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911 Prophecies


Prophecies show the September 11 (9-11) terrorist attack very specifically.  They admonish us to shun restrictions on freedom leading to the implementation of the mark of the beast, and to seek repentance and reconciliation with our Muslim brothers as part of ushering in the 1000-year era of peace.

Index Contents:
Introduction • Prophecies about Osama Bin Laden • Alphabetics Code on 911 • ELS Bible Codes • Book of Mormon Commentary on Sept. 11 Attack • Many 11's • Other Codes • Flee Babylon • Nostradamus • Visions, Dreams • Direct Prophecies • This Day in History • What's Next? • Prophetic Images • Unintended Prophecy • Anniversary Omens

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bullet Introduction

Overview of Prophetic Ramifications - press release (9/20/01)
Bible Codes: Seek humble reconciliation not hot retaliation - press release (9/13/01)
Prophecies and Predilections ( - searching for meaning in the midst of the tragedy (9/27/01)

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bullet Codes Analysis

Equidistant Letter Sequence Code • Alphabetics Code
 • Many Eleven's • Miscellaneous Codes

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Alphabetics Code on 911 (Index)

* 911 in Alphabetics Code -- Catastrophe Foretold (by SDA) - e.g. Page 911 of Z.'s New Testament dictionary includes the following definition explanations:

"(1) unawares; (2) hewn [chopped down]; (3) a society of Christians, community of free people, disorganized crowd or multitude; (4) a rich, commercial city; the Muslims destroyed the city, and today it is a heap of ruins."

Usama bin Laden
The name "Laoden," a transliteration of Laden, inserts alphabetically on page 911.

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Chapters:Verses 9:11 (by SDA and [withheld]) - " Ephraim's glory will fly away like a bird" ( Hosea 9:11);  "I did send down fire and destroy them" (III Nephi 9:11).
Page 911 in The Holy Qur-án (by SDA) - Page 911 of the Koran describes the Islam perspective on the attack that took place on September 11, 2001; chastening retribution comes to those who do not hearken; respite extended.
"I Will Overthrow the Chariots" (by SDA) - Chapter 911 of the Bible = Haggai 2:22 "...and the horses and their riders shall come down, every one by the sword of his brother."  God punishes his people to refine them. Promise of peace in the end.
Page 911 in Jewish Siddur (Prayer Book) - prophetic commentary relevant to the Sept. 11, 2001 Attack on the WTC and Pentagon.  "It lay on the ground emptied of its wealth."
Boxers Backwards -- Isaac v. Ishmael -- Page 911 of Webster's '71 (by SDA) - Rivalry of Muslims vs. Jews and Americans stems to feeling of being undervalued, though they are actually our brothers.  Page 911: "causing to fall; injuring by secret or dishonorable means."
Book 9 Chapter 11 in the Book of Mormon (Alma 11) (by SDA) - Prophetic commentary and polemic on the financial elements of the Sept. 11 Attack.
Page 911 in Webster's III '61 (by SDA) - Beginning with 'Friction and ending with 'Frighten' (Terror), page 911 of Webster's III New International Dictionary, 1961, centers on the word 'Friends.'
Page 911 of William Shakespeare Complete Works (by SDA) - Describes tragic events of September 11, 2001. Deserved by the U.S., she awakens, rallies and turns away utter destruction and becomes the destined land of New Jerusalem

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Equidistant Letter Sequence Codes (Index)

* Attack on WTC and Pentagon in ELS Bible Code (by Dean Mansfield) - Equidistant letter sequence very poignantly specifies the Sept. 11, 2001 attack as well as naming Osama bin Laden. However, the polemic of the matrix has ancient Babylon (Iraq) punishing modern Babylon (hypocritical U.S.) as a retributive hand of God.
* Osama Bin Laden -- 'Terrorist of God' (by Dean Mansfield) - Equidistant Bible Code specifies "Osama bin Laden" once, with "Terrorist of God" appearing three times in the matrix. God uses the wicked to punish his people when they are out of line. {Q. which God?}
"Bin Laden Guilty" in ELS Bible Code (by Dr. Asali Zaki) - appears once; crosses Jeremiah 20:6 "... and there you shall die, and shall be buried, there, you , and all your friends, to whom you have prophesied lies... "

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Significance of Eleven 11 (Index)
Compilation of various discoveries and observations regarding the many manifestations of the number 11 and their significance in the Terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. Symbol of brothers Ishmael and Isaac.

