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George W. BushDUBYA
George W. Bush
Insider Choice for NWO Promotion


"You misunderestimated me."

-- George W. Bush

New: President Bush Behind Katrina?

Bush in Alphabetics Bible Code
Skull & Bones and other Illuminati Connections
Bush Dynasty
Body Bags
TX Governor Legacy
Misc. News Items
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Index of Studies on 666
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Index of Constitution Studies at Greater Things

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> Conspiracy

Axis of Corporate Evil

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Mob Ties to George W. Bush

Barry & 'the Boys' : The CIA, the Mob and America's Secret History -- Daniel Hopsicker; Hardcover Barry & 'the Boys' : The CIA, the Mob and America's Secret History -- Daniel Hopsicker; Hardcover
This is the story of Barry Seal, the biggest drug smuggler in American history, who died in a hail of bullets with George Bush's private phone number in his wallet...
The Wall Street Journal called Barry Seal "the ghost haunting the Whitewater probe." He was far more than that.  more

See also:
Clinton's Treason and Many Impeachable Scandals

Perestroika: Gorby's Grand Deception
Pres. Bush (Sr.) said, "there is no greater advocate of perestroika than the president of the United States."

bullet  Latest

Was Bush Sworn In On Skull And Bones Time? - Skull and Bones life-long fraternity time is five minutes ahead.  Constitution calls for oath of office to take place at 12:00 noon. (Jan. 22, 2005)

bullet  Overview/Intro

Placating the Republican Resistance Why the New World Order insiders prefer Bush to be their point man to bring U.S. into the NWO - website for book by David Corn.

"Peace and Safety" Speech to UN by President Bush, Sept. 2002, Fulfills Prophecy - 2726-word speech portends sudden destruction, rather than peace.

Bush Says in Jest the 'W' 'W' 'W' in www Stands for Him, Dubya (CNN 10/29/00) - www=666 in Hebrew [see  discussion thread]

"Skulls" Movie to Bush -- "YOU CAN GET OUT OF THE INSIDER MOB" - Might September 11 attack on America have galvanized President George W. Bush to his Christian roots, away from the elitist insider power brokers?

Bush Inauguration Impressions (GreaterThings) - a moment of greatness for our nation despite shady side. Jan. 20, 2001.

Clinton-Bush Transition Ploys (Joel Skousen) dirty tricks while America sleeps. Jan. 19, 2001.

An open plea to President-elect Bush by Blayne Sukut - Will he depart from the conspiratorial controls under which he currently labors and take up the patriot's cause?

Statement of Faith by George W. Bush ( excerpt from George W.'s book: A Charge to Keep; pp. 136-139) - the side he wants the Christians to see.   {Analysis and Reservations (}

Torah Code Predicted Bush Victory? - skip sequences spell the words "George," "Bush-President-43rd," "GWBush," "American," and correspondences to the year 2000 in chapters 17 thru 20 of Leviticus (By Dean Mansfield)

Bush Reads Up-Side-Down?
Classic, and perfectly paradoxical photo op.



Skull & Bones and other Illuminati Connections

Century of the Americas - Speech by George W. Bush to the Council on Foreign Relations, Miami FL, Aug. 25, 2000

George W., Knight of Eulogia - by Alexandra Robbins, 1998 Yale graduate (Atlantic Monthly, May 2000)
    "A rare look inside Skull and Bones, the Yale secret society and sometime haunt of the presumptive Republican nominee for President"

Bush and W. with skull and shadows
Illustration by Pat Oliphant.

Skull and Bones: Yale's Secret Society - History and Bush Involvement (David Icke E-magazine)

Bush's Boys Club: Skull and Bones (David Icke)

Chapter 7 ~ Unauthorized Biography of George Bush
- Skull and Bones: The Racist Nightmare at Yale
(David Icke)

Yale's Skull & Bones Society Members (Eric Samuelson, J.D.) - Official movie site by Universal Studios

Red China and the American Presidential Elections (Skolnick Report) - Part 2 Jan. 16, 2001

Secrets of the Tomb Book > Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths of Power
by Alexandra Robbins
Describes how the society's members, including Dubya and his dad, are part of a core clique that rules the world.
See also


bullet  Bush Dynasty

Grandfather Bush's Bank Seized by Gov't for Nazi Connections (ref)

Index: Bush Family Connection Research Sites - compilation by Robert Lederman

Article: THE BUSH FAMILY, FLORIDA, and the AMERICAN CIA (Skolnick's Report) Nov. 15, 2000

Book: The Unauthorized Biography of George Herbert Walker Bush (online) by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin  [another copy] Includes a significant list other resource material including the following:

Book: The Father's Son : George W. Bush, Jr by Arthur Frederick Ide
"Consistent themes are: intellectual lightweight, no visible signs of conscience, and one who has relied consistently on his father's name and fortune to 'make his own way' in the world." -- David Ike

Book: The Two Faces of George W. Bush by Anthony C. Sutton
"Reveals...his membership to a secret society and possible link with drug and arms trafficking networks." -- David Ike

Book: The Mafia, CIA and George Bush by Pete Brewton
"An investigative reporter exposes President Bush's business ties with the Mafia, detailing the crimes of Bush's sons, Jeb and Neil, Bush's link to the BCCI scandal, and the CIA's involvement in disguising that involvement." -- David Ike

Book: The Immaculate Deception : The Bush Crime Family Exposed by Russell S. Bowen
"This is perhaps the most shocking book written this century about treason committed by the highest leaders within the U.S. Government. This disturbing and thought provoking expose, which few American know about, shows the truth about the drug running activities in behalf of the 'secret government.' You will learn about the unsavory past of George Bush and his family, and well as the unscrupulous activities in which he has been involved." -- David Ike

Article: The Windsor-Bush Bloodline by David Ike - Why George W. Bush is favored to be President of the United States in the year 2000!

Piso-Bush Geneology [in Text Format]


bullet  Body Bags

President Bush Behind Katrina?; Salt Lake City Deluge Coming Soon - The same cabal that brought us 911 has now brought us Katrina

Bush' Complicit Role in 911 Attack - HIGH TREASON

The Bush Body Count - 27+ suspicious murders with connections to the current Bush dynasty

Serial President - 140+ death row Texecutions
    "Executing juveniles, the mentally disabled, the innocent, violating international law by denying foreign citizens the right to contact their government before they're sentenced to death, even accusations of genocide"

"Please," Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, "don't kill me."


bullet  Texas Governor Legacy

The State of Texas is a Liar - 75 lies, 646 pages, by Daniel Schinzing


bullet  Misc. News Items

Daily Bush Headlines up-to-date



How Bush Really Made His Millions

Bush's Military Record Reveals Grounding and Absence for Two Full Years

President Bush, looking out for U.S. interests.
(Might want to take the lens caps off)

bullet  Related Sites

THE BUSH FAMILY, FLORIDA, and the AMERICAN CIA (Skolnick's Report) - Dubya talk, family ties, money trails - parody

Bush Jr.'s Skeleton Closet - List of 12+ major allegations and Bush's responses. (Also lists other candidates.)

Official George W. Bush Presidential Campaign Web Site - satire, polemic

Dubya Says - Home of the George W. Bush Quote Library - "we record the damage"  - links to Bush-related sites

George "Dubya" Bush Song Parodies

Bush Family - intimate news by friendly sources

Google > "Dubya"

bullet  Other Resources

Dubya's Income Tax

Presidential Taxes

Income tax calculator

Online tax preparation

Tax information


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