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Carl Tilley is a Professional Con Man

Major scam involving stolen technology, inflated claims of free energy, excessive investors, demo fraud, delayed delivery.

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Tilley skips town, shareholders up in arms - "Tilley Charger" in his circuit is actually nothing but a GM 120-amp alternator.  Self-running system alleged to work, but not to the extent claimed.  Court order requires Tilley to prove his technology by middle of Nov. or he goes to jail. (PESN; Nov. 2, 2006)
Tilley Plans Week-Long Home Power Test for Free-Energy Generator - At least six qualified energy professionals will go to a remotely located modular home and garage that are powered exclusively by the Tilley Home Power system, to test the system for at least seven days, to verify that the fuelless technology works as claimed. (PESN; Sept. 30, 2006)
Independent investigation questions invention - The state hired Dr. Saeed Foroudastan, an MTSU civil and mechanical engineer, to do an analysis of the Tilley technology. The DeLorean traveled only 18 miles before stopping. The "magic box" that Tilley claimed could power his house and shop died after just 64 minutes. Tilley pled guilty to Felony. (I-Team; WSMV 4 News; May 11, 2006)
Tilley Investors Asked to Be Taken for A Ride - Claimant to hot technology that can produce endless power is driven by greed and picks up those of like passion along the way.  (GreaterThings News Service, Feb. 1, 2003)
Anatomy of a Con -- Video documentation - Tilley in action.  Footage from Dec. 2001, Jan. 2002, and first stockholder's meeting May 4, 2002
Long Time Supporter of Tilley, Jerry Decker, Turns - After four years of supporting Tilley and his claims, but never seeing one thing come to fruition as Tilley said it would, nor one independent validation of any claim, but only a slight of hands, Decker sides with those who conclude that Tilley is a con. (KeelyNet; Mar. 21, 2004)
Electrifying Times Withdraws Support - "By turning down my offer to explain yourself in full detail on the Electrifying Times website, you leave me no choice but to side with those who do not feel your claims are genuine."  (Remy C., editor at large; Jan. 21, 2004.)
Contrast $2 Billion: Columbia vs. Tilley Claim of GE Offer - Space Shuttle Columbia cost $2 billion to build -- the same as Tilley fraudulently claims GE offered him 'sight unseen' for his stolen technology.  (GreaterThings News Service, Feb. 3, 2003)
Correction Please! > Errata to Article "Tilley Foundation Ready with Self-Charger System - Corrections by Sterling D. Allan, March 19, 2003, to the favorable article he wrote in January before becoming convinced of the Tilley fraud.
Sterling Allan Replies to Tilley's Recent Claim to a 200-mile Range Bike - "My argument has not been that Tilley does not have any advanced technology whatsoever. My argument, based on the information I have, is that Tilley is not the originator of the technology that he claims to be his, and that he exaggerates the technology's ability."  (Dec. 29, 2003.)
State of Tennessee Commencing Probe on Tilley - investigative team assigned to pursue evidence of fraudulent business dealings. video (Greater Things News Service Mar. 4, 2003)
Tilley promised $4 mil return on $5k -- "another 30 days"; 'sold invention' - posted on forum Nov. 4, 2003
Tilley Gloats in 'Major Court Victory' - But bully tactics will not go unanswered, and Tilley will find himself behind bars.  Free energy con artist will not go on and on. (Exclusive Report by Greater Things News Service, May 14, 2003)
Tilley Foundation Raided May 29, 2003 - Carried out by Tennessee Division of Commerce and Insurance together with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. (Exclusive Report by Greater Things News Service, May 30, 2003)
Tilley Controversy Aired on Channel 4 WSMV Nashville Feb. 20, 21; Mar. 4 - Two-part series addressing the free energy car claims and controversy  in Tennessee as well as scam he ran in Wyoming before coming to Tennessee.  (GreaterThings News Service, Feb. 11, 2003)
Tilley Foundation Whistleblower Intends to Stop Carl Cold - Exclusive report of Walter Webb's witness against Tilley.  Reviewed and revised according to Walter Webb's input.  (GreaterThings News Service, Jan. 27, 2003)
Tilley Foundation Whistleblower - former board member, Walter Webb, intent on taking Tilley down to keep him from taking anyone else for their hard-earned money.
Robert Kibbey
Kibbey's Recant was Done Out of Despair - Robert Kibbey, who claimed to be the actual originator of the ultra-efficient charger technology claimed by Carl Tilley, recants his claim. Person close to Kibbey said he lost heart and gave up. (Greater Things News Service exclusive; July 20, 2004)
Robert Kibbey Documenting Tilley's Alleged Fraud - To protect potential investors and dissuade existing investors, Tilley's former associate is collecting evidence of misrepresentation.
Robert Kibbey Affidavit - Kibbey recants his claim as inventor (~June 2004)
'Tilley Wrested Ultra-Efficient Technology from Kibbey and Ran a Con (GreaterThings News Service) - Reporting Kibbey's contribution to underlying technology.
Tilley Rebuttal  > Tilley Interview with Eric Krieg - Carl responds to recent charges of fraud, talks about future of Tilley Foundation.  Sterling Allan responds (Mar. 9, 2003)
Sterling Replies to ***'s Slam of His License Proposal - Offer was for a non-exclusive license, based on Carl's statement that the cost of parts for manufacturing would be $25.00.
"Kibbey Not True Inventor Either, I Am" - 'Stephen' says he is the true inventor.
10 EVs or Not? - Tilley gave permission to announce 10 additional vehicles to be powered, then emblazoned on his website that no such directions were ever given.  The misleading disclaimer is still there as of Dec. 3, 2002.
Tilley Tech. Forum - frequented mainly by skeptics who have little substance to offer other than the 'yalping dog' effect, but sometimes make points worth consideration.
James Woods the Ideal Actor to Play Carl Tilley - persona and appearance of James Wood cast as Byron De La Beckwith the man who got away with murder for 30 years, bears haunting resemblance to Tilley, who is still running a sophisticated free energy con operation. (Aug. 6, 2004)
Tilley Claims Endlessly-Charged All-Electric Vehicle to be Ready for Sale in 2005 - Carl Tilley announces a concept car with all the bells and whistles of speed and luxury, combined with ultra efficiency. Or is this yet another stage of an ongoing fraud stemming back decades? (PESN; Sept. 14, 2005)
GM Says They've Not Heard of Tilley - Carl Tilley shows the Pontiac Bonneville on his site and calls it a "Tilley Electric Vehicle" saying it will go for sale this year. General Motors says they have never heard of Tilley. (PESN; Sept. 16, 2005)
Why Tilley Gets Away from Justice - Tilley serves a disinformation role for the powers that be, discrediting alternative energy, keeping the oil barons in power longer. (Sept. 25, 2005)
Have you ever noticed? - Nightrider posts comment to discussion board about cycle of members through Tilley Foundation leadership.
Something's Brewing in the Tilley Swamp | 2 - Disgruntled insiders leaking information to discussion board. (Jan. 11, 2006)

