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LDS Church bans Sterling Allan from all LDS Properties for peacefully participating in Sunday School

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See also: Press Release (abbreviated version of the following)

The Church law firm alleges: "You have created disturbances on Church property, violated Church policies and caused members and leaders to fear for their safety." While local leaders vouch for Sterling's non-violent nature and good behavior on Church property, they nevertheless are willing to rubber stamp this libelous statement alleged to them because it comes from the "infallible" brethren.

What should Sterling do about his 4 kids' baptism on Nov. 1?

     "Nevertheless ye are commanded never to cast any one out from your public meetings, which are held before the world." -- (D&C 46:3)

by Sterling D. Allan
Commencing October 23, 2014


Compiled June 9, 2015

There was no "recent incident" as alleged in the Kirton McConkie letter. That is total fabrication (aka libel) with absolutely no basis in reality of things that have happened on LDS property.
The only place I was attending LDS property was the Fountain Green ward Sunday School, where I behaved myself well; and on a couple of occasions the Sanpete Valley Singers in Mt. Pleasant, Sunday evening practices; also where nothing untoward occured.
There are around 30 witnesses who can attest to the Sunday School facts, and a little less than that many who can attest to the choir practice setting.
There are 4-5 who, despite the subsequence controversy, would still be more than glad to testify on my behalf, including my parents. One of those witnesses attended each week.
When I inquired of Fountain Green Bishop, Curt Lund, after receiving this letter from Kirton McConkie, he replied that he knew of no complaints or problems.
Moroni Stake President, Gene Peckham, said the only problem he could think of was a phone call he received from a lady who was a little concerned, doctrinally, about something I had said in a Sunday School lesson.
Neither Bishop Lund nor President Peckham had any fear of me, physically.
I'm very radical on my own time, in my own venue, and something I said there apparently set someone in the Church leadership/security off, but that is now how the letter was worded.
About 1.5 weeks subsequent to receiving this letter, I did, in protest, attend one Sunday School meeting in Fountain Green, behaving myself in class (didn't make any comments that Sunday). The authorities were called, and four from the Sanpete Sheriff's office showed up to talk to me when I emerged from the building. I spoke to them peacefully, and they let me go of my own recognizance. But my talking to officers at the entrance to the building as people were arriving to attend Sacrament meeting, did create a bit of a scene that might have been disconcerting to some people. That was post-letter, and I've not been back since. So in consulting witnesses, you need to be sure to make the distinction between that disconcerting incident and any behavior prior to that.


Introduction Video

I recorded this 12-minute summary video on November 2, 2014.


Certified letter from Church law firm

On October 21, when I went to pick up the mail, I had a certified letter from Kirton McConkie, a law firm that represents the LDS Church, headquartered next to the famous Salt Lake Temple, where my parents were married.

"This ought to be interesting," I thought, wondering what it could possibly be. Nothing came to mind. It's been a long time since I've passed out fliers to General Conference-goers, which is perfectly legal for anyone to do, the most recent one being maybe a dozen years ago saying that 9/11 was an Inside Job and prophesied in the Bible, and happened on the same day as the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Here's the certified letter text:

for enlarged view


October 16, 2014


Sterling David Allan
650 W. Big Springs Road
Fountain Green, UT 84632

Dear Mr. Allan:

     We represent The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and are writing to inform you of restrictions placed upon you because of your recent actions. You have created disturbances on Church property, violated Church policies and caused members and leaders to fear for their safety. As a result, you are no longer welcome to come onto any property owned or controlled by the Church, wherever located.

     We regret the necessity for this action and urge your immediate compliance. If you come onto any Church property in violation of these restrictions you will be treated as a trespasser and will be subject to arrest and prosecution.

     These restrictions may be lifted if you demonstrate that you no longer pose a threat to others. You must comply with these restrictions for sufficient time, receive professional counseling, and consistently take any medications prescribed by your health care provider. If a change in those restrictions is approved, you will receive a letter from an attorney's office informing you of any changes.


                                                                               KIRTON McCONKIE


I had no idea what they were talking about.

