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You are here: Greater Things > News / Alphabetics > 911 -- Sept 11, 2001 Day of Distress > Prophecy > Alphabetics on 911

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911 in Alphabetics Bible Code


Pages 911, words 911, chapters:verses 9:11 specify the September 11, 2001 attack on NYC and DC, and offer commentary behind the reasons and the future ramifications.

WTC rubble, looks like 1111


Regarding September 11

"911 was an inside job" confirmed in Alphabetics - Points to Jonathan Cahn's Harbinger concept as well. (GreaterThings; September 10, 2015)
* 911 in Alphabetics Bible Code -- Catastrophe Foretold - Page 911 of New Testament dictionary includes the following phrases: "unawares; hewn in rock; a society of Christians, community of free people, disorganized crowd or multitude; a rich, commercial city; the Muslims destroyed the city, and today it is a heap of ruins."  The name "Laoden," a variation transliteration of Laden, inserts alphabetically on p. 911 with the above phrases.

Usama bin Laden

911 > Anthrax/Alphabetics > Anthrax in Alphabetics Word-Number Code - Unfolded code provides timely commentary from the scriptures regarding the Anthrax threat and the war between the U.S. and the fundamentalist Islamic terrorists.  (Oct. 17, 2001)
Chapters:Verses 9:11 - " Ephraim's glory will fly away like a bird" ( Hosea 9:11);  "I did send down fire and destroy them" (III Nephi 9:11).

Words 9 and 11 in the OT Lexicon [PDF] - verbatim correlation to Rev. 9:11 "abbadon" (by Robert McCoy)

Page 911 in The Holy Qur-án - Page 911 of the Koran describes the Islam perspective on the attack that took place on September 11, 2001; chastening retribution comes to those who do not hearken; respite extended.
"I Will Overthrow the Chariots" - Chapter 911 of the Bible = Haggai 2:22 "...and the horses and their riders shall come down, every one by the sword of his brother."  God punishes his people to refine them. Promise of peace in the end.
Page 911 in Jewish Siddur (Prayer Book) - prophetic commentary relevant to the Sept. 11, 2001 Attack on the WTC and Pentagon.  "It lay on the ground emptied of its wealth."
Boxers Backwards -- Isaac v. Ishmael -- Page 911 of Webster's '71 - Rivalry of Muslims vs. Jews and Americans stems to feeling of being undervalued, though they are actually our brothers.  Page 911: "causing to fall; injuring by secret or dishonorable means."
Brother Backwards -- Unintended, Prophetic Affirmation -
Unintended reckless mistake of saying Isaac was progenitor of the Arabs and Ishmael was the progenitor of the Jews and Free World Christians (Ephraim), dovetails into the theme of that write-up -- the need for reconciliation with our brothers who are our equal before God.
Page 911 of William Shakespeare Complete Works - Describes tragic events of September 11, 2001. Deserved by the U.S., she awakens, rallies and turns away utter destruction and becomes the destined land of New Jerusalem.
911 and 175 in Hebrew Gematria - Flight 175 and date numbers 911 looked up in Hebrew Gematric calculator producing the words: "firebrand, attack, aha, where, when, force, proud" (175); and "duke of Edom, army, the sons of the merciful God" (911).
Book 9 Chapter 11 in the Book of Mormon (Alma 11) - Prophetic commentary and polemic on the financial elements of the Sept. 11 Attack.
Page 911 in Webster's III '61 - Beginning with 'Friction and ending with 'Frighten' (Terror), page 911 of Webster's III New International Dictionary, 1961, centers on the word 'Friends.'
375 x 70 days since Black Tuesday - 'SEVEN' is the entry on p. 911 of James Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (reference).  There are were seven towers in the World Trade Building complex.
(Ciprian Pater): God in action in his own creation - analysis of the numbers 911, 77.


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Significance of Eleven 11 (Index) - Compilation of various discoveries and observations regarding the many manifestations of the number 11 and their significance in the Terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. Symbol of brothers Ishmael and Isaac.

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