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Chiasms & Parallels


"Now these are the words, and ye may liken them unto you and unto all men."
-- 2 Nephi 11:8

A. Study
B. scripture     
C. commentary
A. by matching
B. a scripture's
C. analogous text

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"shall become one in thy hand"


bullet TOP TEN Parallels
(see Hybrids index)
Bible Old Testament - Bible New Testament hybrid:
Isaiah 66 = II Thessalonians 2 parallel <PDF> ("God shall send them strong delusion, that they believe a lie, because they loved not the truth")
Bible Old Testament - Moroni Book of Mormon hybrid:
Isaiah 28 = II Nephi 28,29 parallel <PDF> ("Drunkards of Ephraim; people, priest and prophet;" "All is well;" "We have enough, we need no more;" "Line upon line, precept upon precept")
Bible New Testament - Moroni Book of Mormon hybrid:
Hebrews 12 = II Nephi 9:17-38 parallel <PDF> ("take up the cross, despise the shame, set down in the kingdom of God")
Moroni Book of Mormon - Moroni Doctrine and Covenants hybrid:
Alma 26 = D&C 11 parallel  <PDF> (A great and marvelous work)
Intra-book hybrids:
Second Book of Nephi huge parallel <PDF> <>  II Nephi 2-10 = 18-28  (~100 pp. still being uncovered in both directions) ("Messiah set his hand again the second time;"   II Ne. 2-10 and 18-28, quote from ten chapters of Isaiah, namely, Isaiah 49:22-26 through 52:1-2 and Isaiah 8-14.)
D&C 1=11=21 Parallel <PDF> ('That all might speak in the name of the Lord.")
Intra-chapter parallels:
II Nephi 28 parallel <PDF> <> ("Woe be unto the Gentiles..., for they will deny me")
JST-Mark 9:40-48 parallel <PDF> <> ("Let every man stand or fall by himself, and not for another, or not trusting another.")
II Nephi 26:20-28 parallel <PDF> <> ("None are forbidden, both Jew and Gentile.")
Other applications:
Declaration of Independence Parallel to Today <PDF> (Declaration of Restoration)
More Hybrids


bullet TOP TEN Chiasms

Bible Old Testament (Index)
Exodus 3:7-20 chiasm <PDF> <> (by Edna L. Allan: "I am that I am;" Moses' call.)
Bible New Testament (Index)
JST-II Thessalonians 2 chiasm <PDF> ("Man of Sin Revealed;"  >"He it is who now worketh")
Moroni Book of Mormon (Index)
II Nephi 28 chiasm <PDF> <> (>"And great must be the fall thereof")
III Nephi 26:9-11 chiasm <PDF> < > ("Then shall the greater things be manifest unto them")
Supplementary Indexes
in Script

Source Indexes
Bible -- Old Testament

New Testament
Book of Mormon
Doctrine & Covenants
General Conference


A,B,B,A, abba, Father -- Chiasm

L e g e n d
(ABC... = ABC...)
(ABC... ^ ...CBA)
(cross-chapter or book)
in Script
(written in sentence form)
(interpretation offered)

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See animated example:
A. The first
        B. shall be last
        B. and the last
A. shall be first

(basic chiasm)

Moroni Doctrine and Covenants (Index)
D&C 11 chiasm <PDF> ("all things shall be made known;" "to all who have good desires")
D&C 89 chiasm <PDF> (by Lisa Patterson; Word of Wisdom; >"The staff of life")
New Testament - Doctrine and Covenants hybrid: (Hybrids Index)
D&C 22 = JST-Mat. 9:18-21 chiasm <PDF> ("When the new is come, the old is ready to be put away.")
LDS General Conference talks (Index)
Apr. '87: Ezra Taft Benson talk chiasm <PDF> (excerpt: >"The words and the way they are used by the Lord should become our source of understanding and should be used by us in teaching.")
Other Writings (Index)
Declaration of Independence chiasm <PDF> (>"He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution.")
Oct. '92 S.D.A. talk chiasm <PDF> <> (The Law and the Word of the Lord: Our Duty and Our Quest: >"All mankind will either belong to the church of the Lamb of God, or they will belong to the church of the devil.")


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