What "recent actions"? What "disturbances"? When have I ever caused people to fear for their safety? I'm a very non-violent person.

I wracked my memory trying to think of anything that could possibly be construed in that way.

Nothing whatsoever came to mind. I'd been behaving myself in Sunday School, which is the only meeting I'd been attending, except for a choir rehearsal or two. There had been no untoward interactions in the halls. Nothing....

I couldn't think of a single thing that they could possibly be referring to.

I tried calling the law firm, but was directed to an answering machine. No response yet, despite several attempts.

Prior to receiving this letter, I had received absolutely no communication from anyone to inquire about any inappropriate behavior or incident. This was coming out of nowhere.

That night, I had a very restless sleep, which is uncommon, because I usually sleep like a babe until I wake up between 5-6 am (I've most always have been an early riser). At 3 am, I got up to mull things over. What in the world could they possibly be referring to?

The next morning, my dad gave me the phone number of the local bishop, Curt Lund, and gave him a call. He said he had received a letter informing him that there was going to be pending action. He said he didn't know of any situations that might lead to this kind of action. I asked if he could call them and vouch for my character, informing them that I have been behaving myself here in his ward. He said he would.

I also called and left a message for the Stake President, Gene Peckham, asking if we could discuss this, as I had no idea what it was referring to.

My Letter Back

I then composed this email to Ken Olson, COO of Kirton McConkie. (I forgot to go through the proper procedure for it to go out when I hit send, so it actually went out a couple of hours later). Here is an excerpt:

From: Sterling Allan 
To: [corrected]
Cc: Ray Jennings ; PES Legal egroup ; Dad Allan ; Cheri Moon-Allan 
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2014 9:58 AM
Subject: Regarding persona non grata order

Hi Ken,

I've left several phone messages with you regarding a certified letter I received from your office yesterday requesting that I no longer come on any LDS Church properties.

It referenced some kind of "recent incident" saying, "You have created disturbances on Church property, violated Church policies and caused members and leaders to fear for their safety."

This has to be either 
1) someone did something and fraudulently named themselves as me, or
2) someone did something, and their name is similar to mine, and you inadvertently mistook them for me.

I have not been involved an any such incident anywhere, church or otherwise, recently, and hopefully ever. When I tried to get to the pulpit in '92, I did not resist being escorted away, nor would I have done anything violent. It's not in my nature.

I talked to my local Bishop, Curt Lund, and he said he doesn't know of any complaints or issues here locally that would have contributed to an edict such as this.

And this is the only place I've been attending recently. 

I did sing in the choir down in Ephraim last Spring, and they very much appreciated my involvement.

The only other Church property I've been on was the Moroni Stake Center last week, meeting with Stake President [P]eckham for the first time, and there was no behavior incident there of any kind.

I want this restriction lifted immediately, as it is completely groundless. I have events I would like to participate in:

A) Daughter singing in Primary choir in Ephraim this coming Sunday, she wants me to be there, and I plan on attending.
B) Continued participation in [Fountain Green ward] services.
C) My four children are getting baptized in Ephraim on November 1.

I'm wondering why you would issue such an edict against me without first contacting me to discuss it. This is a very serious allegation with far-reaching consequences. I would think I deserve that courtesy. Until receiving your letter, I have not been contacted by anyone regarding any untoward behavior.

I don't appreciate that you have sent letters to ecclesiastical leaders apprising them of this action, which is unwarranted, apparently due to a mis-identification. Now, they wonder what is up with me.

If I was litigious, I would have my attorney get involved in suing you for defamation of character[...]

Please inform me of your corrective actions to undo any such notifications that you have sent out, with proper expediency.

I will not put up with such libel.

I'm no small player. I have an audience of several millions that I can and do reach regularly. I've been a guest 8 times on Coast to Coast AM, whose regular live audience is around 3 million, on over 600 radio stations, and after-audience, listening to recordings of the shows, are around that size as well. 

My daily audience is not small, either.

I will report this unjust defamation publicly if I have to. This is so over the top, the chances that I will bring this up before a large audience are very high. And your apology and corrective actions will be noted fairly as well.

