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You are here: Greater Things > News > Upon My House Shall It Begin > LDS Underhandedly Anti-Patriot

LDS derision of patriots and their support of NWO not overt, but still substantial

Christopher Hansen writes:

> Can you name one commandment on how we should live our lives so we can be
> good and joyous and live happier lives that our Modern day prophets have
> given that were wrong.


It is not in the overt statements that deception is found coming from the brethren, whom the LDS members follow as if they were God himself speaking to them.

It is in the subtle culture that the deception is fostered and perpetuated. When we see members of the Quorum of the Twelve being all patsy patsy with Communist leaders, what kind of statement does that make? When we see the socialists of the church who are rich and famous being wined and dined in the Church Office building, while the hard core patriots are snuffed at every turn, what kind of statement does that make? When Gordon B. Hinckley is asked in a Regional Conference Priesthood Question Answer session in Payson, Utah in 1992, what he thinks of the New World Order, and he replies, "seems good enough to me," what kind of message does that send?

It's not official church policy, but everyone 'in the know,' knows that the Brethren in general are not avid pro-Constitutionalist, but are friendly to Socialists.

Brigham Young University sports several members of the Council of Foreign Relations on its faculty (e.g. Earl Fry), but not one member of the John Birch Society (that I know of). They even have a building named after a deceased member of the Council on Foreign Relations: David M. Kennedy Center ( You better believe they would never have a Cleon Skousen Center. To their credit, though, in earlier days, at least they let Cleon teach a few classes. David M. Kennedy served in the official capacity as "advisor to the First Presidency" for several years prior to his passing.

Stan Taylor, avid pro New World Order, Political Science Department Chairman at BYU, is one of the key advisors to the brethren regarding their policy toward Communist/Socialist nations. I know. He told me this in his office -- gloating. He also told me, "I am like this (holding his index and middle fingers twisted together) with the brethren, and I can tell you that they do not share Ezra Taft Benson's views about politics and conspiracy." (1989). He also told me that my book 'The Vision of All: Our Past, Present, and Future as Foretold in Book of Mormon History' was a waste of time and that I should find better things to do with myself. (It quotes Ezra Taft Benson over 100 times, warning about the Conspiracy to establish world socialist government.) In one of his required courses, he methodically debunks Cleon Skousen's "The Naked Communist," as well as Gary Allen's "None Dare Call it Conspiracy." Or at least he did at the time we spoke. He probably doesn't need to any more, as those books are so thoroughly discredited among the LDS now (thanks to his and other's efforts) -- even though they are fantastic books. Gary Allen's book is what woke me up when I was a Senior at BYU. And about the only reason I took it serious is because on the back cover was an endorsement by Ezra Taft Benson.

Today, Gordon B. Hinckley's books are endorsed by the likes of Larry King, no friend of Constitutionalists.

Now that Ezra Taft Benson and H. Verlan Anderson have passed away, the circle of brethren is virtual void of solid patriots so far as I know. Instead, now there is at least one member of the Council on Foreign Relations who is a General Authority -- Donald Staheli.

Look at who BYU invites as its commencement speakers, and you will see this pattern more vividly. It hit an all time low in 1991 when they had General Brent Scowcroft (CFR) speak at Commencement. Fourteen times he mentioned the New World Order. This was during the Gulf War, when GWB's dad was trumpeting the NWO like it was the next best thing since apple pie.

None of this talk (pro or con) ever makes its way into General Conference, but it does create a subcultural understanding that woos the LDS masses to sleep when it comes to an understanding of the awful situation that we are in. 'Everyone knows' that patriots are anathema, and that there really isn't anything wrong with the New World Order.

You won't hear that from the pulpit, but you will get it from your bishop or stake president. I've heard so many stories from people for whom this was the case.

So no, I do not anticipate that the brethren would ever get up in General Conference and tell people they should take the mark of the beast, but you better believe the subculture will support it. Of course it will not be marketed as "the mark of the beast," but something more benign sounding, such as "homeland security identification implant."

Wake up, my friend, and stop making excuses for the spiritual bastards who have taken over the Lord's vineyard. The remnant are being gathered out.

Sterling D. Allan
Upon My House Shall it Begin -- Church Salt Losing Savor

--- In God_Bless_America@y..., Christopher Hansen <sovereign@m...> wrote:
> Sterling,
> Very well said.
> The sad thing is that we are commanded, by the prophets not to follow
> blindly and to go to God with very word that the prophets tell us and
> confirm them with God through Christ.
> The problem is that the members do not follow the counsel of the Prophets
> but only pick and choose.
> I have yet to find a commandment on how to live my life so I can be happy
> from the prophets that was not from God and was not of profit to my life
> and Joy.
> The Prophets told us to eschew Socialism. The members ignored them. The
> prophet told us that Social Security was not of God and in opposition to
> the teachings of Christ. The members ignored him..The Prophets told us to
> pay tithing and our lives would improve and many members ignored him.
> Can you name one commandment on how we should live our lives so we can be
> good and joyous and live happier lives that our Modern day prophets have
> given that were wrong.
> Trusting a perfect record after confirming his guidance with God is good
> advice.
> Christopher
> At 09:40 AM 2/9/2002 -0700, you wrote:
> >

> >
> >Shirley Temple parable on agency


(Dr. Jackson Stockwell) Re: LDS derision of patri - they didn't let Cleon teach on campus.
(Randy Miller): LDS derision of patriots and thei - I was one of Stan Taylor's students.  I took the course you talked about and can vouch for what you say.

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