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Greater Things > News > Earth Changes > Yellowstone Volcano

Yellowstone Super Volcano Rumbling -- Cyclical Cataclysm Overdue

Steamboat geyser more active, basin floor steadily bulging upward, areas closed due to increased temperature of eruptions, water/steam eruptions turning to just steam.

Ash Zone

 Caldera rim


A monster awakens? - "Only a handful exist in the world but when one erupts the explosion will be heard around the globe. The sky will darken, black acid rain will fall, and the Earth will be plunged into the equivalent of a nuclear winter. It could push humanity to the brink of extinction." (Online Journal, Sept. 11. 2003)


Many underwater volcanoes erupting simultaneously all over the world tectonic disturbance steadily rising are we headed for a major catastrophe?


Super Volcano In Yellowstone National Park - discusses scientific data and cyclical nature of volcano, as well as recent changes.
Yellowstone Volcano Observatory - (USGS) monitoring the largest volcanic system in North America.
Yellowstone Super-Volcano Continues Threat (Sept. 8, 2003)


Google News > Yellowstone Volcano - international news sorted by date.
Yellowstone Geyser Puzzles Geologists (AP, Sept. 4, 2003)
Crater rise not a cause for concern - "The floor of Yellowstone National Park's giant volcanic crater has risen at a rate faster than ever observed before, according to a new study that offers further proof that "ground deformation" at the park resembles the gently heaving chest of a slumbering giant.  The likely cause of the uplift of the giant crater, or caldera, is a volcanic intrusion of molten rock that has moved upward 30 to 60 miles and flattened into a pancake the size of Los Angeles a few miles below the surface, according to a study to be published today by University of Utah scientists." (SL Tribune; Nov. 9, 2007)

General Links about Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park - official website
Norris Geyser Basin virtual tour


See also

Yellowstone Volcano and Lake Bonneville
Lull Before Storm; Great Salt Lake Receding -- Bonneville Returning
Other News Trends

Climate Changes > San Francisco Sea Level Rises 8 Inches in 100 Years

Sea-level measurements collected at Fort Point in San Francisco since before 1900 form the longest continuous sea-level record for any site on the west coast of North America. (July 16, 2003)

From USGS website


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