Documentation of Claims

In addition and supplemental to the information provided in the above links.

Many of the following documents are in PDF
[Click here for PDF reader]

Video Documentation - from Dec. 2001, Jan. 2002, May 4 stockholders' meeting 2003.

I. (Overview) Webb/Kibbey List of Grievances

Kibbey letter to Tilley Foundation board - July 3, 2002.  Refutes technology claims of device he helped invent; explains link between TEA (Tilley Foundation edition) and TKEG (Tilley-Kibbey joint venture version).  The TKEG was what was presented on TV.
Webb letter to Tilley Foundation board upon resignation - July 15, 2002 letter explains reasons for resignation.

II. Tilley's Criminal Record

Wyoming Sentence for Tilley's Fraud by Check - July 2, 1996.  Three counts of 'fraud by check'; pleading: 'no contest'; sentence: jail for (1) three consecutive 6-months, (2) 18 months unsupervised probation upon fulfillment of terms specified . . .
WY Bench Warrant for Tilley's Arrest - Nov. 7, 1997; Criminal No: CR-9605-0005.  Tilley was ordered to appear Nov. 4, 1997, 'whereabouts unknown.'
Additional Criminal History - White male, 5'7", 130-145 lbs., Brown, Blue, med. skin.
'83: warrant felony theft, Bushnell SD Florida; '
'83: flight-escape felony theft, Sumpter Co SD, Florida;
'83: larceny, Mesa Co SD, Colorado;
'77: unlawful issuance of blank check; Bellingham SD Washington. 
(1 of 2 locator services)
Tilley's Former Addresses Documented
- 15 different addresses in 7 states: TN, NV, WY, ID, CO, FL, NC.Document includes Carl's Social Security Number [which has a 666 in it (for what it's worth)]
(2 of 2 locator services)
Tilley's Former Addresses Documented
- 16 different addresses in 7 states: TN, NV, WY, ID, CO, FL, NC.

