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Foundation Claims Self-Charging System
Independent Report of Tilley Foundation Developments
  • Tilley skips town, shareholders up in arms - "Tilley Charger" in his circuit is actually nothing but a GM 120-amp alternator.  Self-running system alleged to work, but not to the extent claimed.  Court order requires Tilley to prove his technology by middle of Nov. or he goes to jail. (PESN; Nov. 2, 2006)

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Tilley Technology Coverage

Tilley technology: claimed to be endless charger that cranks out up to 10 kw to keep battery pack fully charged.  Claimed that variations could be applied to an electric automobile, a house, a shop, a store, a hospital, a truck refrigeration system, or even a cell phone.  Ends up being a fraud.

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  • Tilley Plans Week-Long Home Power Test for Free-Energy Generator - At least six qualified energy professionals will go to a remotely located modular home and garage that are powered exclusively by the Tilley Home Power system, to test the system for at least seven days, to verify that the fuelless technology works as claimed. (PESN; Sept. 30, 2006)
  • Independent investigation questions invention - The state hired Dr. Saeed Foroudastan, an MTSU civil and mechanical engineer, to do an analysis of the Tilley technology. The DeLorean traveled only 18 miles before stopping. The "magic box" that Tilley claimed could power his house and shop died after just 64 minutes. Tilley pled guilty to Felony. (I-Team; WSMV 4 News; May 11, 2006)
  • Site Updated - Company converts a GMC Sonoma truck to all-electric "self-charger" system. Claims that U.S. government tested and confirmed their self-charging home power generator in July 2005. (PESWiki; March 21, 2006)

It's a Scam


Remaining Supportive

  • KeelyNet - Carl Tilley Report (Seven Part Series) - Jerry Decker reports on his experience seeing the technology, and some comparable technologies he thinks might explain how it works.
  • Long Time Supporter of Tilley, Jerry Decker, Turns - After four years of supporting Tilley and his claims, but never seeing one thing come to fruition as Tilley said it would, nor one independent validation of any claim, but only a slight of hands, Decker sides with those who conclude that Tilley is a con. (KeelyNet; Mar. 21, 2004)


"Highlights" (During Scam)

Photos derived from the Tilley Foundation site are reproduced for purpose of documenting the hoopla behind the scam.

Tilley All-Terrain-VehicleTilley Electric ATV Completes 20-Hour Hard Run -- Batteries still fully charged at end; independent engineers ran test and verified battery charge.

All Electric Boat - scheduled for completion and testing in January 2003.
Carl Tilley in Boat

Chevy Blazer to be Converted
    "We have a new Chevrolet Blazer SUV that will be converted to all electric. The test will most likely be on the Interstate at normal speeds of 65 to 70 miles per hour.
Chevy Blazer
    "We expect to run at least 400 miles on only 12 off the shelf type batteries.  All of the parts necessary for the conversions should be in by this time next week." (Carl Tilley)  Oct. 22, 2002

Tilley Demo Prematurely Terminated by Wheel Bearing Failure (Greater Things News Service)
Review of Sept. 7, 2002 aborted demonstration of Carl Tilley's electric vehicle with endless charger on board at Nashville Superspeedway.

What is It? (During Scam)

Yahoo Listing:
[Yahoo! > Electric Vehicles > Makers > Tilley Foundation] - developing an electric car that can be powered without the help of external power to keep the battery charged.

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The transformed 1981 DeLorean, a Tilley Electronic Vehicle (TEV) charger-supported electric car, runs in excess of 130 mph, optimal speed being 70 mph. The TEV keeps the batteries fully charged at all times.  The road tested car can accelerate from 0 to 95 MPH over one quarter mile distance, outperforming a Corvette [video clip]. It can burn rubber coming off the starting block.  On Aug. 19, 2002, it was driven 201.6 miles.  It was scheduled to be publicly demonstrated at the Nashville Super Speedway stadium Sept. 7, 2002 to a crowd estimated to be 10,000 people, but the outcome was a major disappointment, both in terms of the number of people who showed (approximately 200) and because of a car malfunction unrelated to the technology that was being demonstrated.

The shop in which the car was made was run on energy from a device similar to the TEV. Units can be added for cumulative power output. Two units would produce up to 20 kw; three would crank out 30 kw, etc.

Six variations have been made. The bugs are worked out. The charger unit weights about 27 pounds, and most of the raw components could be purchased from a department store for $25.00, though retail after manufacture and marketing expenses, would be much greater.

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Video Clips (During Scam)

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Marketing (Statement During Scam)

The Tilley Foundation does not intent to manufacture the technology themselves.  Neither are they interested in selling individual licenses for manufacturing and marketing.  Rather, they are looking for an outright purchase of their technology.  They do not wish to pursue any offers that are not in the billions of US dollars for the electric car charger; and 80-100 million for the home/business electrical generator.

There are other inventors and teams that have similar technology that they will be marketing.

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Related Sites (Compiled During Scam)

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  • Bona Fide Free Energy Research - Index of Tesla technologies and other advanced devices that move us away from fossil fuels and other planet-depleting energy sources, and toward abundance of 'free energy' that extracts inexpendable power from the Æther.

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Photos derived from the Tilley Foundation site are used for purpose of documenting the hoopla behind the scam.

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