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Implantable Chip "Inventor" Carl W. Sanders is a Fraud

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CORRECTION: Implantable Chip "Inventor" Carl Sanders is a Fraud

Charlatan exposed seven years ago still popular in Christian circles.

Sterling D. Allan
Copyright 2001 Greater Things Ministry

October 23, 2001

"Dr" (not) Carl W. Sanders has been a sensation among prophecy-minded Christians for nearly a decade. He has wowed many thousands, if not millions, with his claim to be the inventor of the microchip intended for implantation in humans for tracking capabilities, which Frankenstein invention he now purportedly is exposing following his born again conversion to Christianity. He has appeared in television interviews, radio shows and prophecy conferences. Video and audio tapes of his presentation thrive.

I was one who believed the account and posted it on my website. 

So have scores of others, as a search for "Carl Sanders chip" will show on any search engine.

The unfortunate truth, however, is that Sanders is a fraud. His claims about his credentials and his involvement in inventing this chip are fabrications.

This came to light in 1994 when John S. Torell, a close associate and promoter of Sanders, began investigating his claims in an attempt to defend him against detractors. Torell uncovered the truth of Sander's fraud and confronted him with it. Sanders and his wife confessed, plead for forgiveness, vowed to confess his fraud to the church and take a reprieve from the ministry.

His contrition in earnest lasted only a few hours, and within weeks he was back to his speaking circuit, perpetuating the same claims as before.

According to Torell, "Carl Sanders was not the inventor of the microchip as he had been claiming in his meetings. ...His claim that he had met with Henry Kissinger and other dignitaries were false. He does not have even a college degree, including the claimed honorary degree as Doctor from the University of Hong Kong. ...Carl Sanders does not have 32 years experience as an engineer."

As these facts surfaced, and Torrell asked Sanders why he lied, Sanders explained that when he began his ministry, people just did not respond to his call for repentance; but when he started talking about end-times and the development of the chip, his audiences grew; . . . and so did his story with each telling. He felt the message was so important that he needed to invent credentials in order to have more credibility with people. He not only fabricated credentials, but also lied about the degree of his involvement in the invention of the implantable microchip.

In the end, about the only truth left in his story was in regard to the fact that there is such a microchip. Everything else was a lie or an unscrupulous stretch of the truth.

His lying began long before his ministry among the Christians. He admitted to Torell that when he was in the military, "since he did not get the ranks and promotions that he felt were due him, he began to invent his own to enable him to be more successful. Once he had left the Air Force, he was constantly lying about his credentials in order to get better paying jobs."

His dishonesty rewarded him in his career, and it rewarded him in his ministry.

Today, more than seven years after Torell exposed him, Sanders continues to give his presentations and wow prophecy-minded audiences worldwide. Last year he was in Orem Utah, telling the same story. I wasn't there, but I was invited, and I spoke with an individual shortly after who did attend, and who was clearly convinced of the truthfulness of the claims. It was after this that I posted the Sanders statement on my website.

When Sander's fraud was brought to my attention (10/23/01), I did a search on the internet for "Carl Sanders fraud" and found only three pages from two websites that discuss the fraud. Two were Torell's statements, the other was a citation of Torell's first statement.

Apparently the Sanders story is so fantastic, prophecy buffs don't want to believe otherwise, even though the fraud has been known for more than seven years.

Let us keep in mind the following quotation of unknown origin but of sound principle: "When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit being mistaken or cease to be honest!"

I have contacted several other websites that feature Carl Sander's writings, inviting them to revise their pages to reflect the fraud. I will be posting a link to their sites so that vigilant visitors can keep on them until Carl Sanders is barred from any and all invitations to tell his fabricated story. 

Charlatans to not flatter Christianity.

The fact that this fraud has been known for seven years but Sanders keeps getting invited unimpeded to speak internationally is not a good commentary on Christians' desire to be objective in their quest for the truth. With that kind of acceptance, his fraud rubs off on the body as a whole.

The truth is good enough without lies added in an attempt to increase its appeal. There is more than ample evidence of the existence of implantable microchips and of the intention to use these for tracking humans. 

We do not need charlatans to make the story more interesting.





Websites that Still Feature Sanders

(Partial Listing)

Contact these websites until they produce some sort of errata statement or remove his stuff.  Search "Sanders."  Let us know if any of these have changed so we can remove them from this list.


Google search for "Carl Sanders chip"

AltaVista search for "Carl Sanders chip"

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