Book of Mormon Commentary on Sept. 11 (9-11); Chapters 9 Verse 11
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Al-Qaeda Parallels to Gadianton Robbers

From: "Clint Thomsen" <>
Sent: Friday, November 09, 2001 9:47 AM
Subject: Re: Clinton calls terror a U.S. debt to past

I have been reading your responses and views about our reaction to the terrorist attacks upon us.  While I applaud your passionate study into the situation I wholeheartedly disagree with your take on it.  You've quoted code after code, book after book- and I cannot refute you with equal backup.  But I can quote one general example.  Around the time this all took place it so happened that my wife and I hit the Gadianton Robber part of the Book of Mormon in our studies.  No parallel, religious or historical, has hit me as hard as this one and I believe the situation to be the same.  And there are a few things we can draw from it.

They rose up in secret combinations and reigned in terror from their caves, killing and plundering as they saw fit in upholding their brotherhood.  Yes, you could say that the general decline of righteousness- and even self-righteousness amongst the people contributed to the uprising of this terrorist network.

But Nephite leadership was righteous and honorable, and were no doubt inspired in their reaction to it.  What did they do?  Did they strive to focus their negative energy into a positive peaceful aura in order to vanquish the enemy with it?  Did they strive to "understand their Gadianton brothers better?"  Did they even have peace talks?  NO.  They sought out the enemy and eventually destroyed it.  The robbers' attacks brought unification not only withing the Nephite people- but also between the Nephites and their rather unlikely ally, the Lamanites.  Together they were able to completely destroy the Gadianton robbers- with the sword, not the olive branch.  With death, not with love, tolerance, and understanding.

The Taliban, Al Qaeda, Bin Laden- whoever you'd like to identify- are evil.  The ONLY way to stop them is to send them to Allah.  This was my feeling in the beginning.  I kept an open mind as I contemplated many points of view, including yours.  And I conclude that my initial gut feeling was valid.  We as a country need to do two things simultaneously- humble ourselves and start obeying God, and kill all terrorists.  I realize we may be opening a can of worms here, but the dangers of not acting are far worse in my mind than the danger of not acting.  The anti-war movement here is wrong.  The hyper-sensitive liberals are wrong.  The passifists are wrong.  I'm done trying to "understand my Muslim brothers."  Why the hell can't they try to understand me?

From:  Clint Thomsen
State of Utah Dept. of Public Safety
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Preaching of the Word v. Bullets

From: Isileli Tukuafu
Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2001 8:56 PM
Subject: Re: Al-Quada Parallels to Gadianton Robbers

He forgets something that I do recall in the Book of Mormon.... It was the preaching of the Word of the Lord that obliterated more of the Gadianton Robbers amoung [sic] the Lamanites than anything else. And yes the returning to the Lord of the people and banding together in self defense.....   It is also prophesied that the Gentiles greatest enemy will be the enemy within...(Secret Combinations-Gadianton Robbers--Satan/Security/Money/Power Loving Barons) That if we don't kick these out from amoungst [sic] our midst.. they will prove to our overthrow as a Nation and as a people.  May God give us the strength and fortitude and love to do this.. to help them in love and defense in upholding our God given Liberties in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, Amen..

American Leadership Righteous?

From: "Gary Grunau" <>
To: <>; <>
Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2001 2:17 PM
Subject: Re: [Greater Things] Al-Quada Parallels to Gadianton Robbers


I definitely see the correlation of the Gadianton Robbers with their secret combinations and those responsible for this perhaps contrived situation.

You said that the Righteous leadership of the nephites........ I don't see how you can correlate Righteousness with a government that has allowed 33 times the number of persons killed in the 11th eoccurrances [sic] to be destroyed in their mothers wombs since the same date. Did the Righteous leadership; of this country sign an executive order outlawing the murdering of our own Children????? Were any executive orders created putting Prayer back in to schools?

If you were to stand back and look at two faiths and two countries or groups of countries, One is a patriarchal system where thievery is not tolerated, nor infidelity, nor abortion, nor homosexuality nor obscene dressing of the wifes [sic] and daughters of this system of faith, and the countries practicing it.

Then take a look at the other .... A guy has only one wife, the laws of this or these particular christian nation/s would never allow plural marriage. The daughters and wivers [sic] are permitted to run around 95% (or higher) naked, Sexual preference to what ever sex is totally ok and must be legal as well as tolerated, This same country or group of countries, use media systems such as holy wood to promote porn and infidelity, homosexuality, and all other perversions to the world. and this same country or group of countries murders, it's unborn babies in their mother's wombs and says it is OK.

Who is in for the biggest butt kicking??

I too think that there were gadianton robbers involved on Sept 11, but be careful as to who we condemn as the gadianton robbers. and I'd forsake ever calling us ( this nation) Righteous.

If you through inspiration are shown who the real gadianton robbers are lets perhaps put that piece of the puzzle together.



Secret Combination Comes From Within not Without

From: Isileli Tukuafu
Sent: Sunday, November 11, 2001 12:37 AM
Subject: Re: Al-Quada Parallels to Gadianton Robbers

Here's a question...?  How can Al-Quada be paralleled to the Gadianton Robbers when the Gadianton Robbers were originally from the blood of their own civilization and not of another or separate culture or religion to begin with?  It is a total secret organization for greed and power from within.... 

That's why I was genuinely excited when President Bush said he was going to go after the terrorists and those that support and harbor them... In my mind I was asking the question...Are you truly honest in that desire?  Because that would mean going after all of the Evily Filthy Rich connected with Bin Laden and many other religious mercenaries and others for hire to be used as pawns to fatten their wallets... I guess that wouldn't be his intention.. to go that far into whose responsible?  Sorry for rambling on... I would just pray that we could learn to Love, Defend, Forgive one another and live in Peace..   Again I would say that the Gadianton Robbers of the Gentiles cannot and I repeat cannot be a people or nation from without... It is Prophesied to be from within. 

Yours Truly in Christ, Isileli T.


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Posted Nov. 10, 2001

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