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Prophet Silenced?  Why Does He Schmooze With World Dictators?

From: name withheld [used with permission]
To: "Sterling D. Allan" <>
Sent: Saturday, August 17, 2002 3:14 PM
Subject: Why Aren't The LDS Leaders Talking....

Sterling, I read this dialogue with considerable interest. It strikes me as odd that so many otherwise intelligent and sensible people are so eager to add their little ornamental embroidery to the Emperor's New Clothes.

I would be receptive to the idea that the "prophets have been commanded to be silent" about all-encompassing evil were the LDS leadership not so voluble on so many other subjects. They are stentorian when lending their voice to popular causes, sotto voce when discussing distinctive LDS doctrines, and utterly silent on matters of immediate moral concern.

Take the issue of embryonic stem cell experimentation. Here is an issue that is literally unique to our day: Never before has the human race had the ability to cannibalize developing human beings on behalf of others (e.g., harvest stem cells to use in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's research). There is NO scientific reason to use embryonic cells when "adult" cells are plentiful, better suited to research, and can be harvested with no injury to the donor. The ONLY reason to use embryonic cells is to establish the principle that human individuals can be cannibalized for the good of the collective. So where are The Brethren? They're cowering behind press-friendly platitudes and the PR hacks who cobble them together.

Or take last October's GenConf. speech "The Times in Which We Live." Commenting on the "War on Terrorism," Hinckley casually mentioned that our freedoms may be restricted for a season, and blithely told his audience that he couldn't foresee what was coming. And his audience, either out of tone-deafness or socially prescribed conformity, went home to extol the wonderful blessing of having a "living Prophet" to guide us in such troublous times....

Now, if the assumption is that the Seers have been silenced, we would expect that they would be *consistently* silent -- or, at least, that they would refrain from actively endorsing evil men and evil designs. But in that same speech, Hinckley said -- speaking on behalf of his entire flock, presumably -- that we stand with the President. I do not, and neither does my household: We stand with our Constitution, of which Curious George, the inbred socialist chimp who occupies the White House, is an unambiguous enemy.

And what can we say of the wretched tableau created when the First Presidency greeted Kofi Annan -- a man with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Rwandan Christians on his hands -- as Hinckley oozes about "this good, wonderful man ... doing such a wonderful job of trying to bring peace and goodness to the world"? For heaven's sake, if the Lord has silenced this Seer, he should by all means SHUT UP, if his only alternative is to deceive his docile flock on behalf of one of Satan's most effective servants.

When Elijah and John the Baptist dealt with the Power Elite in their respective ministries, they upbraided them, admonished them in God's name, and confronted their evil works in public. The same was true of Isaiah (who was killed in singularly grisly fashion for his witness). The Book of Mormon describes how Ether and Moroni withdrew to observe the final destruction in silence, and how the Lehite disciples were withdrawn as well.

If Hinckley has been silenced by the Lord, why, pray tell, does his mingle and schmooze with the Power Elite? Why does he tool around the world in a CORPORATE JET (no humble tent-maker, he, as Paul was; no John the Baptist living in the wilderness), to such destinations as China, where he was literally greeted with a red carpet? (He's reportedly going to be in Russia in early September.) Why does he insist on being referred to as the "world leader" of the LDS Church -- a phrase that reflects his entree into the rarefied realms of those who administer the kingdoms of this world, and who thus serve the evil one who controls those kingdoms (Matthew 4: 8-10)? Why is he so eager to address the World Affairs Council (he's done so three times), offering speeches that play up the fact that he commands a church full of people who eagerly take dictation?

Just within the last few weeks we saw the repellent spectacle of the Church lavishing a huge sum on the United Nations for the purpose of "famine relief" (read: propping up murderous dictatorships) in Africa. In the worlds of Ah-nuld, "Hear me now and think about it later": The time will come -- relatively soon -- when the Church hierarchy will openly embrace the UN, and require its faithful members to do likewise. When this happens, the same people who strain to rationalize the complicitous silence of the Church leadership now will probably find some way to justify that leadership's open collaboration.

President Hinckley is fond of saying that the Church presently enjoys the "sunshine of acceptance," and that this is the great era of acceptance for Mormonism. I cannot help but recall the words of our Lord: "Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets."


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