In my preliminary conversation with my attorney, he said, "This may be the best thing that has happened to you, to wake you up to how controlling the LDS Church is."

That is not a new revelation to me. I'm very glad to be outside the Church and not be under the Church control of my thinking and actions. I'm able to answer to my conscience and to God, and not worry about what some Bishop thinks about what I'm saying. But still, that said, I understand that when I'm in an LDS setting, I need to abide within LDS parameters, and I think I have an adequate understanding of what those are, and I do a good job of staying well within those guidelines, though I do push the envelope, but not too hard. All the bishops where I've attended can attest to that, including Bishop Lund. I sat down with him a week after I moved here following my separation from my ex, and we talked through what I can and can't do, per the priesthood manual. We have a good rapport.

The Church is out of order, and your actions here seem like yet another symptom.

| Sterling D. Allan, 
| (Pure Energy Systems) PES Network, Inc., CEO
| "The best news and directory service on the net 
| regarding exotic free energy technologies."
| New Energy Systems Trust (NEST), Founder

| Profile:  
| Home/Office Phone: +1-801-407-1292 (mountain time) [GMT-6]
| Fountain Green, Utah, USA

| "The government's job is to protect freedom, not control our lives."

Some Background

It's been 22 years since I tried to get up in General Conference and give a talk: The Law and the Word of the Lord, Our Duty and Our Quest, which resulted in my being escorted from the premises and a persona non grata order being placed on me from Church Headquarters property. No more Sterling allowed there. 

Once I started this GreaterThings website in 1998, I linked up to that talk from the home page, and still feel like it is an awesome, fundamental message that people need to hear, though I agree that my approach of trying to walk up to the pulpit, uninvited, was not the best idea I've ever had. 

There were no violent intentions. I figured that if God wanted me to give a talk, He would make a way; and my being picked up by two security guards, one under each arm, and being escorted from the building didn't exactly end the way I had envisioned.

That obviously played a major role in my excommunication in 1993 for "apostasy for extreme beliefs regarding a Davidic Servant." Since then, I have come to realize that all of the 144,000 prophesied will be of the "one mighty and strong" fabric, each doing their own portion of setting the house in order, being spurned by their fellow-men, but eventually vindicated when things that are up-side-down are finally turned right-side-up.

I fully agree with David Icke when he said: "Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom." And, I would add, "power companies impede clean, affordable energy solutions."

There's a lot of setting in order that needs to be done, and there are a lot of ones mighty and strong doing their best to help out. 

For the past 12.5 years, I've been focusing on helping find and facilitate the best exotic free energy technologies to market, and we're much closer today than we were back when I started. Just take a look at our Top 5 listing at which is housed at, which is now ranked around 75,000 worldwide, ahead of AE911Truth, AFA, EagleForum,, JBS, OccupyWallSt, and even ThriveMovement, which have thousands of members/supporters -- if you can believe Alexa statistics, which this month were thrown into serious question. (Story) We're on our way to vindication. And this is prior to any of the major technologies actually becoming available.

My excommunication from the LDS Church in '93 has actually played a monumental role in giving me the courage to stand for what I believe in, notwithstanding the bully tactics of the corrupt powers that be (speaking generally of the phenomenon as it applies to a wide array of similar circumstances, from the playground to the halls of Congress). 

Being an excommunicated Mormon in Utah hasn't been easy, socially, in fact, it has been enormously challenging, creating massive local loneliness. Some day I may write a book, or at least a long article about this. Gratefully, I have associates from around the world that I can relate to and interact with on a regular basis as we compare notes in what each of us is doing to move good things forward.

Because of all the crazy stuff that happened with the Church, about ten years ago, I took a Sabbatical from all things religion, and honed my focus on exotic free energy. That long breather served me well, enabling me to let go of most everything I used to hold immovable, to re-examine it and weigh it on its own merits, slowly mulling things over, without pressure. This shelving included my scripture studies, including the Alphabetics code I discovered in 1997 in the alphabetical sequence of words in the Old and New Testament Lexicons, and the numbers associated with them, showing that they correspond to modern people, places, events, dates; basically naming and commenting on the who's who and what's what of the great and marvelous work of the Lord. 