III. Proof of Kibbey Involvement in Invention

When I first interviewed Tilley in August 2002, to report on his Foundation, he portrayed himself as the sole inventor of the TEV technology.  Webb and Kibbey report that this is how Tilley portrayed himself to the shareholders as well.

-- Sterling D. Allan (Jan. 29, 2003)

The following documents Kibbey's involvement.

Receipt of Joint Tilley-Kibbey Patent Filing: DC - "Battery charging system with DC generator and having load-accepting capabilities."  Dated 12/21/2001. confirmation no. 6069. [Provisional, expired Dec. 2002]
Receipt of Joint Tilley-Kibbey Patent Filing: AC - "Battery charging system with AC generator and having load-accepting capabilities."  Dated 12/26/2001. confirmation no. 6072. [Provisional, expired Dec. 2002]
Tilley-Kibbey Agreement - 50-50 joint ownership of technology.
Tilley-Kibbey Memorandum of Intention - joint inventor certification.
Evidence that Griffith knew of Kibbey-Tilley Invention Agreement > Letter from Griffith to Kibbey - July 17, 2001 "Electric field generator project/venture."
[Board member and attorney, Zack Griffith, resigned right after Webb informed him he had documentation.]
Investment Agreement for Tilley-Kibbey Invention - June 22, 2001, Burt and Mary C. Wilson invest $50,000 with 10% interest in all intellectual rights in TeK Mark II device as seen on Channel 5 CBS.

IV. Tilley Foundation Documents

Tilley claims endless power capability - Dec. 30, 2001 letter states, "...We can continuously charge battery bank systems... This will eliminate the need to stop and recharge anything."
[Letter includes Kibbey's name in the "from" line, but only has Tilley's name on signature line.  Kibbey refutes the claim of endless power.]
Proof of Stock Issuance > Stock Transfer Certificate - Ed Anderson's letter certifying sell of his $50,000 stock shares to three + existing stock holders.  Jan. 20, 2003.
Proof of Promised Refund > Promise of Refund Within a Year for Inadequate Stock Performance (blank) - Began to be issued January 2002: "Seller agrees that if a reasonable return is not obtained in one year, funds will be returned upon written notice to the buyer."
Proof of Technology Proposed Sale Amount > Brazilian interest in technology purchase for 5 billion - Feb. 6, 2002 letter from board member (then and now) *** to Walt regarding Paul Gaiser of Brazil.  [They came, tested, shook their heads, left, no deal.]
Tilley Foundation Dec. 2002 Newsletter - includes letter from *** stating (4th par. from end) that no "convincing third party confirmation of the reality of the technology."  Lists parties of purported interest in buying technology.  Tilley says "something will be in, at least a down payment, by the end of the year."  Mentions lawsuit.
Expense Report Jan. 1 Through Nov. 30 2002 - reports "0" for "electricity" expense [contradicts electric company invoice of ~$130/month].  Documents Walter Webb receiving $42,000 in commissions.  Purports "0" commission/wages to Carl.  Total: 551,150.58
Tilley Foundation Board of Directors - commencing May 4, 2002: Carl Tilley, Zack Griffith (resigned), Walter Webb (resigned), Charles Sherlock, Larry Praiter, Bob Gaither, Anothy [sic? Tony] Ratliff (resigned).

V. Technology Claims Discounted

Co-inventor Robert Kibbey Rebuts Tilley's Claim - July 3, 2002 letter states that the device will not run endlessly as Tilley claims.
A Possible Evaluation of Recent Battery 'Overunity' Claims - Don Lancaster explains from a chemical point of view why the Tilley method of battery testing gives false optimistic results.
more coming

VI. Foundation Resignations Because of Scam

Private Tilley Letter to Webb - acknowledges Webb's resignation; states terms of contract; mentions $40,000 that Webb earned on commissions from shares sold; alleges Webb had intent to sell out if he got the 100 shares due him.
Tilley Foundation Letter to Webb - acknowledges Webb's resignation June 11, 2002.
Griffith Resignation from Board - resigned June 14, 2002 when Webb informed him that he had documentation of the scam.

