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Federal Detention Centers


This index was created in late 1999, at the height of Y2K paranoia.  Since then, many more centers have been built, and any public reluctance has died.  But still, the facilities could be argued to at some point serve the purposes mentioned below, namely the temporary routing of political dissidents in the U.S. to concentration camps.

Federal Detention Center in Honolulu Hawaii, next to Honolulu Airport and Hickum Air Base. Completed May 2001 with 670 beds.
Photo provided by Center staff who wishes to remain anonymous

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Description of Center from Friend who was given a tour
Rebuttal from Seatac Insider
Address & Phone of Seattle/Seatac Center
Statement of "Freeman" incarcerated at Seatac Federal Detention Center

Special Housing Unit for high-risk inmates

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bullet  A Tour of the Facility

Federal Detention Centers
by Sterling D. Allan, Manti, Utah
December 17, 1999

I was with a friend last night who related to me and several others a great deal of information about the state of the pending police state in this country.  I plan to relay in a future post additional revelations he made. He is a very careful researcher, seeking original source information.  The following is conveyed from his first-hand experience.

He showed us several photographs which he took of a "Federal Detention Center" in Seattle.  He said he would allow me to publish the photos on my web site when he can get some time to make copies of them and send them to me next month.  They will be published to the same URL mentioned above.

The building looks like a cross between a prison and a hospital.  It is huge -- about the height of the Federal Murrah Building but twice the depth -- square rather than rectangular with a gray concrete facade punctuated with small, vertical slit windows.  The lower two or three stories are decorated with red brick.  The marquee out in front of the building reads "Federal Detention Center" with a UN insignia above it and address number 2425 below it, which piqued my interest, inasmuch as word number 2424 in the New Testament lexicon is the word "Iesous" (Jesus). Words of opposite meaning are very often found next to each other in alphabetic sequence.

When he was in Seattle recently, my friend drove with a friend of his to this "Federal Detention Center."  They parked in a spot marked for "visitors," went into the reception area and asked when tours were held. After being told of some time slots, they then proceeded outside and started taking pictures of the facility.

As they were doing so, a burly security guard-looking guy came up to them and said that he was taking them into custody for (I can't remember what he said the charge was, but it was something like trespassing on Federal property).

My friend replied that they were waiting for a tour to begin and noted that they were on a public sidewalk.

This did not seem to impress the officer.  He said that there are no tours, and that he was superior in rank to the person at the desk where they had received that information.

After taking them inside for a lengthy interrogation, which made my friend's companion tremble for fear, they were finally released.

When my friend told a physician acquaintance of his about the incident, the physician, who is extremely rich and well known in the community, replied, "I will get you a tour."

And that he did.  He and the chief of police, and a representative of the media, and my friend were given a tour of the entire facility, minus the medical area -- which was an interesting omission inasmuch as the personnel at the facility had promised an exhaustive tour.

My friend said that every one of the detention center personnel he saw was black and very large in stature.

The Law library, which every prison is required to have, was present, but the shelves were bare of any books. Outside the Medical area was a long line of waiting inmates. They were also shown the internment labor facility and were told that the inmates were kept busy there for eight hours a day.

Though they had some inmates, the center was largely vacant considering its occupancy capacity of several thousand.

Outside the facility were parked five or six unmarked busses and several white semi trailers.  Upon looking closer, my friend could see that behind the dark tinted windows of the bus were bars.  He showed us photos of two of the buses.  They were like brand new Greyhound Busses, minus any writing on the thick white line background running the length of the bus with a thin red line above it.

When they asked what a "Federal Detention Center" was for and how it differed from a State or Federal Prison, they were told that these centers were built under the direction of President Clinton for those who committed federal crimes which fit into three basic categories:

(1) Gun Violations
(2) Crimes crossing state borders
(3) Crimes committed on Indian Reservations

Apparently there are eight such structures in the U.S.  My friend showed us a photo of another Detention Center under construction in Oklahoma.

Each one of these are located at the ends of runways of the major airports of the cities in which they are located, where inmates could be loaded and unloaded aboard large transport aircraft.  My friend called them "Transfer Centers," guessing that they were designed for the future movement of dissident citizens from one concentration camp to another after Martial law has been imposed and confiscation of guns enforced.

Any questions about the details of this information may be confirmed in person by going to Seattle, or may be conveyed through me to my friend.

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bullet  Rebuttal from Seatac Insider

click here for rebuttal and opportunity to respond
"I read your article about Seatac... it was full with falsehoods and lies!"

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bullet  Address & Phone Number

The address for the Federal Detention Center near Seattle, in Seatac is

Federal Detention Center
2425 South 200 Street
Seatac, WA

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bullet Statement from a "Freeman" Inmate

As you consider these things, I implore you to keep from entering into any kind of a fear mode, for we bring upon ourselves that which we fear. Rather, I share this for the purpose of illustrating the dire situation in which we now find ourselves praying that each of us may do our part in the Spirit of God to defend freedom and light.

The following is from an inmate at the Federal Detention Center in Seatac (near Seattle) Washington who was part of the famous "Freeman" raid a couple of years back.  He was once going around showing pictures of this facility trying to convince people that it exists.  Now he is there innocently without being sentenced.

Toward the end of his statement he says,

"I implore of you to help us with this endeavor, for the next face that I see coming through the doors of this facility may be yours, or that of one of your loved ones. The words from one of our Forefathers ring true to my ears - 'It is Error alone which needs the support of Government. Truth can stand by itself.'"

click here to read his statement.

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bullet Related Material
Federal Bureau of Prisons/National Institute of Corrections - official directory of facilities
List of Detention Centers - by Coalition to Support Cuban Detainees [back-up copy detention_centers.txt]
Census Bureau Definitions - mention of Federal Detention Centers and their function
Social Science and Government Data Library - mentions FDCs.
Press Release: US TX: Federal Detention Center Complete, Opening This Fall (9/99) -- Houston Chronicle



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Page last updated on August 30, 2008



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