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Clinton Scandals


Bill Clinton's Treason and Many Impeachable Scandals

Caption Contest:
"Hillary sees what Monica saw!"
-- David Skousen (June 13, 2003)

Tools of Corruption
Chinagate and Other Treason
Tainted Prison Blood Scandal
Expendable Cronies, Witnesses, Bodyguards Fatalities
Whitehouse Phone Call Hiding
Elian Gonzalez as Pawn
Sex Scandals
Misc. News Items
General Overview Sources
News Trends Index
Index of Studies on 666
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BeachBum's Clinton Scandals Page

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Downside Legacy of President Clinton
by Alamo Girl

Dubya - Why George W. Bush is insider's pick to bring U.S. into New World Order

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Clinton Scandals

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bullet  Tools of Corruption

Book: The Final Days: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House 
by New York Times best-selling author Barbara Olson.  
The Clintons' shocking excesses in their final days of office: the outrageous pardons to political cronies and friends, the looting of the White House, the executive orders that were sheer abuses of presidential power, the presidential library that is becoming a massive boondoggle of vanity more appropriate to a Third World. . .
The Final Days: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House
Book: Hell to Pay : The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton
Brilliantly written and impeccably reported by the attorney that investigated the Hillary Clinton for Congress, "Hell to Pay" is an enthralling political biography of the woman whose campaign insiders say wants to be president in 2004. While the establishment press has labored hard and long to ensure that average Americans never discover the truth about Mrs. Clinton's hard-left past and her socialistic designs for the future, the story is finally out, thanks to Barbara Olson's scathing expose.
(Review by WorldNetDaily)
The Clinton Team and Blackmail
Intelligence and security experts are outraged at the Clinton administration’s probable use of blackmail and susceptibility to it as the Congress fails to investigate.
Pooch main suspect in Trulock burglary (WND)
Local police claim pet injured self while rifling whistleblower's records (8/7/00)


bullet  Chinagate and other Treason

U.S. helps Russia build better missile (WND)
Documents show Clinton permitting development of anti-radar weapon.
The Cox Report on U.S. Security concerns with China
U.S. National Security and military / commercials concerns with the People's Republic of China
Jeff Lindsay's China Rights page
Red China is an oppressor of human rights, an enemy to freedom. So why are we supporting them?
Irreparable Harm
The impact of foreign influences on the Clinton administration, National Security, and national / international policy, as compiled from
The Hawaiian Banks Connection - Ongoing China Illicit Funding Scandal
{GreaterThings Exclusive}
Read the shocking Freeh and LaBella memos
Explosive documents detail Reno's Chinagate cover-up
--WND (June 16, 2000)
News Report: 'Hordes' of Chinese descend on Arkansas for favors
Arkansas auditor: 'Mean-looking' officials came knocking after Clinton-Gore elected
--WND (Mar. 1, 2000)
News Report: Clinton donor's biowarfare deal
Trie helped Chinese government to set up germ weapons operation
--WND (Feb. 26, 2000)
Chinese flag
"The biotech equipment transfer opens up a new and dangerous front in the mushrooming Chinagate scandal, in which China's People's Liberation Army spies conspired with Clinton-Gore bagmen to illegally sway the election and influence White House trade and military policy. The PLA is frantically trying to modernize its weapons systems, and needs U.S. military technology to do it."
Video: Telling It Like It Is -- The Untold Story by Johnny Chung
Shares the untold and disturbing story of corruption at the highest levels of government. From the witness in the 1996 campaign finance scandal who visited the White House 57 times, Johnny discusses American power for sale, the China connection and the campaign finance investigation. 1 hr. 58 min. -- Review by WND, who also have the video available for sale.  See Johnny Chung's web site.
China spy guide
Chronicles news developments
Panama Canal Give-away
As an example of the compromising of American security due to Clinton's Chinese intrigues.
Editorial: Panama Canal to China
News: Bill Proposed to Halt Transfer of Panama Canal on Dec. 1, 1999


bullet Tainted Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal
Book: Blood Trail, by Michael (Sullivan) Galster

Blood Trail


bullet  Mena

Video: Obstruction of Justice - The Mena Connection (1996)
Documenting Arkansas international drug rings, sex scandals, cover-ups, murders -- all pointing to Clinton involvement.
"An eye opening account of political corruption that started in the state of Arkansas and has moved all the way to the White House. The two unwitting pawns in the story are innocent teenage boys whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Botched investigations, cover-ups, suspicious deaths are only some of the revelations in this outstanding documentary.
" -- Los Angeles viewer report at

Obstruction of Justice -- the Mena Connection


bullet  Whitewater

Book: by Robert Bartley (Editor), et al (Paperback)
This book contains more than 100 articles on Whitewater from The Wall Street Journal's editorial page, with connecting commentary, a comprehensive index, and a previously unpublished chronology current through midsummer 1996 -- Synopsis


