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You are here: Greater Things > News > Upon My House > Need to Clean House in Cedar Town

Cedar Town Branch in Georgia Needs Setting in Order

Cedar Town Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has  gone seriously awry.  Someone in leadership capacity needs to clean up this mess.

The following is posted with the permission of the author.  A few minor spelling errors have been corrected.

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Sent: Sunday, March 25, 2001 12:54 PM
Subject: GTcontact

I was reading of Holly Borden's testimony. Too often, priesthood supports priesthood when the wife, daughter, employee,,,,,whatever, tries to "tell" when there is gross abuse going on. Where I live in the Cedar Town branch in Georgia, almost 6 years ago, there was a branch clerk who's wife went to the priesthood about him and that there were severe "problems". They drove her from the church and he continued to attend and fulfill his calling. his wife threw him out of the house and the whole branch put their arms around him and wept with him and supported him in his calling while he was moved in living with a single sister sleeping in the bed with her son. One Sunday he elatedly told everyone that he obtained a position as manager of the local toy store, a position he said he had greatly desired for the longest time. He was arrested for molesting several children in that store. He said he didn't and the "priesthood" and the sisters supported him and wept with him and told him that the Lord would help him. They did release him from his calling. While he was out on bail, still living at the single sister's home sleeping with her son, he molested several other children. During the trial he still held to his innocence and then the single sister began to be implicated in the molestations, and he confessed, ending the trial. Not long after that, they made this sister 2nd counselor in the primary presidency where she destroyed the first Christ centered primary they had ever had there and the children were, for the first time, eager to attend. She did this through lying and manipulation and she succeeded and the primary children were left alone with that sister because the primary president resigned her calling in the face of all the trouble she (the single sister) caused. Today there is still an apostate group of some denomination, meeting in that building. They are not latter day saints. I have caught them refusing to use the church materials and teaching from handwritten texts that do not resemble the approved lesson in the manuals. The branch president's wife, a couple of years ago, told a new move in who was the chorister that she should never teach "those book of mormon" songs to the children. She had stopped this sister in the middle of class and pulled her aside and told her that "the children wouldn't understand them and the parents would be very angry and forbad her to ever teach the Bof M in that primary. This kind of thing has gone on for years and every new person who is baptized is there one or two weeks and then they are gone and never return and won't let anyone come to their house or say why, so the same "core" group stays in control. I, myself, have been the victim of "verbal abuse" and mistreatment at their hands. I am no ignorant person. I have served as RS president and I have served in 2 stake RS presidencies in California and Alabama. Why am I telling you all this? Because no one else cares or believes they are that wicked in Cedar Town , Georgia But none the less, no one stays in that branch. Even I do not attend but once in a while because of their mistreatment and insulting behavior and refusal to adhere to the doctrines of the Church.

Why do I tell you these things about Cedar Town, Georgia? Because I have learned that those within the church who call themselves "priesthood" are not always of God. "The enemy is combined." Holly Borden's post prompted me to write. I can imagine what that family has gone through when initially, they tried to get help from a bishop or home teacher. And I have no doubt they did. We cannot say what a beautiful new suit the Emperor is wearing because the Emperor has no clothes. Do you know that story? Why do you think, oftentimes these things are not reported and the priesthood dealt with before damage is done? For the simple reason that these Bishops and Stake Presidents have submitted the names of the mentally and spiritually sick man to leadership and been told that they had response from the Lord Himself that the man was pure and dedicated and good for the calling. They don't want to admit to higher ups that they had been wrong. So wives, children and church members suffer and the result is that the whole church suffers.


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Sent: Sunday, March 25, 2001 2:05 PM
Subject: Re: GTcontact

In a message dated 3/25/01 2:07:54 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

Thanks for sharing this.

Would you mind if I posted it as feedback to that Boren page?

By the way, have you tried contacting the 'higher ups' in the church regarding this situation you are talking about?

I'm surprised it has persisted. It ought to be put to an end.

Sterling >>


No I do not mind if you use it. I hope someone will see it and do something. I have reported to the stake president. Our branch was "occupied" for three years by brothers and sisters who had been assigned as stake missionaries to teach the proper ways to the locals. Some of what the locals do went on anyway behind the backs of those assigned and as soon as the former high councilman who was our assigned branch president, left it was business as usual. I think the stake president is a very good brother who simply is at a loss as to what to do. When things are reported, and he moves to correct them, they say the same line they have used for 30 years. "Please forgive us. We are just ignorant country people. We didn't know any better." And if the stake were not to believe that,,,,,,,it would mean the closure of the building since there would not, then, be enough worthy priesthood to preside if they dealt with the perpetrators. You may want to remember (I am going to tell you) that the head of church security attends that branch at least he says he is. It is to their credit (he and his family) that they only come for sacrament meeting most of the time and don't associate with the branch members either. This family was very, very, very instrumental in helping the church establish the Atlanta Temple. No one wants to admit that the emperor has no clothes. I don't know, really, just how deep the apostasy goes and to whom. Most do not want to believe that anyone group of people could be that wicked. They go into immediate denial. I only know that no one ever stays and that they teach false doctrine and I know that because they made the mistake of making me librarian and I had a church manual to follow along with. One of the men who is so spiritually and emotionally abusive behind closed doors, was the most upset when I reported this to the stake. The core group was completely upset and irate. Wouldn't you think they would be happy to find out that their teachers were not using the manuals so they could change it? All I know is that this has gone on for many years before I moved here and correction has not come yet. The only thing I can guess is that there are some who fear stepping on toes. And others just faint in their minds at the horribleness of it all and take the easy way out by believing that what they continue to do over and over again is just "accident". The high councilman that was our branch president for 3 years took them step by step through the manuals over and over again and also was an excellent example of love and charity for them to follow. There is no excuse for what they do. These people are not country bumpkins. The one with the meanest spirit is a church employee who is over the building maintenance in the stake. He shows one face to the brethren and another face behind closed doors. He has been a high councilman himself. Anyway How intelligent do you have to be to know that in a small town where a church officer is on trial for child molesting,,,,that you don't put the single woman he lived with in the primary presidency? If your purpose is to cause the church to grow, do you do that? Where are these people that have been baptized over the years. Two of the good brethren who moved here from somewhere else, visited every in active in the branch that would let them in. (most won't) EVERY one that would talk to them said they don't attend because things are not right there.

I took classes on abuse and one of the things that was taught is that when abuse is going on that it is common to blame the victims and support the perpetrators. That is what happens in Cedar Town. I was also taught that because, initially people don't want to believe such ugliness that the victims should keep telling and telling and telling and telling until SOMEONE does something.



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