VII. Ensuing Litigation

Emergency Motion for Temporary Injunction Against Tilley - Sept. 26, 2002, Wilson Co. TN case 12383; enjoining Tilley et. al. "from transferring, encumbering, selling or otherwise disposing any property, equipment, technology, licenses, patents, accounts, certificates, stocks, bonds, funds, or assets..." Plaintiff: Robert Kibbey.
[Tilley violated the injunction, claiming he never was served notice (proof to contrary given); He overturned the injunction by a subsequent hearing that he purposely did not inform Webb of, though claiming he did notify.]
Proof of Pivotal Lie >
Letter from Webb to GE - Jan. 14, 2003. Informs GE of statements made by Carl Tilley in May 2002 to a stockholder's meeting that GE had offered 2 billion dollars to buy the technology.
GE Legal Team Going After Tilley - Tilley told his stockholders in May "I spoke with a vice president of GE last night and he said they would pay $2 billion 'sight unseen' " (documented on video).  Jan. 28, 2003 GE confirmed by phone that they have never heard of Tilley, and they are commencing a "full tilt investigation" with possible legal action against Tilley.
Letter from Mrs. Kibbey to Tilley - basis of including Mrs. Kibbey in $1 million suit against Kibbey, Kibbey and Webb.

VIII. Tilley Foundation Still At It

Tilley's Request for Stock Validation - Jan. 2003 foundation newsletter requests stockholders to "verify your certificate to those on record of the Tilley Foundation."
[Since when does a corporation request annual verification of stock?  Could it be an excuse to recover faulty record-keeping or inadvertent destruction of important documents?]
*** Gloating in Pending Offers - Letter dated Jan. 20, 2003 reporting on prospective buyers of technology, including an inquiry from "a major automobile manufacturer."


Recovery -- for the victims

Securities Attorneys - Description: Find securities attorneys or law firms specializing in securities litigation. Cases handled including securities fraud, internet securities fraud, stock fraud, bonds fraud, mutual funds fraud, investment fraud and churning scams.
Investor Recovery Center - How an investor who has a problem with a stock broker can file an NASD arbitration complaint to recover losses from stockbroker fraud, misrepresentations, bad advice, unsuitable investment, churning, unauthorized trades, and misconduct, with or without an attorney. By a securities lawyer formerly with the SEC.
Securities Arbitration and Investment Fraud Lawyer - Securities Arbitration and litigation. Claims against stockbrokers for securities fraud, churning, breach of fiduciary duty, sale of unsuitable investments. NASD/NYSE Arbitrations. National Practice. Free Consultation. Contingent Fee.
SecuritiesSleuth - Articles about securities fraud, stock fraud, broker fraud, pump and dump, scams, class action litigation, arbitration, and e-mail touts.

Editor's Comment

When I first heard about Tilley's electric vehicle driven by a mysterious charger that keeps the batteries perpetually topped, I wanted to believe it was for real, and a manifestation of the "free energy" that mankind is now learning to harness -- solar energy being the most obvious example of extracting energy from a virtually inexhaustible source.

I began this feature website of Tilley's technology with the intent of giving adequate coverage for this phenomenal development.

As time progressed and I had interaction with Carl Tilley and his associate ***, I began to see that they were less than ethical in their dealings with me.  I still remained hopeful that their technology was sound, even as I grew less confident that the technology was theirs originally to offer investors.

I still hope that they have something worth while in their black box, but I am skeptical enough of their ethics that I am willing to give voice on this forum for responsible claims of fraudulent activities by Carl Tilley.

Carl is encouraged to provide evidence to the contrary.

-- Sterling D. Allan, Dec. 3, 2002
Greater Things News Service

After writing the above, I put this exposé page on hold, pending hearing back from Robert Kibbey, but my requests for confirmation were not returned.

With Walter Webb blowing whistle on the Tilley Foundation, I can no longer withhold, but must contribute to the exposing of this for what it is:  a malicious scam operation by a professional con man.

-- Sterling D. Allan, Jan. 27, 2003
Greater Things News Service

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Walter Webb, former Tilley Foundation Board member (7 months) turned whistle-blowerPhone: 615-202-9322 (WEBB)
Robert Kibbey, inventor from whom Tilley stole the technology: 615-444-3405;
Sterling D. Allan: Greater Things News Service
Tilley Foundation Contacts (not affiliated with this site)
Sandra Hawkes of Lincoln, WY, has info on Tilley's crimes in Wyoming.
Forum Member that has inside contact with some Tilley Investors


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