bullet Expendable Cronies, Witnesses, Bodyguards Fatalities
Clinton's Dead Friends -- List of suspicious deaths of those connected with Bill Clinton.
Remembering the Dead -- Page Chronicles Clinton's Downside Legacy
Vince Foster
Vince Foster was the point cover-up man on Clinton's involvement in the Arkansas prison blood scandal.  When the Blood Trail scandal was starting to grab the headlines, Foster's conscience began getting to him, and he was wanting to cooperate more than President Clinton liked. -- Sterling Allan
"Don't believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn't have been." -Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell, 7/20/93, cited in Esquire, 11/93.
Vince Foster Death - site by Allan J. Flavish
Foster Murder Scandal Overview and Case Evidence by Michael Rivero
Vince Foster website by Patrick Knowlton and John Clarke
Featuring the court documents which expose the cover-up.
Five Years After By Carl Limbacher (1998)
VHS: Death of Vince Foster -- Investigative Reports
Book: The death of Vince Foster : special report -- John Van Reginald Tomlinson (out of print)
Ron Brown
Commerce Secretary Ron Brown's Murder
Plane purposely diverted off course to kill its passenger, when indictments were pending on Clinton-linked finance scandal.  Bullet hole in Ron Brown's head prior to crash; fake Clinton tears (private video footage of his instant change of demeanor from laughing to crying when Television cameras turned on him). Ron Brown's office was ransacked for files by Commerce staff immediately after his death.
See list of documents on this topic
Barbara Wise -- tortured to death?
Did Reagan era appointee, Wise, discover what was behind the illegal contact between Bill Clinton, Ron Brown, and operatives of the Chinese government, John Huang and Wang Jun? by Michael Rivero


bullet  IRS-Gate

Clinton uses IRS to hassle and intimidate political enemies (Report by Joseph Farah of WND)


bullet  Whitehouse Phone Call Hiding

WorldNetDaily Report -- Dialing for DNC dollars?
State official says that the first thing Clinton did in the White-house was the same thing he did in Arkansas -- he rigged the phones so as to hide the identity of his calls.
Web-porn scandal rocks White House (WND)
West Wingers downloaded gay, bestial, teen sex videos, jamming firewall system.


bullet  Elian Gonzalez as Pawn

Joel Skousen World Affairs Brief
So far as Clinton is concerned, the Elian Gonzales case has little to do with reuniting a father with his son. This is a power-play between the Clinton's and Castro trying to discredit the Cuban American community so as to help facilitate the normalization of US relations with Cuba.
Elian Gonzales' case in Alphabetics Code
The words surrounding the alphabetical insertion point of 'Eliαn' in English provide prophetic commentary on his plight and the importance of freedom. The mother's sacrifice of her life for her son's freedom should not weigh less than the father's desire to have his son back with him.  Includes reference to Clinton.


bullet  Sex Scandals

Alphabetics: Words Before and After "Clinton," "Lewinsky," and "Impeachment"  (Greater Things exclusive)
Prophetically elaborate this side show to the far more grave acts of treason against freedom and humanity.
Linda Tripp's Site
Thanks to Linda Tripp, the word "impeachment" will forever follow and define the name Bill Clinton in any reference history might document.
Web Site: A Presidency in Crisis: Lewinsky speaks
The latest, in-depth material on the scandal plaguing the Clinton Presidency, including Monica's Lewinsky's view. There's also the Starr report and the video of the President's testimony, and material to help you go beyond the headlines - from a tell-all by Gennifer Flowers to a psychologist's analysis of "The Dysfunctional President" -- DMOZ    
Lewinsky Scandal / Clinton Impeachment Timeline
Searchable, chronological, key events, dates, players.
Read the White House e-mail audit report
A look at the 500+ accounts hit by 'server glitch'


bullet  Misc. News Items

Clinton's Vietnam Trip $36 Mil. Tab
Presidential airlift tab is 10 times greater than Marine Expeditionary Force 2001 airlift budget
White House Offices Left 'Trashed' (Drudge Report)
Porn Bombs, Lewd Messages, Vandalism; Legal Probe Considered (1/24/01)
WashingtonTimes (1/26/01)
pranks cost $200,000; Bush does not press charges (Drudge Report) 91/26/00
Eagle Scouts drop Clinton signature (WND)
After 'about a zillion complaints,' president removed from certificate


bullet  General Overview Sources

Essay: My Experience Fasting and Praying for President Clinton
Year of the Rat : How Bill Clinton Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash, by Edward Timperlake, et al
Lucky Bastard, by Charles McCarry
Billed as a fiction, this fascinating novel is undoubtedly about President Clinton, giving detailed insights into his Marxist grooming and manipulation for the presidency from his college years forward.  Gruesome language and portrayals, but thus is the nature of the character being portrayed. -- Sterling Allan [more review]
Blood Sport: The President and His Adversaries, by James B. Stewart (77,859)
This is the story of the Clintons, from their days in Little Rock to their behavior under duress in the White House; their business partners, who swept the Clintons into their real estate empire, then faced financial ruin; and their many political and business allies who have been tarnished by association, including the tragic Vincent Foster. -- Editorial Review at
Betrayal : How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Security; Bill Gertz
High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton; Ann H. Coulter
Hell to Pay : The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton; Barbara Olson
Feeling Your Pain : The Explosion and Abuse of Government Power in the Clinton-Gore Years -- James Bovard; Hardcover
The Secret Life of Bill Clinton : The Unreported Stories; Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
No One Left to Lie To: The Triangulations of William Jefferson Clinton; Christopher Hitchens
Unlimited Access : An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House; Gary Aldrich, Michael Reagan
For more titles, see Book Catalog: Bill Clinton and His Era
Downside Legacy of President Clinton by Alamo Girl
BeachBum's Clinton Scandal Page


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