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Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy - Henry Makow, Ph.D., reviews accounts by Slavi, who was on the inside and got out 10/24/02
MIT project lets citizens 'Google' feds Reverse Orwell site lets public track government officials. (CNN, July 6, 2003)
Martial Law is Coming -- One City at a Time
( City councils all across the country are passing emergency powers ordinances that  empower the unelected city managers to take complete control of town functions during a declared state of emergency and turns municipal emergency administrators into agents of the federal government in the event of a declared state of national emergency.
Judicial Watch Website Ordered Down by Judge ( - troubling trends in civil rights; case in point for need for mirror back-ups. 11/4/01
Arafat Threatens Use of Nuclear Weapons (Gulf Daily) Defies Israel.  3/4/01
Computer Supervirus Lurking (Scripps)
Virus delivered in e-mail could wipe out files and BIOS without being opened.
16th Amendment Remonstrance ( Notice of graduated income tax being a fraud is presented to government leaders and advertised in major US newspapers.
Crime Up Down Under (WND) Since Australia's gun ban, armed robberies increase 45%
Census a Tool of Socialist State Building (Greater Things exclusive!) All questions but one are unconstitutional and designed to assist bureaucrats in expanding the scope of Big Brother.
Millennium Assembly (Idaho Observer) U.N.  to get major boost as heads of all 188 member nations gather to revamp power structure.
Summit Wrap-up Report (The Age) UN signs historic millennium agreement. (9/9/00)
Report (II) (Discerning the Times) UN Millennium Declaration--"Mandate" for global governance
Retort (Wake_up) Parody. (9/9/00)
Census 2000 Tests SSN (Christian Science Monitor) Asked 21,000 to include Social Security Number
Russian Bombers Stationed Near Alaska (AFP) US, Canadian fighters move to counter probes by Russian bombers (Dec. 1, 2000)
LDS Abortion Policy Highlighted (SLTrib) Hatch-Howell debate brings out liberal nature of LDS abortion policy. (10/17/00)
Weapons of Mass Destruction (Janes) CIA warns of continuing trend for procurement of weapons by more nations
CNN, NPR Military Psyops Interns Exposed, Leaving How did military psyops get civil media internship jobs?
International Persecution of Christians
(Greater Things exclusive index!)
Index of sites documenting brutal persecution of Christians by tyrannical regimes, especially China, Pakistan, and many Arab nations.
Reinterring Mountain Meadows Massacre  (Greater Things exclusive index!)
Backhoe uncovers monument bones -- reburied without the analysis called for by Utah law.  Utah power base continues to deny culpability for the massacre.
Pre-MEDitated Malpractice on the Defenseless
What is wrong with the current medical/ legal/ government/ law enforcement syndicates as they related to medical injury victims.
New Sino-Soviet-Radical Islamic Axis ( Don McAlvaney's analysis of the new polarization forming and the threat it poses for nuclear war with the New World Order West.
Getting Bank Account w/o SSN
How Craig Burkholder Gets Bank Account Without Social Security Number
Reclaim Our Canal! (New American) Panama Canal hand-over not a done deal.  We must rally behind Congressional measures to reverse this illegal action so as to keep the canal from falling into Chinese hands.
Panama Canal
Hand of Hope
Picture of a 21-week fetus hand reaching up through an incision in its mother's uterus to grab the finger of the surgeon who had just performed a life-saving procedure.
Hand of Hope
Water Flowing from Jerusalem Temple
Water flowing from Jerusalem Temple Mount
Wedgewood Shooting Changed to Glory
Tragedy turned to Glory as Many Turn to God -- 'See You At The Pole' Voluntary School Prayers Awareness Skyrocketing
Seven who laid down their lives for Jesus at Wedgewood Baptist Church shooting


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