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A New Testament:  A Mighty Change for a New World

Greater Things Newsletter #21 -- 5/11/99

Hello friends of Greater Things,

I am very pleased to announce that the book "A New Testament: A Mighty Change for a New World" is now posted to the web site in Internet-friendly format.

You can either click page by page through the book, or you can pick and choose from the table of contents.  A copy of the table of contents is posted below, following this letter.

The book addresses in great detail from a scriptural stand point the baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost, which is core to the doctrine of Christ, but which has been neglected in our religious culture to our condemnation.

The phrase "A New Testament" in the title is because of the added witness obtained from Alphabetic word studies, looking at key words such as fire, heart, dove, cross, gate in their alphabetical location in Hebrew (OT lexicon), Greek (NT lexicon), and English.

Previously, this book was available as a single unwieldy 285k document.  Now it is broken into bite-size pieces.

Several of the pages have been refined, and a PROLOGUE has been added.

Also newly posted to the web site in conjunction with this book is a commentary on the II Nephi 7:2 = 25:23 parallel, "By Grace are we saved, notwithstanding all we can do." This parallel alignment places the emphasis back on grace, as God's mercy is required in our Christian walk every step of the way, especially at the beginning, when we commence in the path with a new heart.

What the world needs is a mighty change of heart.  Then would there be peace -- not forced from without as the socialist NWO would do, but spontaneously flowing from within, through the indwelling presence of God.  Indeed, Christ being in our midst in the millennium will not just be about this Lord himself residing here physically with us on this planet, but will be about each individual having the abiding presence of the Spirit of God.

He will be their God, and they will be his people.


Sterling D. Allan

Table of Contents for A Mighty Change:  A New Heart for A New World


bullet Introduction

bulletThe Intent of This Book
bulletThe Most Important Quest
bulletOur Promised Destiny: The Millennium
bullet"When I Called Again"
bulletSalt That has Lost Its Savor
bulletThe Curse of God
bulletThe Great and Marvelous Work
bulletThat the Gates of Hell May Have No Power

bullet Part I: The Gospel or Doctrine of Christ and the Baptism of Fire and of the Holy Ghost

bulletThe Lamanite Conversion Prototype
bulletThe Nephite Disciples' Baptism by Fire after Christ's First Appearing
bulletUniversality of the Doctrine
bulletFollowing the Example of Our Savior
bulletCome Ye In at the Gate
bulletHe That Baptizeth with the Holy Ghost
bulletA New Heart and the New Tongue
bulletThe Church of God Prototype
bulletAlma's Conversion Prototype
bulletThe Baptism of Fire and "Knowing" the Lord
bullet"Fire" in the Old Testament
bulletThe "Preparatory Gospel" vs. the "Fullness of My Gospel"

bullet Part II: Perfected in Christ

bulletCome Ye to the Waters
bulletBe Ye Therefore Perfect
bulletIt is by Grace we are Saved Notwithstanding All We Can Do (II Nephi Parallel)
bulletGrace for Grace
bulletAnd the Greatest of These is Charity
bulletBecome as a Little Child: Prerequisite for Baptism and Kingdom
bulletNone Which The Father Hath Given Me Shall be Lost

bullet Part III: Latter-day Repercussions

bulletThey Shall See Eye to Eye
bulletA Standard for the Gentiles to Seek Unto
bulletThat Faith Might Increase in the Earth
bulletParallel Lessons: The Church of God Driven Into the Wilderness
bulletA Modern Provocation and Scourge
bulletAll Things in Common

bullet Conclusion

bulletThe Intent of the Book of Mormon
bulletWaiting Upon the Lord
bulletA Closing Prayer

bullet Appendices: Alphabetics Studies -- Another Testament

bullet(Preface, cont.)
bulletAlphabetics Studies: Mighty Change: CONTENTS

bullet End



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