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Greater Things > News > Clinton Scandals > Riady - Hawaiian Banks Link

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Hawaiian Banks Link
China-US Campaign Scandal and Illicit Capital Flow

The Link Between Mochtar Riady and the Clinton Administration


Greater Things News Exclusive
by Greg Wongham


bullet  Introduction

The problems with the FDIC/Donna Tanoue and the 2 big Hawaii banks will undoubtedly effect people throughout the country. I believe that the Hawaii link to Mochtar Riady are attempting to gain access to the American capital market through Riady's brother-in-law, Mumin Ala Gundawun. Riady was too hot (BCCI, Chinagate), so they wisely chose to approach their plan via the Hawaii connection.

Sec. Treasury, Robert Rubin played a major role in setting up this new bank scandal by lobbying for repeal of the bank Holding Company Act. The purpose for this action is to allow Bank Holding companies (Hawaii's Pacific Century financial Corp. and BancWest) to expand their financial services, thus allowing them to become full service securities brokerages. This seems like an ideal front to legitimize their deals to the American capital markets.

The 2 Hawaii banks have violated numerous securities rules leaving themselves exposed to sanctions by the SEC and NASD. This would put a damper on their schemes and bring attention to this situation. The Hawaii banks have been churning the trust fund accounts of their customers by selling them units on their family of mutual funds. The problem is that the same people that control the daily newspapers here, also sit on the boards of the banks.


bullet  More Info from Greg Wongham

The Ripple Effect - What seemed at first a little ripple out here in the middle of the sea could have the potential to effect the whole country if people let it happen.
Unfolding Untold Tales of the West - How the Hawaiian banks scandal is spreading.
    "The follow-up story involves Hawaii's other big bank, 1st Hawaiian and it's holding company Bank of the West. They are now Utah's 2nd biggest bank. The people of Utah and the other western states should beware. "


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