For example, word 4150 in the OT lexicon, describes the structures, people, and happenings at zip code 84150 -- the LDS Headquarters -- with its temple, tabernacle, assembly hall, and general conference where people "come "listen to the prophet's voice". Word definition number 4150 includes these phrases:

4150 ...the vision belongs to a time; an assembly; tent of the assembly; the tabernacle; places in which an assembly is held; the temple; the holy places, seats of the prophets; an appointed sign, a signal.

And the word just before it includes the definition: "instruction, doctrine". I'd say that's a pretty direct match.

But I digress. I was talking about how for many years I put all this on the shelf, taking a Sabbatical. Part of the reason for this was that my then-wife, Cheri, increasingly opposed me on the alphabetics stuff, particularly my interpretation that it says that Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother are incarnated here on Earth now as the second Messianic advent, this time to the Mormons, who will reject them; and that we could be involved in that mission. She calls that "crazy talk", and I imagine most you you likely would agree with her. 

We ended up separating last Spring then signing a divorce agreement a month ago. Meanwhile, I've been stepping back into the Alphabetics stuff, pursuing it with fervor. I'm working on a book that will make the case rock solid. Our divorce actually gave me one of the strongest evidences so far about the specificity of the code. Cheri's name is literally spelled out in the word definition just one word prior to the word for "divorce" in the OT lexicon, which is pretty amazing when you consider how many billions of people on this planet have been involved in divorce.

Again, I digress. Back to the narrative. 

So for many years, our four children, who are now ages 8 through 14, two years apart, have essentially grown up without going to Church. They've picked up spiritual concepts mostly from the dialogues Cheri and I have had occasionally with other outside-the-box friends we hang out with.

In the past year or so, I've gradually started attending Church again, first because my next door neighbor is the choir director and a master musician, Steve Meredith, a Professor of Music at Snow College. I love singing under talented directors, so I went just to participate in the choir and had some great experiences doing that. Ironically, my going to choir practice after we'd lived next door to him for 1.5 years, was the first time he and I actually met. Such is the life of an excommunicated Mormon in Utah. My attending church seemed to shift things in the community in terms of our ability to be accepted, at least to some extent. Cheri showed up with the kids a couple of times to listen to me sing in the Choir. Our reception there was quite warm.

After Cheri and I separated, she started taking the kids to all three meetings each week. That has progressed to the point that our kids now want to be baptized. They have taken the missionary lessons, the last one taking place this past Sunday, which I attended, cordially. They are scheduled for baptism on November 1.

Also, in the past year, I've started holding Family Home Evening with them on Monday evenings, teaching them lessons on basic principles. And more recently, I include instruction about where the Mormon Church is coming from compared to beliefs that Cheri and I have which are different, and where the compatibilities are.

Likewise, since moving in with my parents 30 minutes away in Fountain Green, I've been attending the Gospel Essentials Sunday School class they like to attend, not because it's basic, but because the teacher does a good job of getting class participation and being real. The bishop allows me to comment in class, per the priesthood manual which allows it, as long as it is not disruptive; and I'm pretty good at knowing what the limits are, and staying away from those.

A good sampling of my sentiment regarding the LDS during this time can be found in an article I wrote for the Daily Herald that ran on the second day of General Conference, October 5, regarding my dad's being recognized as a leading world timekeeper in his recent trip to Russia, mentioning that the man who invited him had joined the LDS Church due to my dad's introducing him to the Book of Mormon, and his being impressed with the phrase: "Time only is measured unto man" in Alma 40. The Sanpete Messenger is likewise preparing a story along these lines from what I submitted to them.

As another sample of something I've done in this recent time frame, here is a video I did featuring my ex-step-father-in-law, athlete Michael Brook, author of the amazing book, New Dimensions in Health, talking about his journey from Buddhism to Mormonism. I also interviewed him on my Free Energy Quest radio show.