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Miscellaneous Bible Codes

(Kevin Acres): WTC Matrix in English Bible Code - Beginning in Acts 8:15 with Manhattan in the center, are the surrounding phrases: World, Trade, Centre, Blood and Fire and Vapour and Smoke, The Ninth Hour, They Shook off the Dust.
(Jordan Smith): World Trade Center & Aztec prophecy - "All of the current arrangements are about to be changed completely...." (Sept. 10, 2001) "Tomorrow is the same day in the Mayan/Aztec Calendar as February 26, 1993, when the other World Trade Center attack occurred."
(Jordan): 375 x 70 days since Black Tuesday - 'seven' is the entry on p. 911 of James Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (reference).  There are were seven towers in the World Trade Building complex.
(RWBH): Mystic symbol.... I H / ....also a prophecy of tragedy Mystic Symbol The first 'peg' = an airplane falling from sky. Next, the 'airplane' is rammed into two twin towers. The last peg shows the tower falling down.
(Ciprian Pater): God in action in his own creation - analysis of the numbers 911, 77.
Gematria for "Osama Bin Laden" (by Dean Mansfield) -  There are 20 words in the Torah with the Gematria of 478
D.O. Digest #666; DMOZ 2222; Yahoo 10-10; zip code 91911 - synchronicity of 911, 666 and 1010 (Oct. 10, 2001)

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bullet Nostradamus

On Sept. 10, 2001 10:15 pm, Sterling sent the following message to his various mailing lists: "(Review) Nostradamus, the Video" warns about WWIII -- not something that HAS to happen.
(DawnnaLee): Notes from Nostradamus class a few years ago - "The big war will begin when the big city is burning on the 11th day of the 9th month, that 2 metal birds would crash into 2 tall statues in the new city, and the world will end soon after."
(Dean): Fake Nostradamus Prophecy Going Around - statement (in theory) should read "The third big war will begin when the big city is burning, if the people do not heed the warnings."
(Dean): Some Synchronicities In Nostradamus
(Jordan): FOUND! Gabriel leads Islam against us?
(Jordan): GENUINE Nostradamus 9/11 - some relevant passages.

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bullet Visions, Dreams

(Enoch): Medium used by NASA, foresaw the attack - does not see right now a great world war taking place, but that Bin Laden will be punished. She also sees that our country will get very poor, very fast in the months ahead.
(Amarushka): Future Flash of Current Affairs! - Vision experience on Sept. 11, 1997, Jesus foretells doom of WTC towers; power of the Beast centered there. (Christian with New Age mix.  Interesting but a tad spooky.)
(Hollie Moody): Visions of what's next - day of visitation.

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bullet Direct Prophecies

(I.D. Sanderson): Isaiah on "When the Towers Fall - Linguistic structure of Isaiah 30 centers on the statement: "great slaughter, when the towers fall."
Babylon is Fallen
(Mark Thomase): September 11: Babylon is Fallen: What Now? - China to be next world power (communist dictatorship) unless we repent.
(William B. Atwood): BABYLON HAS FALLEN IN ONE HOUR - or is it a shot across the bow? or worst-case?
Grafting and Reconciliation of Two Sons - Romans 11 paints glorious picture regarding Isaac and Ishmael.
(D. Park): Pillars of Smoke -- Joel 2 / Acts 2
(Loren Pearce): Nuclear next . . . if -- This is only the Beginning - According to Dumitri Duduman and other prophecies, this tragedy in New York and D.C. are only the beginning if we do not heed this warning and repent.  Massive nuclear attack would leave America burning.  Biological, chemical warfare also a threat.
(Loren): "This is Your Last Warning" -- Operation Rescue to Bush - on Sept. 9 when asked to leave steps of Capitol for protesting abortions.

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bullet Flee Babylon

Bible's Sampson Parallels Osama? 911 Foreshadowed? 3000 killed. (10/10/02)
* (Jesus E. Moses) Via Ex Babylonia - warning to flee "the system" including large cities; given a day before the attack.
(JEM): Gathering Out of Babylon - an eternal edict now seems very relevant.
(Sterling & Randall): Strength in Numbers; Protection from God - making us impervious to destructive forces.

