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You are here: Greater Things > News > NESARA -- truth v. fiction

Truth v. Fiction
National Economic Security and Reformation Act


New Age group fabricates stories of secret legislation, misleading people with illusionary hopes based on genuine aspirations.

Page Contents:
Highlights of Purported Legislation Introduction - scam versionRelevant WebsitesExposing the ConSee also


bullet Highlight of NESARA Claims

Legislation purportedly [false] passed by U.S. Congress but placed under gag order:

Ends Income Tax
Forgives Credit Card & Mortgage Debt
Creates US Treasury Bank System based on precious metals
Restoration of Constitutional Law
Change of government administrators


bullet  Introduction -- The Scam Version

Modified from

In June, 2000, a secret law (NESARA) previously passed in March, 2000, by the U.S. Congress came to the attention of some citizens. This law was passed constitutionally and included a gag order with the penalty of death, if any official involved publicly discussed it prior to its official announcement.

In this same month, (June, 2000) a White Knight (a military intelligence contact), said that this secret law:

…eliminated the IRS and Federal Income taxes;

…provided certain major debt forgiveness for people in the U.S.;

…would implement a new U.S. banking and monetary system, using

…precious-metals backed currency;

…would absorb the Federal Reserve into the U.S. Treasury Department;

…would restore our personal liberties;

. . .would require that corrupt national leaders step down;

…improvements in the Federal Government, and much more…

In mid-October, 2000, a White Knight high intelligence contact advised that the secret law had been signed by President Bill Clinton on October 10, 2000, and a few days later the acronym assigned to it’s name was – NESARA. This stands for National Economic Security and Reformation Act.

Because of the U. S. Supreme Court’s requirement to keep the lawsuits secret, all official word of NESARA was forbidden until the corrections to the Federal Government, banking improvements, and prosperity programs distributions were ready to be implemented. That is why the public has never heard about these landmark decisions. This is why the first official word on NESARA is to be the pending public announcement to all humankind. There are an immense number of steps and procedures required to get everything ready worldwide and in all 70-plus prosperity programs, so that all could move forward together.

The White Knights required the U. S. Government agree to distribute all these long-awaited prosperity programs at the same time as the implementation of the new banking and government improvements. Legally binding “Accords” were signed by various heads of the Federal Government over the last few years that set forth the conditions of how all this would occur, and which guaranteed the funding of the prosperity programs. These “Accords” are the legally binding instruments used to put in place these momentous banking, government and prosperity activities.

Those opposed to this in banking, government, military, and the legal world have used every trick possible along the way to delay the completion of thousands of steps involved in aligning all these programs, the world-wide banking and monetary improvements and the U.S. Government reforms. They know that their power and control ends with the implementation of all the requirements in the NESARA law. This is why the opposition ordered the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Pennsylvania attacks on September 11, 2001. They knew that the final word had been given to notify the networks to get ready to broadcast the NESARA announcement.

...In order for everything to be executed successfully, much had to be kept secret in order for these great improvements to be made ready. Now is the time for this all to take place and complete the plans.


Interviews on
2-19-03 & 2-20-03
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bullet  Relevant Websites

Actual Founders > (&.com) - Proposing sweeping legislation.
Counterfeit for Con > - Fraudulently claims that NESARA was secretly passed and is just awaiting announcement.
The DocumentNewsFlyers & BrochuresHistoryRadio InterviewsNESARA Websites (that are Dove friendly)Dove Reports


bullet Exposing the Con

NESARA Scam - "when certain scam artists claim that NESARA has been 'enacted into law' by 'secret Acts of Congress' they are telling a great big lie and total fabrication because NESARA has never even been formally made into a Bill or presented for either a Committee vote or a full vote or Congress."


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Page last updated on October 01, 2004

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