About six months ago, in Ephraim, the ward choir I was in sang two songs. As I sat in the congregation following the first song, with Cheri and the kids, I had the impression, "Sterling, you really have a lot to share, you should start doing some independent lessons -- separate from the LDS church, which will not allow it -- for those remnant who might find it interesting." Then, I went up and sang, "Rise up, O Men of God" with the choir, combined with the young men. I was so moved and filled with the Spirit that I couldn't even sing, and I wept during the closing prayer, ratifying the impression I had received.

It wasn't until I was separated and attending church here in Fountain Green that I finally got around to starting (on August 10) what has become a weekly series called I just take the topic we cover in the ward and enlarge on it, using Alphabetics tools to dig much deeper. The subtitle is "Graduate Studies for the Remnant."

Here's a link to a class I did a couple of weeks ago, as a sampling of what it is like:

Featured: Spirituality > Alphabetics > Sterling Sunday School >
Ideal Obedience Stems from Understanding/Agreeing - In Hebrew and Greek, the first and primary meaning for the word translated "obedience/obey" is actually "hear", followed by "understand", then "obey". Obedience is not to be blind, but should make sense. The English word "observe", likewise has such dual meaning. Alphabetics conveys a similar relationship. (Sterling Sunday School; October 19, 2014)

I'm happy to behave myself in Sunday School. I get plenty of fulfillment by being able to go deeper when I get home and turn on my video camera, for a different audience: the remnant. The Church has no jurisdiction or control there. It's an empowering, distributed system, just like the exotic free energy devices I promote.

Resuming the McConkie Narrative

I share all of that to give you a context of my life and what is going on, so you can see why I was totally mystified by the letter and accusation from the LDS Church headquarters via Kirton McConkie. The only thing I could think of is that there must have been some kind of incident with someone else, who fraudulently presented himself as me, or who had a similar name that church security mistook to be me.

However, what happened next put it all into clear view.

President Peckham pulled up to my parent's house to chat with me. I warmly welcomed him in, and he gave me his account of what had happened.

Apparently, Church security has been put on notice recently that I'm back into my writing and teaching at, specifically my Sterling Sunday School classes. For some reason, this has put them on high alert, wondering if I might have something up my sleeve for causing problems for them (security). That, too, is groundless.

They called President Peckham, asking about me, and he immediately was put on edge regarding me: "Why would Church Security be asking about Sterling?" Our conversation a few days prior had been amenable, respecting each other's differing views and right to hold those views (but to be very careful when commenting in church to stay within the established doctrine). 

Security asked him if he felt threatened by me. He said, "No." Then they asked if there had been any complaints about me. He said he had received one phone call from a lady concerned about a doctrinal point I had raised. They apparently then took that as a green light to lay in, and they then read him a prepared statement to see if he would agree with it. In recounting this, President Peckham then recited almost verbatim what had been written in their letter to me:

"You have created disturbances on Church property, violated Church policies and caused members and leaders to fear for their safety."

They asked him what he thought of that statement.

Now, here is the crux of the matter.

You see, at this point, President Peckham transformed from being a rational, thinking person, answering a question, to a robot, just following orders. (He told me later in our conversation that he sees absolutely no problem with following the brethren blindly. In fact, he says that anyone who does not doesn't really have a testimony of the prophet, which is a crux of the restored gospel.)

So his response to Church Security was, "Well, if that is what you think is best, I'll go along with that." It transformed from Peckham giving a report on me to Church Security, to Peckham rubber stamping what they said he said because they represent the brethren, who he thinks cannot err on Church matters.

The statement is a total fabrication, with no basis in fact, rubber stamped by a Stake President with no desire to use his own brain or spine to stand up for one of his congregants who is being falsely accused, lest he be going against the brethren -- or at least that is how he perceived it.

That is the fruit of "just follow the prophet".

Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Just following orders didn't give the Nazi collaborators a pass at Nuremburg. And spiritually, "just follow the prophet" is just as damning ["damning" referring to something that impedes your spiritual progress, like a damn].

God wants us to think for ourselves, to each become prophets, to learn from truth wherever we find it.

