Air Aid Emergency Mask.
featured until 3/1/03

$10.00 Emergency Mask - activated carbon filter, everyday uses too.
featured until 2/24/03

Shocker Bottle - arc from top of water proves new science emerging
featured until 2/17/03

Social Security Number and the Mark of the Beast
featured until 2/3/03

Three Pillars of LDS Apostasy - everyone prophets, godly government, born again
featured until 1/25/03

LDS Reconciliation with Faithful Outcasts
featured until 1/14/03

["greater things shall be manifest"
LDS-Outcast Reconciliation

featured until 3/30/03

'Apostate' Mormon Called by God to Work from Within
featured until 1/4/03

Happy New Year! 365 in Alphabetics Bible Code
featured until 1/1/03

Free Energy Breakthroughs
featured until 12/31/02

Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy
featured until 12/28/02

Mormon Goddess -- Mother in Heaven Anthology
featured until 10/24/02

When They Shall Say "Peace and Safety" -- 2726-word speech by Bush to UN Fulfills Prophecy
featured until 9/28/02

RS > Alt. Util. > Perpetual Electric Vehicle Unveiling Sept. 7, 2002. -132 mph; -burns rubber; -700 mile demo
featured until 9/17/02

RS > Alt. Util. > "Waste to Energy" Technology Report
featured until 9/1/02

Chips Ahoy!! (under your skin) -- New meaning to "Micro-Management"
featured until 8/23/02

Remnant Saints > Alternate Utilities - power grid independence
featured until 8/9/02

Novel -Toilet Paper Worth Reading (New Sponsoring Site)
featured until 6/29/02 > Anthology -- Joseph of Egypt -- Hero for Today
featured until 5/22/02

Terrible Cost of Wal-Mart's Cheap Prices
featured until 5/16/02

Where I'm Coming From -- founder tells his story
featured until 4/30/02

Patriot Saints Calendar -- Major regional events that promote freedom
featured until 4/24/02

Solution to the Middle East Problems -- Forgiveness
from 4/3/02 to 4/23/02

Prince Charles of Wales on P. 667 -- Anti-Christ or Davidic Servant?
featured until 4/1/02

72 Hour Emergency Kit -- Manti 6th Ward Scout Fundraiser, low cost, high quality
featured until 3/20/02

Food Storage Special
featured until 3/10/02

Toward a Constitution of Freedom for All the World
featured until 3/5/02

Prophecy: Salt Lake City Olympics 2002 -- Next GROUND ZERO?
featured until 2/22/02

Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress
featured until 2/1/02

Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress Mission Statement

SIGN: Remnant Saints International Patriot Alliance Mission Statement
featured until 12/29/01 8:00 AM

Flight 587 in Alphabetics code -- prophetic commentary on Queens crash
featured until 12/13/01 3:55 PM

Harry Potter -- Satanic Godsend Mainstreaming Witchcraft
featured until 11/5/01 7:35 PM

Book of Mormon Parallels to Extensive Bible Passages (new index)
featured until 11/5/01 7:35 PM

Reciprocal Violence in Scripture Dogma -- no Higher Moral Ground
Muslims, Christians, Jews religious roots share culpability for war and hatred.
featured until 11/5/01 7:35 PM

NDE > 10-year-old Denise recovers from coma with no veil
featured until 11/1/01 2:45 AM

Anthrax -- (1) Simple Natural Remedies; (2) Alphabetics Insights
featured until 10/24/01 3:05 PM > Getting Alternative Communications Routes Readied
featured until 10/18/01 12:20 PM

911 and 666 -- Prophetic Ramifications of Sept. 11 Attack and WWIII
featured until 10/15/01 11:20 PM

911 (Sept. 11) Day of Distress -- Prophetic Implications
featured until 9/30/01 12:00 PM

Ephraim -- Tribe and Town of Destiny
featured until 9/11/01 10:46 AM

Patriot Saints > Alternative Health and Education Alliance
featured until 9/2/01 8:55 AM - promoting  freedom and righteousness
featured until 8/25/01 8:55 AM

How Sterling Ends Up With the Address 666 South
featured until 8/23/01 11:15 PM

Laws of Zion -- A Working Model - less than 100
featured until 8/5/01 9:50 PM

Days of '47 and Kissing Chinese Feet - 'all is well'?
featured until 7/26/01 11:20 PM

Authors Featured at - website focus shift
featured until 7/24/01 9:20 AM

Ridenhour > Why I Quit Church! And Started Attending Love Feasts
featured until 7/21/01 4:10 AM