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bullet This Day in History

Click here for index September 11 -- This Day In History -- Prophetic Parallels, Forebodings

A few highlights:

1986 Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered biggest 1-day decline to date, plummeting 86.61 points to 1,792.89. 237.57 million shares traded.
1609 Henry Hudson discovers Manhattan island
1971 (40 years prior) Nikita Khruschev dies of a heart attack at age 77.  Khruschev is probably most infamous for his chilling words to America, "We will bury you!"  The Soviet Union has been one of the foremost fomenters of terrorist networks.
Mormon Mountain Meadows Massacre Commenced Sept. 11, 1857
Sept. 11, 1990 Senior President Bush Announces Forging of "New World Order"



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bullet What's Next?

(Rich Kuchinsky): King of Assyria -- Metaphor - Isaiah prophesies of WWIII following circumstances such as we are now seeing.
(Enoch Theos): Message from the Angels -- "Avert WW!!!" - behind the scenes with the angels on why things happened as they did on 9/11 and what we can yet do to avert the annihilation slated for us.
(Sterling): Premonition Events and Extrapolation of What is Coming Soon - events in my life over the past month and a half that I now believe are actually symbolic of what is now upon us and probably also symbolic of what is shortly to come, as well as perhaps how we will come out of this.
(Blayne Sukkut): Luke there is a disturbance in the force! Time to turn to God
(JJ Dewey): Nuclear Bombs to Nuclear Power - new age or stone age?
(Mark Thomase): The Muslim curtain is coming down - The World Trade Center is located at the corner of Church and Liberty streets. see:

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bullet Prophetic Images

Pennsylvania Bolide -- signs in the heavens - fireball from DC to NYC on evening of July 23rd.  47 and a half days later came the attack on WTC.  July 24 is Utah's "Pioneer Day," also known as "Days of '47" in reference to the 1947 arrival of the saints into the valley. {original comment}

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and documentation

"Dream Theater" triple live cd... Note the cover. Release date: 9-11-01 Features a flaming apple with New York's skyline in flames and the title 'Live Scenes From New York'  

( "Dream Theater" triple live cd... Note the cover. Release date: 9-11-01 Features a flaming apple with New York's skyline in flames and the title 'Live Scenes From New York' 

(NR) Prophetic Art Produced on Sept. 8 - titles as originally given on Sept. 8
(click on images for enlargement)


Fatal Flight

Paper God

-- by N.R.

( Devil Image in Smoke - Many claim they see a strange shape in the clouds of smoke in the photos. They say they can see eyes, a nose, a mouth and horns.

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bullet Unintended Prophecy

Relief Mine Discussion Group begins - Sept. 10 less than 12 hours prior to the fated events of 911.  Group discusses controversial Salem Utah mine prophesied to come to aid of remnant after Country collapses financially.  (Doc Hansen): Review of Dream Mine Prophecies Coming to Pass or That Shortly Will
A Happy Omen for Ominous Times (GreaterThings) - Prophetic implications of "Temporarily Unavailable; September 10, 2001 [9:08 pm]" notice on full-site download page.
On Sept. 10, 2001 10:15 pm, Sterling sent the following message to his various mailing lists: "(Review) Nostradamus, the Video" warns about WWIII -- not something that HAS to happen.
A Little Favor -- Visiting Friends - Look who's coming to dinner. (Paradoxical humor on Sept. 10, 2001.)
Information Technology a 666 Billion Market (Salt Lake Tribune 9/10/01) [one day prior to 911]
$20 Bill Oddities: Some Say They Add Up to Secret 9-11 Conspiracy (SLTrib, May 30, 2002)
Flying a Plane Is Easy; Even I Can Do It  (by Robert Kirby, Salt Lake Tribune, 9/11/01, morning edition) - Humor columnist unintentionally waxes ironically prophetic. {follow-up}
The Movie "Serendipity" and 9-11 - Synchronistic commentary in contrast, depicting the peaceful side of New York City and the World Trade Center prior to the September 11 disruption.

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bullet Anniversary Omens

911s on 9-11 - (1) September Standard & Poor's 500 futures contract closed Tuesday at 911.00 — a day before the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks; (2) On the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks, a date known as 9-11, the evening numbers drawn in the New York Lottery were 9-1-1.

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Interesting stuff. However, hindsight is often 20/20. Wouldn't it have been nice to know this BEFORE the event?

The idea at this point is to know before the next event, and take appropriate course correction measures, so the next event DOESN'T BECOME the next event.

Many of the above observations were derived from David's Outcasts discussion group.  (Click here for archive of first post to the list regarding the attack and on from there.)

Firemen raising the American Flag amist the WTC rubble
Photo by Michael Long
see larger version at

Where Next? 

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