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Right and Left Among the LDS Membership


The following is a report off the top of my head. It has no basis on actual data accumulated, but is based on my experience and exposure (since being awakened to the state of affairs in the church and in the world), direct and indirect, over the past fifteen years.

I would say that 5% of the LDS population, top to bottom, are avidly liberal.

10 to 20 percent are mildly liberal.

The middle 40% are more pacifist, though they tend to be conservative; but do nothing about it.

10 to 20% are quite conservative, in the tradition of the Republican Party; and 5% are staunchly conservative, either being movers and shakers in the party or even being a member of a third party.

I would estimate that 1% of LDS are conservative in the tradition of the John Birch society, believing avidly that there is a conspiracy to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations and countries.

Of that 1%, maybe 10% are aware that this conspiracy also infiltrates the LDS Church, including its highest quorums.  These usually end up getting in trouble to the point of either being disciplined or being removed from membership in the church.  It's like a bleed-off valve for the wheat, to gather them out from the midst of the tares.

To compare that to the Jewish world, I would say that in their case, the middle 40% is more liberal, and the staunchly conservative are a smaller proportion; while the staunchly and actively liberal have a larger proportion.

My own political opinion is that there is much good in both the right and left extremes, as there are things that are out of balance and wrong. The best ideal is a synergistic melding. Limited government, individual responsibility, taking care of the poor voluntarily, having stewardship over the earth and taking care of her, etc.


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