Finding the ONE Mighty and Strong - itching ears
featured until 7/16/01 6:25 AM

TripleCouples -- Three Couples Working As One
featured until 7/14/01 9:25 AM

Experiment upon the Word -- Finding Treasures in the Parallels
featured until 7/12/01 3:25 AM

Declaration of Independence -- In Our Day (index)
featured until 7/8/01 12:30 PM

Introduction to Huge Parallel in Book of Second Nephi
featured until 7/3/01 8:50 AM

When is the Soul Born?
featured until 6/6/01 9:50 AM

Memorial Day - Honoring soldiers past, ancient, and future
featured until 6/1/01 9:05 AM

Mansfield > Lunar vs. Solar Calendar -- Spiritual Ramifications
featured until 5/28/01 8:20 AM

Center of the Bible Endorses Alphabetics
featured until 5/27/01 3:25 PM

God > Heavenly Mother -- God's Soul Companion
featured until 5/16/01 7:50 AM

Mansfield > Book of Mormon Lands - Coleman Texas, New Jerusalem
featured until 5/13/01 10:05 AM

Alphabetics > Center of the Bible Endorses Alphabetics
featured until 5/9/01 1:40 PM

Caleb > Gifts of the Spirit and Temporal Equality
featured until 4/22/01 10:00 PM

Ridenhour > "One Grant Left" -- from pimp to preacher
featured until 4/17/01 11:05 AM

Have a wonderful Easter in celebration of the empty tomb
featured until 4/15/01 11:55 AM

Dream -- Charismatics, LDS Both Have Something to Give
featured until 4/15/01 10:15 AM

John Bayley > Revival in Utah is Spreading -- Behind the Scenes
featured until 4/12/01 6:05 AM

April Fools' Macrocosmic Antithesis -- 'Law by Persistence' and Zion
featured until 4/5/01 10:15 PM

Revival of Gifts of Spirit Among Utah Mormons
featured until 4/1/01 11:25 AM

LDS General Conference Dream - Remnant to Rostrum; GBH hug
featured until 3/31/01 8:40 AM

Beholding God Face to Face > Carol J Ehlers Shares her Journey to God
featured until 3/28/01 9:05 PM

Beholding God Face to Face > Jon Hess on Believing as a Child
featured until 3/25/01 9:05 AM

Baptist Minister Gives Ten Biblical Proofs for the Book of Mormon
featured until 3/21/01 2:45 AM

Beholding the Face of God - parts I and II of at least III
featured until 3/18/01 3:20 PM

Mansfield > The Numic (Sleep) Peoples & The Book of Mormon
featured until 3/16/01 11:02 PM

Ren Carter > Schizophrenia -- Dreaming State While Awake
featured until 3/15/01 1:50 PM

Lance Peterson's Visions of Zion - past to prepare us for future
featured until 3/14/01 2:50 PM

John Bayley -- Jammin' in the Rhythm of the Holy Ghost
featured until 3/10/01 9:45 AM

Kirby Classics - some favorite lampoons by Salt Lake Tribune columnist
featured until 3/4/01 3:15 PM

Book of Mormon Links - Sites recommended by
featured until 3/3/01 5:53 PM

360 -- Book of Mormon Evidences from Alphabetics-Bible Code
featured until 2/17/01 6:15 pm

Invitation to David's Outcasts Retreat - Aug. 14-19, 2001
featured until 2/23/01 6:45 pm

Dumitri Duduman's Vision of America's Sudden Destruction
featured until 2/21/01 1:35 PM

Zion 101 - Fundamentals of Establishing Kingdom of God
featured until 2/16/01 3:02 PM

Lynn Ridenhour's Newsletter - Southern Baptist minister loves the Book of Mormon
featured until 2/11/01 8:15 AM

Pony Up! Share the Burden - Internet is VERY cheap but NOT free
featured until 1/31?

David's Outcasts e-Group Foretold in Bible Codes
featured until 1/28/01 10:00 PM

Discussion Board FAVORITES
featured until 1/26/01 1:02 AM

Bush Inauguration - a moment of greatness despite shadows
featured until 1/22/01

'Mystic Symbol' of N.E. American artifacts discussed
featured until 1/20/01

Vision of All formatted for full download or hardcopy purchase
featured until 1/19/01

Kerry Ross Boren is Innocent Guilty - author/ historian [NOT] wrongfully incarcerated
featured until 1/10/01 (about 1.5 weeks)


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