Here's the letter I wrote to Ken Olson when I got back from talking to President Peckham, which was mostly cordial, but did get a little heated near the end, ending on a congenial note.

From: Sterling Allan 
To: [corrected]
Cc: Ray Jennings ; PES Legal egroup ; Dad Allan ; Cheri Moon-Allan ; [Gene Peckham]; [Curt Lund] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2014 1:24 PM
Subject: Re: Regarding persona non grata order

Hi Ken,

I just visited with President Peckham, who drove here to my parents house where I'm staying, responding to my phone call to him to try and figure out what is going on. We visited for a little over an hour. 

I request to have a similar conversation with someone from your office.

President Peckham related his side of what happened in his interactions with your office, and he said that he would stand by what he said regarding me not being a physical threat to him or to the Church. There is no doubt we are on a different page doctrinally, but so is everyone in the Church -- though maybe not as extreme as myself, for the most part. But I do understand the need to work with people where they are at, and I have been good to stay within those parameters.

My private website is an entirely different matter, because that is a different audience. It is labeled "to the remnant", which few in the Church are. But, again, these are doctrinal matters.

Bishop Lund keeps track of me and I think respects me (different from agreeing with my paradigm) and my understanding of the need to stay within the bounds set for the LDS meetings context. President Peckham said that he did get one call from a lady who was concerned about some doctrinal matters, but not for her personal safety. Bishop Lund hasn't raised any concerns about the commenting that I do in Sunday School. When I moved back to this ward, we sat down and talked. I told him where I'm coming from, and we read out of the priesthood manual where it says that when it comes to making comments in class, an excommunicated member has the same parameters as a non-member -- they are welcome, as long as they are not disruptive. It is an open forum. And I think the Bishop's guidelines include assessing "disruptive" as it pertains to doctrinal concepts that are too challenging or controversial. I think I have a pretty good feel for where that line is, and I try to keep well shy of it.

But on my private websites, I don't have those constraints. That is not LDS property, it is my property, and I have every right to voice what I believe, with no holding back required, other than not pushing the remnant too hard. I'm not trying to get back into the Church in its apostate state.

If I understand right, President Peckham is going to repeat what he said before about me not being a physical threat to the leaders or to the members. But he is also going to say that in his opinion, I represent a significant doctrinal threat to the Official LDS paradigm. 

My understanding is that is the Bishop's call. And so far, the Bishop has not been concerned. As far as he knows, and the others in the class, what I've said there has been within the proper parameters. I would dare say that this would be true of most of the Bishops in the Church. They would not have a problem with the comments I'm making in Sunday School. There are no red flags doctrinally -- nothing that pushes outside of what is in our scriptures, ancient and modern.

I do expect that from time to time, I might push just a tad too much for the Gospel Essentials class, but if scrutinized by true followers of Christ as advocated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they would hold up, and the person objecting would be shown to be the one wrongfully getting upset. That kind of thing happens all the time in the Church. It certainly does not constitute a physical threat, nor a violation of policy.

I don't have a problem with you informing the leaders that doctrinally I represent a threat, but not within an LDS property context, where I fall within your guidelines.

So your statement, saying "You have created disturbances on Church property, violated Church policies and caused members and leaders to fear for their safety", as grounds for banning me from all Church property is a complete fabrication, totally unfounded, and is actionable as defamation of character. Not sure I'll pursue a legal remedy, but I'll definitely be raising my voice publicly -- outside of Church property -- on my web and radio platforms, as appropriate. This is extremely out of order, and others are going to see it as such. You will not look good for this, nor will the Church who put you up to it.

A word to Bishop Lund and President Peckham:

The wording of the statement from Kirton McConkie attributes the allegations of "You have created disturbances on Church property, violated Church policies and caused members and leaders to fear for their safety" to you. Can you, in good conscience, not set the record straight, and make it clear that:
1) I am not a physical threat
2) I have not violated Church policies
3) I have not created any disturbance that you know of.

You both have made it clear that you will abide by whatever decision and mandates you are given by the Church, but can't you see that in this case, they are making that decision based on attributions of what you have said about me, and you have not made those allegations. Kirton McConkie did, with no foundation in fact.

