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UN Vehicle Stockpiling in Texas

650+ UN Vehicles & photos from Bastrop Federal Pen

Two aerial photos of nearly 1000 U.N.-white vehicles, which according to confirmed reports are being fitted with prisoner cages and shackles, are being stockpiled in Texas.

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bullet  Photos

Photos Courtesy of All Texas Net

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UNcars1_large_reduced.jpg (17780 bytes)
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5 rows of 40
~8 rows of 60
1 and 1/3 rows of 140
Nestled behind a hillside, just out of sight.

All Photos copyright 1999 AllTexas.Net
"A Normal Border Patrol Vehicle"


scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes) Update Feb. 21, 2003

From: ***
Sent: Friday, February 21, 2003 5:27 PM
Subject: UN Vehicles at Bastrop, TX

Dear Sterling:
Just thought that I'd tell you that the debunk on the Bastrop Vehicles was a lie. I personally know some one that has been there recently, and the Vehicles are in the process of being outfitted with the UN markings now. They were half finished when my observer saw them. I also have someone checking on the allegation that there are thousands of Chinese troops just over the border inside Mexico. I will update when finished.
Watching in Texas


scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes) Original Report
by David Palmquist, operator of
date not indicated, but at least prior to Aug. 6, 1999

***from busy Highway 95 in Bastrop County, Texas, lies a growing fleet of nearly a thousand showroom-new SUVs, 4WD pickups, suburbans and vans. These vehicles are not overflow storage for an overstocked dealer. This fleet is owned by the federal government.

All the vehicles are U.N. White. Rumors have been floating in the area for months about a fleet of suspicious vehicles being outfitted with prisoner cages, shackles and insignia such as "U.S. Police Force" and the U.N. roundel. None of the vehicles observed in the storage area appeared to have any markings at all other than window stickers with equipment data.

However, prison officials did confirm that the SUVs and vans were in fact being outfitted with prisoner cages and shackles. When pressed for information on the intended users of these vehicles, a prison spokesman said they were intended for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. However, vehicles assigned to the INS are predominantly painted green and those assigned to the Border Patrol are usually the same. The suitability of a high-visibility color such as white for either agency is in question. Large, white vehicles can be seen approaching from miles away.

This $30 million fleet of unused government vehicles has been steadily growing, but has not been deployed. It seems the vehicles keep coming in, but none go out to user agencies. This field-full of top-of-the-line utility vehicles, bought with taxpayer dollars, is sitting idle, soaking up Texas sun.

The site is located a few miles North of the city of Bastrop on U.S.Prison property. The high-security prison itself takes up the Southern part of the property. The area where the vehicles reside is fenced-off from the public road with no more precaution than a farmer might use to keep his cattle from straying. The unguarded entrance warns that the area is U.S. Prison property and trespassing is prohibited. Another sign strangely warns of "Poison Gas."

Smaller jpg file versions of same photos above:

UNcars1_small.jpg (7220 bytes)

UNcars2_small.jpg (6429 bytes)


scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes) Refutation

click here to go to WorldNetDaily's "refutation" of the above report.

back-up copy found here.


scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes) Sterling's Rebuttal

SUBJECT: Usability of Bastrop, Texas vehicles for UN purposes not debunked to my satisfaction.

TO: David M. Bresnahan, WorldNetDaily

After sending out a post to certain persons on my e-mail lists regarding the aerial photos of the nearly 1000 UN-like vehicles in Bastrop Texas prison facility, and posting the same to my web site at , a friend forwarded to me a link to your WorldNetDaily article which purports to debunk the UN-use presumption.

I am not convinced that you have debunked the possibility that these white military-usable vehicles are being prepared for UN use within US borders.  I am not convinced of your argument that they are just part of a prison work program, retrofitting them for the U.S.' Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). 

If it turns out to be true that these vehicles are indeed being being prepared for UN use within the US, do you think this government would give you a straight answer?  Are you going to take the government's word for it?  I wouldn't.  I don't.  That is why I don't buy your story.

Of course they will have a spin answer to give you.  Your article does not account for the spin possibility.  Not in the least.

Furthermore, there are several holes in the answers they provided.

They said, "we are taking brand new vehicles that have been sold to the INS and we're retrofitting those vehicles so they can put them on the line."

Why would all of these vehicles be painted white -- every one so far as I can tell from the aerial photos.

Isn't white a bad color for the INS.

White is the trade-mark color of the UN.

True, other agencies, such as local police also often use white.

You must admit that the vehicles would be ideal candiates for UN use.  They do not fit INS profile nearly as well.  But the match is close enough that they can use that spin for now.

Please reconsider this story and probe more deeply than you have.

I am not satisfied.

On the positive side, what your reporting does accomplish is to confirm (from their own lips) that the photos are indeed real, and that there are indeed "between 900 and 1,000 white Dodge vans, Tahoe, Suburbans and Durangos lined up and waiting to be prepared for service."

The question remains, "Service for what?"

Now that the scrutiny is hot, I wouldn't be suprized but that they put INS insignias on the vehicles prior to shipping them "to locations in every state of the nation when they are finished," where they could later be fitted with the UN insignia in a matter of minutes when called for.

Why are they sending INS vehicles to every state in the nation?  1,000 vehicles so far in a non-ending cue, divided among 50 states?

I'm not saying that there is no possibility that the government answer was the truth.  I'm just saying that your article does not answer these questions to my satisfaction.  I'm still suspicious of their intent.  Those look like U.N. vehicles.

Please respond.  (I will be linking to your article from my web site, along with this e-mail message rebuttal.)

Sterling D. Allan
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bullet  Feedback

Date: Monday, August 16, 1999 10:58 AM
Subject: RE: 650+ UN Vehicles & photos from Bastrop Federal Pen

Dear Sterling,

I had one other report of this with photos showing those trucks being loaded on flatbeds to be taken to this depot in Texas.  I am trying to find
where I put the message.  This is getting more 'frightening' all the time.

Thanks for passing this on.

Love and prayers,


From: Music of Zion <>
To: Sterling D. Allan <>
Date: Wednesday, August 18, 1999 11:54 AM
Subject: Re: UN-like vehicles in Bastrop: questions remain

By the way, I see you're sending a copy of this to Art Bell, Rush Limbaugh, etc. Do you think that they will actually say something about this? Perhaps Art Bell, but I doubt Rush will. Try to talk to him about something like the Federal reserve and see how fast you get booted off. They have their eye on him and he can't say anything to raise people's awareness of the slavery people are under.

Slaves can't receive an inheritance. If we did, it would be confiscated by Babylon in a moment. We need to be outside of the jurisdiction to be able to receive an inheritance from our God. This is one of the things that [we are] working on.


Date: Thursday, August 19, 1999 12:10 AM
Subject: Re: 650+ UN Vehicles & photos from Bastrop Federal Pen

I'm passing it along to all of my E-mail buddies and some of the best Prophesy Sites to let them know.  Keep up the good work.

Charlie the

Date: Thursday, August 19, 1999 8:14 AM
Subject: Re: 650+ UN Vehicles & photos from Bastrop Federal Pen

Yes, you have my permission to post my message anywhere you like.  I think the work you're doing should be commended.  There are too many people who have grown complacent about our freedom and take it for granted.  Show them the pictures and maybe they'll believe their own eyes before it's too late.

Tell them how there are now thousands of soldiers from other countries being trained here in the U.S., and how our president is giving our secrets and our freedom away for his personal gain.

Charlie the

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