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Hailee says "That's Crazy" that the LDS Church banned me from all LDS properties - I sat down with my kids this evening and told them about my being banned.  (GreaterThings; November 15, 2014)
Free Energy Quest guest specified by name in Alphabetics - In looking up the url of the Rense Radio Archives for my Free Energy Quest show in Alphabetics, it not only gave the most general explanation imaginable: solar, via web-highway: but also gave the specific name and phone number of the guest I had scheduled for today: Sampson, 0490. (PESN; November 4, 2014)
LDS Church bans Sterling Allan from all LDS Properties for peacefully participating in Sunday School - The Church law firm alleges: "You have created disturbances on Church property, violated Church policies and caused members and leaders to fear for their safety." While local leaders vouch for Sterling's non-violent nature and good behavior on Church property. Parallel to Electricity power struggle. (GreaterThings; October 23, 2014)



[Go]Human Microchip Implants Already in Use (Greater Things index) Present use of implants as well as of Digital Solutions' actual plans to produce the implants on a large scale.

*   *   *

[Go] (Greater Things) Weather-modification-influence "natural disasters" being used to eliminate undesirables and inure populace to Marshall law.

*   *   *

[Go]President Bush Behind Katrina?; Salt Lake City Deluge Coming Soon (Greater Things) The same cabal that brought us 911 has now brought us Katrina.

*   *   *
[Go]U.S. Citizen Spy Network (Greater Things) Operation TIPS has Orwellian shadows of East German Stasi.
*   *   *
[Go]Dubya 'D Man (Greater Things Exclusive) Why George W. Bush is insider's choice to bring in New World Order
*   *   *

[Go]Identity Chip to be Woven into Money (ZDNet) - technology now under development to be implemented next Spring. 7/3/01

*   *   *
[Go]Echelon Exposed in Alphabetics Code (Greater Things exclusive!) Worldwide espionage network, under U.S.'s NSA and other world superpowers, can intercept two billion phone calls per day, along with faxes and e-mails and other electronic communication. ECHELON intercept station at Menwith Hill, England
*   *   *

[Go]Police State Murmurings   (Greater Things exclusive!) Detention Centers for dissident citizens. Joint military/police exercises.   National ID. Other concerns reported.  Includes link to FBI's Megiddo Report -- criminalizing dissent.

*   *   *
[Go]Concentration Camps in U.S. (Greater Things) Index of sightings, photos, descriptions.
*   *   *

[Go]Social Security and 666 Spiritual reasons to spurn this socialist programming for tracking by Big Brother

*   *   *

[Go] Federal Police Badges Ready
(Photos) FEMA & GSA Preparing for Martial Law.

Federal Police Badge -- FEMA

*   *   *
[Go]China Readies for Future U.S. Fight (CNN) [backup] - Iraq attack convinces China of U.S.' hegemony propensity. Mar. 26, 2003
*   *   *

[Go]Yellowstone Super Volcano Rumbling (Greater Things) cyclic cataclysmic eruption overdue.

*   *   *
[Go]Saddam: Annihilate Israel (Ha'aretz) Hussein calls on Arab countries to let his army pass through. 1/17/01
*   *   *
[Go]Bin Laden Gets Promis(e) - elite U.S. software capable of hiding and facilitating financial transfers, personnel travel. 1/07/03
*   *   *
[Go]The Untold Cost of Wal-Mart's Cheap Prices (Greater Things) Increasingly slave-like labor conditions of workers in the U.S. and especially abroad 4/30/02
*   *   *
[Go]Bin Laden Joins Arafat (WND) Saudi master of terror ready to strike Israel? 4/20/01 (notice the date)
*   *   *

[Go]Cold Fireฎ Extinguishes Traditional Firefighting Mindset (Greater Things Exclusive) - Enables the citizen to handle most fires without the intercession of a fire department. (Nov. 29, 2003)

*   *   *
[Go]U.S. Economy Pushing Bankruptcy (FathersManifesto) More bankruptcies, greater consumer debt than ever (Dec. 10, 2000)
*   *   *
[Go]Ten Commandments Inquisition Eye-witness report says Chief Justice Roy Moore was removed from the bench for declining to agree to not acknowledge God!
*   *   *

[Go]Chemtrails: Finally Some Answers (Joel Skousen) - addressing how, why, where. Jan. 11, 2002

*   *   *
[Go]Fascist America Rising (Phylly Inquirer) U.S. Governor's Private Conference with Big Money Corporations
*   *   *
[Go]Americans in International Court? (NewsMax) Treasonous treaty (1/6/01)
*   *   *
[Go]Russian Mafia Taking Over (CBN) From Long Island to global pillage; now major U.S. threat [more]
*   *   *

[Go]New Age Village for Global Convergence Maurice Strong's pagan stronghold for expediting the New World Order

*   *   *

[Go]Parents Pressured to Drug Children (MSNBC) Just say yes to Ritalin; ADHD diagnoses increasing; Repercussions for failure to medicate.

*   *   *

[Go]San Francisco Sea Level Rises 8 Inches in 100 Years
Sea-level measurements collected at Fort Point in San Francisco since before 1900 form the longest continuous sea-level record for any site on the west coast of North America

*   *   *

[Go]Channel One Brainwashing ( Schools Serve Up Junk TV Along With Junk Food. 2/12/01

*   *   *

[Go]Ten Exchanges to Form Global Stock Market (Yahoo News) [link dead] 24-hour $20 trillion global market controlling 60 percent of the world equity market (June 7, 2000)

*   *   *

[Go]KGB Exonerates McCarthyism - Opening of VENONA intercepts proved that McCarthy was absolutely right about the extensive Soviet penetration of the U.S. government in all the most sensitive sections and its danger to America.

*   *   *

[Go]Super Plague Coming (Greater Things excusive) Intuitive warns that deadly disease is about to be unleashed by conspiratorial international elite. Carrots an effective preemptive deterrent.

*   *   *

[Go]Unmarked Tanks Moving Through Vancouver WA Photos.

*   *   *

[Go]Gayle Smith's Visions of the Wasatch Front and World  (Greater Things exclusive!)

Earth Quake

*   *   *

[Go]UN Vehicles Stockpiling in Texas  (Greater Things) Two aerial photos of nearly 1000 U.N.-white vehicles, which according to confirmed reports are being fitted with prisoner cages and shackles, are being stockpiled in Texas. (8/16/99)

Aerial view of hundreds of UN-white Vehicles in Texas


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