Kirton McConkie, if I hear an apology from you within 24 hours, I may tone down the words of censure I'll be penning otherwise, depending on how genuine the apology is. A visit from someone from your office would be appreciated.

My court is the public, and that is where I will win. I don't need a courtroom with paid-off, bought-out, compromised attorneys fighting over this, though I do have a high level of confidence in my friend/Attorney, Ray Jennings; and if he's up to it, we may take you on there, too. You are so in the wrong. He may not be able to take the case because he's in Mississippi. But we have friends.

This could cause a division in the Church, even on a limited basis. Is that what you want? To kick out the remnant, so all you're left with are the "just follow the prophet blindly" cowards? That will not be what Joseph Smith or Jesus intended for the members, is it? "Would God that All the Lord's people were prophets" is as true of a destiny injunction today as it was when Moses spoke it thousands of years ago. Everyone knows that, and this is the primary way in which the Church is out of order: they put "follow the prophet" above "follow Christ". That is idolatry.

You know I'm right [about being misrepresented] -- at least some of your staff will. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them leave your firm over this. They should, if they have any fortitude.


p.s. Thanks, you've just given some rich material to help propagate my message (in my platform, outside LDS property). Things were very slow and probably would have stayed that way for a while without this gift from you. People eat this kind of stuff up. The underdog versus the bully, who is blatantly out of order.

Now the question is, what to do about the kid's pending baptism.

Cheri's mom suggested it be relocated to a private location such as a swimming pool. This still leaves a problem for the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost, which now is required to be in the congregation setting in the case of a convert baptism, rather than water's edge as it used to be. I plan on attending both the baptism and the confirmation, and I don't plan on being disruptive. I was asked to play the piano for the songs at the baptism. I was going to play "I am a child of God". If someone is going to arrest me for that, I doubt that will play well in public sentiment. I can't imagine even a Mormon jury having enough concurrence to convict me.

I had a great chat with my attorney friend, Ray Jennings. He strongly advised me against any litigation. "No one wins." I asked him about the value of litigation for bringing the issue to public awareness. He said the costs are definitely not worth the very limited coverage it might bring. That call was recorded, and I plan on publishing it after Ray has a chance to review it. A lot of great material there. He's a very wise, old soul, who I'm honored to have as a co-founder of the New Energy Systems Trust.

Cheri called my bishop and encouraged him to stand up for me. She gave her witness to him that I am not a violent person. 

He told her he didn't know what to do because this came from the Church. In other words, "just follow the prophet" is stuck in his head as well. He doesn't see that they are citing him as the primary source of saying I present a physical threat to himself and the members, and that it is his responsibility to correct that, or he becomes culpable of heavy slander and deep repercussions against an innocent person.

When I talked to Bishop Lund later that day, he agreed that he should vouch for me that I am not a physical threat, and that I have been behaving myself as far as he knows, and he doesn't have any reason to say otherwise. However, he made it clear to me that if the Church stuck with this edict, that he would be obliged, as a faithful member, to follow it (meaning report me to the police and have me arrested if I show up at Church). He didn't see that their edict is based on a fabrication of his position, and all he has to do is vouch for my character. He seems torn, as if doing so might jeopardize his standing as a faithful member blinding following whatever he is told.

Cheri met with her Bishop (I have a great rapport with him), who at first had a hard time believing it was a real letter. It seemed to him like a hoax. He Googled the law firm and found that there is such a firm in downtown SLC. He was going to ask around. 

As I was walking along with President Peckham, I pointed out that many faithful members share views not that different from mine, such as my parents, but they are careful about what they say in Church. "Are you going to excommunicate them, too?" He said, "If I have to."

A Key LDS Scripture

In my chat with President Peckham, I referred to JST-Mark 9 in the appendix, in which Joseph Smith spells out what the hand, leg and eye represent in Jesus parable: "If thy right hand offend thee, cut it off..." As it exists in the Bible, that sounds awfully like a militant fundamentalist Muslim edict. Gratefully, Christians don't usually take it to a literal extreme. Joseph Smith pointed out the allegorical purpose. The right hand is "thy brother", which I see as representing family members we tend to trust implicitly; the right leg is "him by whom thou walkest", or hero figures in our lives; and the right eye is "him that is appointed over thee, to show thee light," or ecclesiastical leaders. If any of these offend thee and transgress against thee, you are to remove them from your reliance. Then the crux: "Therefore, let every man stand or fall by himself, not for another, or not trusting another. Seek unto my Father, and it shall be given..."

According to Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, we are not to blindly follow anyone, but our dependence should be primarily on the Lord, direct. It's great to have other influences in our lives: family, friends, heroes, ecclesiastical leaders; but we must never place blind faith in any of those, including "him that is appointed over thee, to show thee light."

President Peckham said he essentially agreed with this, but then he went right back to the mantras about "The prophet/brethren will never lead you astray; it's not in the program," pointing out that this concept was repeated probably more than any other in the recent General Conference. I replied that this was why the next day I gave a Family Home Evening lesson to my kids about JST-Mark 9. I said, "The Mormons teach that the prophet cannot lead you astray. This is false. He is a human, and can err. Our first loyalty must be to God, not to any man (or woman)." 

I also pointed out to President Peckham that there is a scripture in the D&C that gives the mechanism whereby a prophet who has gone astray is to be removed. If he could not go astray, then why would Joseph Smith record such a revelation about how to remove such a person? President Peckham was familiar with that scripture as well, but then went back to his "just follow the prophet" brainwashed mantra.

I call that what it is: Idolatry. 

And in this case, I'm the victim. I'm being slandered because "the brethren" have fabricated a statement attributed to local leaders who have no such sentiment about me, but who will support that statement because it comes from the brethren. They can't seem to see the circular reasoning there that has a major flaw, and they are liable for  slander by rubber stamping this, accusing me of moral wrongdoing, stating something that is untrue, and by doing so have damaged my reputation in the community. (Thanks to Ray Jennings, my attorney, for helping me word that properly.)


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Of the 79 who have taken the survey so far (as of October 28; 9:30 pm MDT), there has been one response from someone who has attended class with me. They answered that question regarding my behavior as being: "totally respectful".


Hailee says "That's Crazy" that the LDS Church banned me from all LDS properties - I sat down with my kids this evening and told them about my being banned.  (GreaterThings; November 15, 2014)
Banished from LDS Property -- Foretold in Alphabetics (Video) - A look at the address of the Fountain Green ward where I've been attending, and the Bishop's phone number, in Alphabetics, providing prophetic commentary.  (October 28, 2014)
Would you mind writing a witness letter? - email to a few ward members in Fountain Green who attended the same Sunday School class (October 24, 1014)
141024_Elder-Lance-Wickman-letter.pdf - Oct. 24 letter to Elder Lance Wickman, of the Quorum of 70, at the Office of General Counsel, who handles matters like this on behalf of the Brethren, according to Elder Holland's office. Permission to distribute freely. (October 24, 1014)
TWIFE™ Featuring Ray Jennings on FE legal matters (Was live, on the Rense Radio Network) - [in the last 10 minutes] • LDS Church bans Sterling Allan from all LDS Properties for peacefully participating in Sunday School (FreeEnergyNews; October 23, 2014)


Others Who Have Received Similar Ban

Exiled Into Egypt - nearly identical wording to mine, posted on my birthday, Nov. 30, 2014.


I think this situation is rich in content and deserving of a lively discussion. Today, I've added the Disqus forum capability at the bottom of each page of this site, to hear what you have to say and to let you chat with others on this subject.

In my opinion, this situation is a perfect illustration of:
1) the brethren are not infallible
2) to assume that leads to abuses such as we see here

From what I can gather, this slander of my reputation came as a result of one church leader, President Gene Peckham, who believes the brethren can do no wrong, even when they are obviously misrepresenting his own position which he knows to be untrue. A similar thing can be said of Bishop Lund, except he wasn't contacted by Church Security.

See also - profile - discovered by Sterling - Sterling's energy site - New Energy Systems Trust, Sterling founded

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